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Established in 1936 and now a part of the 3Si Group, Revere Survival, Inc. offers one of the best-in-class ranges of safety and survival equipment available in the market, including leisure and commercial life rafts and IBAs, inflatable PFDs, rescue beacons, and pyrotechnics.  Its global service network makes it easy for its customers to maintain their full range of survival products worldwide. Ultimate Survival Gear is the child brand of Revere Survival.


Tents and Tarps


Ultimate Survival Technologies provides various tarps and tents to allow anyone to stay safe and comfortable. There’s a wide range of single-person emergency shelters for backcountry excursions and hunting trips. These tents are made of highly-reflective materials to make them visible at great distances, and they also conserve body heat. These can be set up within minutes, using long suspension cords.


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Knife Country USA is a renowned online megastore known to have a wide collection of multipurpose knives. The company began its operations back in 2001 under Joshua Glenn Terriyah. The knife megastore provides its customers with superior products, ranging from combat knives to camping gear and everything in between. The company’s ultimate goal is to make customers’ online shopping experience as hassle-free as possible.


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