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Streamlight Flashlights


The foundation of Streamlight was laid 47 years ago in 1973 for developing optimum lighting solutions. It is based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA. The company came into the limelight owing to the premium-grade flashlights that they manufactured. The massive product basket is completely dedicated and inspired by the people. Today, with rich industry experience and know-how, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Being a “hands-on” company, they are hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Each of their products stands out as they design with real-life experiences for new ideas and innovations. The company also holds focus groups to hear what end-users have to say about their products. This exercise helps them in knowing what needs to be improved, and what lighting problems are yet to be solved. Continuous customer feedback has contributed to improvement in existing products and in creating better ones.


Most hazardous conditions are often in dark places, hence, Streamlight has created a line of safety-rated lights. Being an avid player in the industrial market, they have developed various lighting tools that are safe around explosive gases and in other potentially explosive atmospheres. The lighting tool designing company credits its success to the fact that they satisfy customers. The products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Streamlight also warrants their products to be free of defects, including LEDs for a lifetime of use. With a massive inventory, they still dedicate quality time in research on improving quality, performance, or eliminating issues related to lighting, coverage, or intensity. These are the reasons for which this flashlight-making brand remains everyone’s favorite even after decades.


More About the Manufacturing Process & Techniques of Streamlight Flashlights

The company offers various rechargeable and disposable batteries. Their product line features hand-held and weapon-mountable lights as well as right-angle lights used by firefighters on their turnout gear. Streamlight is a US-based company, however, their products are made in different countries. While choosing a light you must find the one with the right balance of lumens and candela. The choice of LED or Xenon largely depends on the application. LEDs are good for close-in lighting for extended periods. Whereas, Xenon works well for lighting objects at a distance. Streamlight Green LEDs are for providing bright green light that doesn’t spook game or hinder night vision, which makes them ideal for outdoor adventures. The difference between the Streamlight C4 LED Technology and basic LEDs is that “C4” is the shorthand of Streamlight for a powerful combination of technologies. It refers to the LED itself.


The company recommends that no other batteries should be used with the lights other than the recommended ones. As the product can be damaged or destroyed by the use of anything other than the recommended battery type. Hence, the user must check the manual or the product carefully to know what batteries the manufacturers recommend. To find the part number for replacement batteries, the part number list on the Streamlight website can be checked out. The same charge cord generally can be used for different chargers, as they have a common connector. The only exception to this is the Ultrastinger fast-charge system that can be used either with 12V DC or the heavy-duty AC charge cord supplied with the system. In addition, the Streamlight fast chargers safely revert to maintaining the charge rate after the battery is charged. Check whether your flashlight is charged or not from the instruction booklet included with the flashlight.


Streamlight’s Product Categories

Streamlight Headlamps Lights: Streamlight Headlamps Light series offers water-resistant and impact-resistant headlights manufactured in the United States. Most of these headlights have a black polycarbonate material that makes the body easy to fit in non-slip rubber or nylon head straps (depending upon the model).  Some of these headlamp bands have Lithium-ion or AAA rechargeable batteries that give up to 180 lumens of light. Streamlight Headlamps emit white or red LED lights and most of them have a single LED reflector focused for 100+ foot range with low and high beam light settings. These lights are highly preferred by hunters, climbers, outdoor travelers, and campers as they increase visibility in darkness.


Streamlight Flashlights Product Series

Streamlight Bandit Lights Series: Bandit lights are super bright, lightweight, USB rechargeable headlamps. It provides 180 lumens of widespread white light. Streamlight Bandit Lights are available in yellow, black, red, or blue with white LEDs. The coyote color is available with white/red or white/green LED. These lights produce bright, even, diffused light with less shadow than spot beams, which is perfect for up-close tasks. The USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery charges in the light in approximately 2.5 hours. These flashlights are further delivered with a visor clip, USB cord, and elastic head strap. Its performance is improved with a low battery indicator, the light blinks when there are 5 minutes of run time remaining.


Streamlight Enduro Lights Series: Enduro LED Headlamps by Streamlight are compact, lightweight headlamps. The lights feature a visor clip that attaches to a hat or coat lapel and expands the way it can be worn. For power, 2 AAA Alkaline batteries are recommended. The impact-resistant ABS construction ensures the long life of the light. Solid-state power regulation allows for maximum light output throughout the battery life. The headlamps are provided with rubber/elastic combo head straps.


Streamlight Flipmate Worklight Series: These are work lights that stand, hang, rotate, and stick. They produce white light for everyday use or high CRI light with Streamlight’s Color-Rite technology. This further helps in the identification of color differences in paint or wires. The light bar rotates at 270° to aim the beam where required. The lithium-ion battery recharges in 4.5 hours. Machined aircraft aluminum construction ensures the high-performance and durability of the Streamlight Flipmate Worklight.


Streamlight Keymate Flashlights Series: Streamlight Keymate Flashlight series offers the smallest LED flashlights that run and stay brighter for a long period. These easily attachable/detachable lights conveniently fit in the pocket, keychain, purse, and wallet. These keychain lights are super light in weight with tough bodies curated using aluminum or titanium depending upon the model. The maximum run time of most of these everyday carry flashlights is up to 96 hours. Most of these water-resistant lights are available with a neck lanyard for easy transportation while hiking, camping, climbing, and other outdoor activities. The Keymate Flashlight operates using four alkaline batteries/cell and features a non-slip knurled grip, swivel snap hook, and integral spring steel pocket clip. The series also offers alkaline button cells manufactured in China.


Streamlight MicroStream Flashlights Series: MicroStream Flashlights are USB rechargeable, bright small LED flashlights. It easily fits in the palm or sits comfortably inside a pocket with unparalleled performance for its size. This series of flashlights feature lithium-ion batteries that charge in-product in 4 hours. Multi-function push-button tail switch with charge indicator, where red signifies charging and green - fully charged. These flashlights deliver optimal performance due to the anodized machined aluminum construction and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens. Their removable pocket clip also clips onto the brim of hats for hands-free use.


Streamlight Nano Flashlights Series: Tiny, Nano Lights are weatherproof, personal flashlights with 100,000-hour life LED. The lights have up to 8 hr. run time. Their design allows them to be easily attached/detached with a convenient pocket clip or key chain. The included non-rotating snap hook allows for one-handed operation when attached to a keychain. Streamlight Nano Flashlights boast machined aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish and are powered by 4 alkaline button cells. The LED is further available in white (10 lumens).


Streamlight ProTac Flashlights Series: Streamlight ProTac Flashlights series offers gun mount, rail mount, everyday carry LEDs, headlamp, penlight, and handheld flashlights with rechargeable/non-rechargeable batteries. These flashlights feature TEN-TAP programming available with three programs including high/low strobe, low/high, and high only. Most of these flashlights have a tough body made using black anodized aluminum or nylon polymer depending upon the type of flashlight. The ProTac flashlights have LED bulbs illuminating brighter lights to give maximum lumens and visibility. Most of these lights are powered by AAA batteries that provide long running time and high beam light to increase visibility in complete darkness.


Streamlight Scorpion Flashlights Series: Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight series offers tactical handheld survival lights designed and manufactured in the United States and China. Depending upon the model these flashlights have either an aluminum body or rubberized armored construction. Most of these survival lights have unbreakable polycarbonate lens/tempered glass lens and Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb. Some of these Scorpion Flashlights are powered by 3-volt lithium batteries with up to ten years of shelf life. The series offers spare and replaceable bulbs with most flashlights. Most of these flashlights are available with anti-roll head and tail cap switches.


Streamlight Septor Lights Series: Septor Headlamp is perfect for those who perform tasks at arm’s length or “up close” work. These lights feature 7 white 5 mm LEDs with three lighting modes. The switch push-button is easy to use even while wearing gloves. IPX4 rating is provided for water resistance and is 2-meter impact resistance tested. These lights feature a low-battery indicator and are powered by 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries. Streamlight Septor Lights come with an elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap.


Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlights Series: Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlight series offer tactical flashlights with both military and aviation models. These highly durable sidewinder flashlights have robust construction curated using high-grade coyote tan material with scratch-resistant coating and gasket sealing. Most of these sidewinder flashlights feature high-performance C4 LED, red LED, IR/IFF LED and blue LED depending upon the model. These tactical LED lights are available with on/off switch, diming, and mode selection functions. Some of these highly reliable and sturdy sidewinder flashlights are powered by AA batteries and they are drop-resistant up to 30 ft. These water-proofed lights have an unbreakable polycarbonate lens with 185 degrees tilting head and clip for ideal positioning. Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlights are available with battery polarity indicators for easy replacement in complete darkness and a nylon case for the easy carrier.


Streamlight Siege Lantern Light Series: Streamlight Siege Lantern Light series offers durable and reliable camping lantern lights manufactured and designed in China. The lantern lights illuminate soft lights that brighten the area by providing 360 degrees of light. These lights have polycarbonate construction with a stable rubberized base. Most of these lights are available with five mode functions including High, Medium, Low, Red, and S.O.S. These lights feature recessed power buttons to prevent accidental and unwanted activation, a battery indicator, and a hidden water-resistant storage compartment. Inside the base. The wide base of these lights helps them to float in the water if dropped accidentally. Most of these camping lanterns are powered using 3 AA batteries. With high runtime, these lights are a one-time investment for hikers, climbers, campers, and travelers.


Streamlight Stinger Flashlights Series: Streamlight Stinger Flashlight series offers a high lumen flashlight with a wide beam pattern. The bright floodlights cover a wide area around you to increase visibility in complete darkness. These Led flashlights have sturdy construction as they are mainly manufactured using black anodized aluminum material. To give the user a comfortable and non-slippery grip, these survival lights have a rubberized overlay.  Depending upon the model these lights have varying beam distances ranging from 210m to 510m and more. Products of the Streamlight Stinger Flashlight series are designed in the United States and China. Some of these waterproof and impact-resistant lights have dual switch technology with one push button on the housing and one on the tail cap. These flashlights are available with different beam modes like high, low, and. A strobe mode is also featured, allowing you to signal or disorient someone in risky situations.


Streamlight Strion Flashlights Series: The Streamlight Strion Flashlight series offers various dual-switch, everyday handheld flashlights developed in China. These flashlights have a robust aluminum body with a black anodized finish. Most of these flashlights have grooved barrels which give quick and fast long gun mounting to the user. The lithium-ion battery is used to power these easy-to-fit pocket flashlights which give long performance run time. Most of these Strion flashlights feature TEN-TAP programmable switches to allow the users to select different modes and strobes. The push-button at the bottom of the tail of most of the flashlights offers a single-hand operation to the user. The long-range, high beam product lights a long distance in complete darkness with optimal peripheral illumination. These Streamlight flashlights are rechargeable and can be used in both tactical and regular scenarios.


Streamlight Stylus Flashlights Series: Streamlight Stylus Flashlight series offers unique and distinctive stylus pen flashlights and pro LEDs with pocket clips. This innovative series offers flashlights with a tough anodized aluminum body which offer great durability for many years. The major selling product of this series is the tactical pen stylus lights with black anodized aircraft bodies. These pen flashlights feature a non-slip knurled grip for comfortable handling. Stylus Flashlights are waterproofed with versatile application and use, the ultraviolet light range is used for the detection of fraudulent documents and forensic investigation as they emit fluorescent light. Powered by three AAAA batteries, the flashlights have a long performance run time and can be used continuously for up to 24 hours.


Streamlight Survivor Flashlights Series: These safety-rated firefighter’s LED lights are available in rechargeable and alkaline models. The low-profile bezel does not interfere with the gear and equipment. Survivor Flashlights clip for secure attachment to gear and also have a D-Ring for allowing the light to hang forward. The flashlights further feature LED technology with four lighting modes. The suitable battery types include Nickel-metal Hydride, Nickel-Cadmium, AA Alkaline. These are available in black, orange, and yellow color options.


Streamlight Syclone Flashlights Series: Syclone Series flashlights are ultra-compact with spot and floodlighting. The head of the flashlights swivels 360° and is adjustable with one hand. Each of the lights from the series features high, medium, and low modes. With tough thermoplastic construction, chemical-resistant lenses, the flashlights deliver optimal performance. These are USB rechargeable, and the lithium polymer battery charges in 4.5 hours.


Streamlight TLR Flashlights Series: Streamlight TLR Flashlight series offers hand-held, high-grade weapons, gun, and subcompact pistol compatible mounting lights. These compact lights give fast, secure, and adjustable fit when attached to a broad range of full-size and compact guns. These TLR Flashlights emit a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. The waterproofed lights have anodized high-grade aluminum construction or black polymer body depending upon the model and size. Most of these flashlights have low-profile ambidextrous on/off switches and give a long performance battery life for up to 1.5 hours with high distance visibility for up to 140m. The low-profile design prevents snagging and accidental activation with a safe-off option.


Streamlight Waypoint Spotlight Series: Streamlight Waypoint Spotlight series offers water-resistant spotlights with large handles, perfect for outdoor applications. Depending upon the models, these spotlights are manufactured in both China and the United States. The products feature a pistol-grip design and trigger-style switch for hands-free usage. The secondary rotary switch allows the user to choose from three-mode functions including high beam, low beam, and emergency signal. With the installation of deep-dish parabolic reflectors, these spotlights give a long-distance/range for light beams with optimum peripheral illumination. As they are used for outdoor tasks, these lights are developed using polycarbonate material and feature a rubberized lens ring protecting the lens against breakage.


The Streamlight Flashlights Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Streamlight Flashlights product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Streamlight Flashlights will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any defective product. Since Streamlight Flashlights will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Streamlight Flashlights will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Streamlight Flashlights does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty. If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Streamlight Flashlights product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.


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