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Streamlight, based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA, is known for delivering optimum lighting solutions to people from different professions. 1973 witnessed the establishment of the brand. The company came into limelight owing to the premium-grade flashlights that they manufactured. The massive product basket is completely dedicated and inspired by the people. Today, with rich industry experience and know-how, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.


Going a Step Ahead By Understanding the Need of Customers with Hands-on Experience

Streamlight has always been one of the reliable names when it comes to buying finest and high-performance flashlights that are powered by the disposable and rechargeable batteries. Manufacturing products is not only about using premium raw materials but sometimes to bring forth excellent results, digging deep into the product proves beneficial. At Streamlight, the motive is to provide complete satisfaction and a fulfilling experience throughout the usage. So, the people behind Streamlight go through the real-world scenarios as experienced by the trekkers, hunters, climbers, firefighters, fishermen, andsports enthusiasts. This plays a vital role in delivering products that are tested on fields as well. Going further, participating in low-light shooting courses helps to discover new techniques and technologies that work well in such conditions.


Knowing The Products Inside/Out

Streamlight is dedicated to its clients and worldwide customer base. The flawless range of products is a result of extensive training on all our products by specialists. They are well-aware about every product to the core. They know what kind of challenges are faced while using the products and thus, they help you find the most suitable one for you.  


Constant Improvement and Modifications to Meet the Varying Demands

The products at Streamlight are designed and manufactured for the extremely hazardous conditions and for pitch dark environments. A complete tested range of lights has been introduced that safety-rated lights and specifically for the industrial market. The lights are meant to be used even around the explosive gases or any other potentially explosive atmospheres. With the massive inventory, the company keeps on investing time with deep research about the products that help in improving the quality, performance or eliminating issues of lighting, coverage or intensity. Customer’s feedback is what makes the products better every time.


Exploring Streamlight’s Massive Product Line



Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlights Series: This series includes a wide range of flashlights used in most tactical situations. The scratch-resistant coating and gasket sealing makes the body of the flashlights sturdy. These are perfect to be taken on a trek or adventure expedition. These flashlights with 185-degree tilting head use AA batteries and are constructed using unbreakable polycarbonate lenses. The flashlights are perfect to be used in pitch dark environments.


Streamlight Headlamps Lights: The headlamp series features the water resistant and impact resistant headlights with black polycarbonate sturdy construction. These headlights are made using the non-slip rubber or nylon that perfectly fits and offers excellent grip. Lithium-ion or AAA rechargeable batteries are used that give upto 180 lumens of light. The flashlights are designed for hunters and outdoorsmen for use in areas where high beam light is required.


Streamlight Keymate Flashlights Series: The series includes the survival flashlights that are smallest in size but works as flawlessly as a normal sized flashlight would. The run time is phenomenal and works well in most demanding situations. These flashlights are designed with knurled grip for complete control, swivel snap hook, lanyard for wrist or neck hold.


Streamlight ProTac Flashlights Series: ProTac Flashlights are constructed using premium-quality anodized aluminum, machined aircraft aluminum housing, and nylon polymer sheath. The flashlights with different strobe modes have anti-reflective coated glass lens with the ultra-compact tactical light. These flashlights give maximum lumens and excellent visibility in complete darkness.


Streamlight Scorpion Flashlights Series: This series includes aluminum and rubber armored Scorpion flashlights meant to be used in tactical situations. These flashlights are built with unbreakable polycarbonate lens or the tempered glass lens with super high flux LED. This is perfect to be used in complete dark and has long-range targeting feature. Recognizing the target becomes easy with these flashlights.


Streamlight Siege Lantern Light Series: Lanterns in this series are compact and are constructed using the optimum polycarbonate material. With glare-reducing cover, the luminosity is kept in control and can be adjusted as required. These flashlights cover 360 degrees area and have in-built D-ring on the bottom, which is spring-loaded to stow against the light. Many flashlights have the recessed power button that prevents accidental activation.


Streamlight Stinger Flashlights Series: Stinger Flashlights are sleek and compact and are made using anodized aluminum material that makes the flashlights sturdy and durable. The unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating makes it suitable to be used in most demanding situations.


Streamlight Strion Flashlights Series: Strion Flashlights are made using the robust aluminum with a black anodized finish, suitable to be carried on adventure expeditions and camping. These are compact flashlights with dual-switch technology. The flashlights have TEN-TAP programmable switch that allows the user to select different programs quickly.


Streamlight Stylus Flashlights Series: Stylus Flashlights are sleek rechargeable flashlights, suitable to be carried anywhere conveniently. The flashlights are made using black anodized aircraft body (aluminum) accompanied by the push button switch with charge indicator as well. The unbreakable polycarbonate lenses are suitable to be used in most survival situations.


Streamlight TLR Flashlights Series: TLR Flashlights are the premium-grade survival flashlights made using the anodized high-grade aluminum that enhances the performance. This is the waterproof and impact resistant range of the flashlights with different light modes including laser only, laser/LED combo, and LED illumination only. The contoured housing of the flashlights securely attaches to trigger guard. The flashlights with long-range targeting have optimal peripheral illumination.


Streamlight Waypoint Spotlight Series: Waypoint Spotlights are the water and impact resistant flashlights used in a pitch-dark environment. Manufactured using excellent quality polycarbonate material; the flashlights are sturdy and durable. The rubberized ring around the lens protects against the damage or breakage. These flashlights have the deep-dish parabolic reflectors that help to cover long distance with optimum peripheral illumination.


Streamlight Limited Lifetime Warranty

Streamlight gives warranty of all the products to be completely free from manufacturing and designing issues. This does not include the warranty for batteries and bulbs. The defected products can be replaced and, repaired and even refunded. Limited lifetime warranty is given on the products that exclude the chargers, switches, batteries, and electronics. The customer needs to provide proof-of-purchase while processing a warranty claim.


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