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A part of Illinois Tool Works Inc., ITW Nexus has been providing innovative products to the US Military since 1853 even before the foundation of the main brand in 1912 by Byron L. Smith. ITW is a Fortune 200 company that is into engineered products. For the last 109 years, the company has expanded using the decentralization approach to achieve operational excellence, simplicity, customer-focused innovations, and acquisitions. Divisions such as Nexus, Fastex, and Military Products are known throughout the world for their history of Quality and Innovation.


For years, Nexus has been dedicatedly engineering products such as Fastmags, tactical buckles, CLASH, MASH, Tac Links, and more. These products and the technology used to make them have gained recognition in the Military and Defense industries over time. The brand has an eye for world-class technology and creating a wide assortment of tactical products that meet the demands of the global market. All the products are designed and produced keeping in mind the requirements of military and law enforcement personnel, camper, hiker, trekker, and mountaineer.


All you need to know about ITW Nexus


Technology and Development


This subsidiary of ITW Inc. is based in Broadview, Illinois. Nexus has been dedicated to using the best of technology to create its products. Its original Fastex Side Release Buckle was designed to reduce the load of the US Armed Forces. Even today the brand has accepted the challenge to use upgraded technology to produce a product that supports and protects the troops. The brand takes pride in backing the troops with specific products and development resources they require.


Creating Commercial Innovations


The secret of ITW’s success lies in developing commercial innovations for the defense industry. The brand never steps back from providing practical and time-saving solutions for the most critical solutions in the field. Its seasoned workforce understands the challenges that can occur during manufacturing that can pose threat to the army and thus works on developing original solutions from the scratch. All the products by Nexus – Fastmag, G-Hook Waveloc, Picatinny, and Web Dominators are made in-house and the technology is constantly upgraded and created at ITW Technology Center. This center works only on the brand’s request and provides advanced consultation on issues such as cutting-edge materials, mechanical designs, and manufacturing processes.


ITW- A Success Story


The main reason behind the success of the brand is its 80/20 Process- an approach that keeps it focused on the most profitable products and customers. The implication is simple- 80 percent of the company’s sales are derived from the 20 percent of the products it offers for selling to its primary customers. What makes Nexus and other subsidiaries of ITW prioritize the key customers – military for Nexus who require more volumes of the tactical accessories. But this does not imply that the brand shies away to cater to the needs of the customers who require a low volume of the products. All the customers are important and are catered to from time to time.


ITW Series


ITW 3DSR Tactical Buckle Series: Explore the series for tactical buckles that are particularly made for heavy-duty applications such as attaching ruck packs, slings, and Plate carriers. Each buckle is marketed for its great load capacity. Even if it gets overloaded it will release the goods loaded before breaking. It is shaped to fit in the palm for a squeeze release. The buckle is fragmentation resistant; it has the probability to function even if it gets shot. It maintains its physical form even in the most extreme weather conditions (a temperature as low as -40 deg.).


ITW C.L.A.S.H. Series: The C.L.A.S.H. hook [Conventional Latch Attachment Snap Hook] is designed to meet the requirements of sling and strap applications that often require swift a feature with a spring-loaded retention gate. The latch attachment is made from solid steel stamping and features a slot to accept 1 in. webbing for weapon slings. This is a low-profile snap hook which is made just to cater to all the heavy-duty applications and requires all metal heavy tensile load system.


ITW Fastmag Series: FastMag is a time-saving solution for the operator to save on the time for reloading ammunition magazines. It can be mounted in both up and down directions to stock the magazines for complex situations. This eliminates the need for conventional top closures while providing a more secure access point. It is made from high-impact polymer and boasts anti-fragmentation properties. It can be easily mounted to any MOLLE/ P.A.L.S. 1 in. webbing system. It is equipped with an adjustable enhanced urethane tension strap to meet the user’s preference for tension removal. There are mounting slots in the front that allow the operators to double stack. You can also attach nylon accessory pouches to the FastMag using the patent MALICE clips. This will add versatility to your kit setup.


ITW G-Hook Waveloc Series: The G-hook Waveloc series offers fasteners for compact webbing mods. These hooks are designed to meet the demands of OEMs and end-users looking for low-profile hooks. They are made using carbon steel that helps in retaining a high level of strength and tensile load. They are equipped with ladderloc wave that allows you to attach 1 in. webbing and feature 1 in. slot to connect additional webbing. The G-hook is vouched for its anti-slip properties once it is attached to the required position. Use this fastener to secure round or cylindrical accessories.


ITW Grimloc Series: The GrimLoc is a lightweight and a much better alternative to heavy metal climbing carabineers. This corrosion-resistant snap attachment is made from high strength polymer structure that supports weapon sling connection points to the body armor. It also possesses a breakaway design to eliminate snags. It also has self-purging ports to eliminate sand and prevent blocking of the mechanism. Use GrimLoc for connecting your tactical accessories that require quick and one-hand access. 


ITW M.A.S.H. Series: This series by ITW includes an assortment of versatile snap hooks that are designed for a better performance than traditional hooks. The M.A.S.H. [Metal All-purpose Snap Hook] sports stainless steel construction and is corrosion resistant. It is particularly designed to eliminate gate failures. This low-profile snap hook offers attachment points for slings and straps. Use the MASH even for other applications such as attaching to dog leads or equestrian products. The hooks are simple to use and have no separate or moving parts.


ITW Picatinny Series: The Picatinny series by the brand hosts an assortment of surface-mount attachments. These mounts are particularly used as rail accessories. Use the attachment for a variety of applications – mounting, holding, or organizing any Picatinny mountable accessory. The QASM-RAMP in the series is perfect to hold the incident camera, flashlight, organize your range bag or store your optics. This attachment takes mounting beyond your weapons and helmet rails.


ITW Tac Link Series: ITW Tac Link is a high-strength polymer attachment featuring the patented GhillieTEX I.R. Signature Reduction Technology. With a considerable weight, this link is a great alternative to heavy carabineers. It is made from stainless steel and has a gate spring. The large latch opening makes it easy to eliminate snags and has a textured grip for use with wet or gloved hands. The link is resistant to solar heating.


ITW Web Dominator Series: More of the latest addition to the GhillieTEX product line, web dominator is designed to help operators in securing the loose nylon web straps and tying down items that you do not want to hang loose off the kit. This attachment is a suitable solution for securing the hydration tube or comms gear in a position of your choice. Its field replaceable design facilitates installation and removal of cords or webbing without cutting or sewing. The attached elastic cord can be modified to secure large or small items or bundles of webbing.


ITW Warranty Information


All the products by ITW are backed with a warranty of being free from any manufacturing defect in terms of material and craftsmanship. In case of any defect, the snap attachments and hooks can be replaced or repaired. However, the warranty gets nullified if the products are used for applications other than intended. No product will be repaired or replaced in such a condition. The product cannot be replaced in case of normal wear and tear or damage outdoors in the tactical situation.



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