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Ultimate Survival Gears is a family owned brand that was established in 1936 in Columbia. For many decades now this brand has gained popularity for creating the most essential adventure gears. The inventory of the brand comprises of a wide range high-performance products like flashlights, knives, camping gears, fire starters, tableware, sharpeners, and more. All the products in the inventory of UST are prepared to last longer and provide maximum utility with high functionality. All the UST products are manufactured and assembled in China.


Shovels from Ultimate Survival Gears can be used for burying human or pet waste, clearing rocks and debris, plant removal, digging pits or trenches for campfires, cleaning and scaling fish, reflective signaling, cooking utensil, and trail maintenance. These shovels are made from rust-proof stainless steel that offers durability to last longer than you thought. Most of these shovels can be opened with one hand and the folding handle snaps into place with one easy gesture. Features like integrated line cutter, depth measure, cutting blade, peg pryer, and saw blade make them highly functional. Many shovels in this niche have a ParaTinder Handle wrap provides 8 feet of Paracord with an added single tinder thread to carry it with maximum safety.  Most of these shovels are used by the US forest officials. These rugged stainless-steel shovels by Ultimate Survival Gears are perfect to use by farmers, campers, Army personnel, and adventure enthusiasts.


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