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A lantern is a portable lighting solution usually for the domestic use. Multi-purpose in nature, a lantern can be used in signaling, or as general lighting source. Mounted to a fixture, a lantern is used to throw light to a larger distance. A lot of people familiarize a lantern with a kerosene-lit lamp, but nowadays, these lanterns can feature LED as the lighting source. LED Lanterns are becoming exceptionally popular because of their extended life and excellent light throw. Compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes of same brightness, LED Lanterns are widely preferred for their longer durability and degree of brightness.

  • Always make sure there is a battery-operated lantern for situations, which can be expected or unexpected. Quite liked as camping accessory, this lantern can also be used to look your way into the fridge, even in the darkest hours
  • If there is a power cut, an LED lantern is what you would need. Offering a great runtime and a decent light throw, this lantern can serve the purpose well for long and continuous hours.   



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