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Established in 1936, Ultimate Survival Gear is one of the leading brands devoted to offer outdoor gear that can be used for rescue or emergency. The company is recognized to its sporting goods, adventure planners, and more. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, UST has manufactured and sourced the finest survival equipment on the market.


Learning More about Ultimate Survival Gear


The product line includes an assortment of personal safety and survival tools like LED lights, all-weather fire-starters, targetable and unbreakable signal mirrors, outdoor cutting tools, survival kits, and more. A family-operated business, the brand meets the highest quality standards. The gear manufactured is widely preferred by outdoor enthusiasts, sportspersons, trekkers, campers and law enforcement personnel. The survival tools are prepared to last longer and provide maximum utility. The manufacturer works to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with its impeccable services.


Exploring the Product Series by Ultimate Survival Gear

Ultimate Survival Gear Compasses & Navigation: The compasses by Ultimate Survival Gear are compact and do not occupy too much space in the bag. These navigation devices feature luminous directional letters, with precise alignment and liquid that offers precise reading.


Ultimate Survival Gear Fixed Blade: The knives of this series are recognized for its stainless-steel construction. These knives are available in distinctive handles including G10 handles and checkered walnut handle, 440C stainless-steel blade with full tang construction.    


Ultimate Survival Gear Flashlights: The series includes LED flashlights in several shapes and sizes to match every need. The USG flashlights are equipped with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights for enhanced visibility. 


UST Ultimate Survival Axes & Hatchets: The series includes axes and hatchets that are ideal for chopping firewood, hacking down tree limbs. These are compact camping axes with thick stainless-steel blade head, a paracord-wrapped handle and a magnesium fire starter. These blades can be used in all-weather conditions.


UST Ultimate Survival Emergency Whistles: The emergency whistles by Ultimate Survival Gear sport a built-in watertight storage capsule that is ideal to carry personal information. They can be easily attached to our gear, thanks to the carabiner clips. They prove to be handy equipment in the handy situation.


UST Ultimate Survival Fire Starters: The fire starters are the go-to tools for the outdoor enthusiasts. Ideal for camping, these fire starters come complete with watertight cases keeping the starters bone-dry until you need them.


UST Ultimate Survival First Aid Kits: The first aid kits contain all the essential supplies you might require in case of an emergency. The kits can be used at home, in cars, on the boat, or can be carried along as you go camping, trekking, hunting, and more. The kits usually include acetaminophen, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic towelettes, aspirin tablets, adhesive bandages, and burn cream packets.


UST Ultimate Survival Fixed Blade Knives: These fixed blade knives feature a half-serrated drop point blade, a textured rubber grip, and a steel pommel. These knives even feature an emergency whistle. They come complete with durable sheaths, sharpener and a fire starter.


UST Ultimate Survival Folding Stoves & Fuel: The folding stoves with fuel are lightweight and durable. They offer a compact cooking platform and are perfect for mess kits, backpacking, and hunting markets. They can be used with multiple fuels including bio fuels.


UST Ultimate Survival Informational Cards: These informational cards keep you updated regarding the prerequisites of camping and outdoor survival. The cards offer guidelines about everything, right from different techniques of setting up a shelter to starting a fire. The cards also offer guidelines about the discipline related to camping and survival.


UST Ultimate Survival Linerlock Pocket: The knives feature a stainless-steel Wharncliffe blade with a thumb stud. The knives have anodized aluminum handles with an integrated attachment clip. The knives are compact and durable. The knives boast unique locking mechanism that prevents accidental closures.


UST Ultimate Survival Multi-Tools: These are multi-functional tools that can meet any requirement. Most of these tools include compasses, keychains, screw driver, and more. These multi-tools help you during tough survival situations.


UST Ultimate Survival Ponchos: These are compact and lightweight ponchos that protect you from elements of nature, keeping your body warm. These ponchos can be used for heat deflection, body heat insulation, or as a rain barrier. They occupy less space in your backpack as you go camping, hunting, and more.


UST Ultimate Survival Tents & Tarps: The outdoor gear manufacturer offers various types of tarps and tents, ensuring shelter and comfort. The tents are made of high-reflective materials that make them visible at great distances. They can be set up within few minutes using long suspension cords.


UST Ultimate Survival Tools & More: The survival tools include hand shovels, micro mirrors, and headnets. The products ensure safety in the wild.


UST Ultimate Survival Waterproof Cases: The waterproof cases feature a collection of bottles and cases that are designed to meet the requirements of campers and trekkers. Expect durable and water-resistant dry bags that keep the gear safe even in arduous conditions.


Ultimate Survival Gear Saws: The series includes chain saws and para-knives with stainless steel construction. These tools are compact and lightweight, perfect to carry around as you travel.


Ultimate Survival Gear Shovels: These shovels are perfect for building safe fire, setting up tent, creating sanitation facility, and breaking ground. These novels generally feature stainless-steel construction or plastic construction.


UST Ultimate Survival Brightforce Series: The series includes flashlights that can be extensively used for finding way in the dark. It is also used by law enforcement personnel for vigilance. The high luminosity of these lights ensures you are always covered in the tough situations.  


UST Ultimate Survival Featherlite Series: The series contains first-aid kits and gears that are essential for surviving in the untamed environment. These medical supplies come packed in a durable nylon bag. The kit includes antiseptic lotions, ointments, tablets and adhesive bandages.


UST Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Series: The series includes whistles made using durable ABS plastic. These whistles are used as a signaling device. They have ear-piercing 112 decibel shriek and feature lanyard hole which makes it easy to attach them to key rings, backpacks, personal flotation devices.         


UST Ultimate Survival Klipp Series: The series includes accessories needed during an outdoor adventure. The series includes linerlock survival knives, personal lighters, and locator lights. The products are waterproof and work efficiently even when wet.


UST Ultimate Survival Learn and Live Series: The series includes a comprehensive range of learn and live cards that provide you information regarding the prerequisites of camping. Explore the series for cards that offer information about different techniques for setting up shelters or lighting a fire.


UST Ultimate Survival Para Series: The series includes ultimate survival equipment that are crafted using best technology. Expect knives, axes, and other forms of survival gear.


UST Ultimate Survival Sparkie Series: The series features lighters with rubberized inset grips and lanyard holes. The range has emergency fire starters that generate intense, hot sparks. Lightweight and compact, the lighters can be carried around during camping and trekking.


UST Ultimate Survival Watertight Series: The series includes an assortment of first aid kits that come in watertight, high-impact plastic cases. These kits include antiseptic towelettes, toe and knuckle bandages, adhesives, butterfly closures, and more.


UST Ultimate Survival Wetfire Series: Expect the series to include non-toxic fire-starting tinder that burns even on wet surface. What makes this tinder different is its impressive burning time.




The knives and tools by Ultimate Survival Gear are free from manufacturing defects. The manufacturer replaces or repairs the product with a new item in case of any such defect. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against the products subjected to misuse or normal wear. It is to be noted that the knives and tools need to be used for the intended purpose only. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will analyze the damage and charge a reasonable repair fee.


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