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NexTorch Flashlights

NexTorch is a leading global brand of professional portable lighting products devoted to providing experts with high-performance lighting gear in law enforcement, hunting, and outdoor. As lighting specialists, NexTorch has more than 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing high-performance LED flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns. They aim to make the world a better and safer place, and their wares are valued by a wide range of experts worldwide.

NexTorch puts customer experience as the priority. Each outdoor and portable lighting item is designed based on the users' input and constantly improved for solving real-time problems. The product development cycle goes through several steps, such as gathering many different users' requirements, product concepts and designs, R&D, testing, production, marketing, and serving.

Furthermore, NexTorch hosts outdoor meetings twice a year to communicate with fanatical flashlight enthusiasts from various fields and interact with users by participating in product experiential marketing campaigns.

The company has a dedicated R&D facility, professionals from various backgrounds, and a production facility in Asia. Presently, NexTorch has 110 patented products, including three United States Innovation Patents. The company sells products across more than 100 countries and regions and conducts research & development (R&D) in China. Simultaneously, the place is also used for designing and making flashlights for the China Police and contributes as the decision-maker for the luminance of tactical flashlights. The company is also the voting member of Portable Lights American Trade Organization or PLATO and is a crucial contributor involved in optimizing & developing the flashlight industry's ANSI standards.

NexTorch's innovative outdoor LED lighting solutions have received recognition from prestigious organizations. To start with, myTorch Flashlight Series has won the Patented Product Innovation Award. Saint Torch 3, with six pre-set modes of lumens, received the Spain ExpoCecofersa most innovative Asian Outdoor Industry Award in the silver category.

Under the same category, the Light Star, an LED headlamp with adjustable performance, won Outdoor Industry Awards.

In 2014, B10, the company's primary rectangular spot bike light, achieved the China Outdoor Industry Annual Awards, and TA10, a tactical flashlight used with AA/CR123A/14500/16340 batteries, won the Asia Outdoor Industry Award under the gold category.

In 2016, the UL360, a portable camping lamp, achieved the ISPO Award. In 2016, the organization also won Germany's highest prize, i.e., the Red Dot Design Award for myStar headlamp and P5X dual light flashlight series. The Red Dot Design Award was also given for TA30, an 1100 lumen tactical light in 2017. Besides this, the firm has continuous and friendly collaborations with NexTool, GLO-TOOB, and Tekut Knives.

Today, NexTorch is recognized as a market leader in portable flashlights. Its production line includes bike lights, headlamps, tactical flashlights, mounting solutions, and more.

About NexTorch Flash-Lights Products

NexTorch manufactures lights for headlamps, bikes, and keychains. The company has Mini LEDs, myTorch, TA, Tactical, and Tactical Mount flashlight series. The first defense line for people who don't own a pocket knife or a handgun is a tactical flashlight. The equipment is legal to carry on at theatres, airplanes, offices, and even places that don't permit gun or knife use.

The most common types of NexTorch flashlights include tactical flashlights, camping flashlights, EDC lights, and emergency flashlights.

Tactical flashlights are heavy-duty flashlights that can be attached to weapons and used as self-defense weapons. They also frequently have SOS and Strobe modes for signaling aid or disorienting or blinding a prospective attacker. These tactical lights employ high lumens and have low lumen settings to allow you to pick the correct brightness and battery drain, allowing the user to navigate safely at night. NexTorch's next-generation T Series Flashlights have up to 1100 lumens and come with rechargeable batteries for convenience.

For camping, you'll need a flashlight that lasts for a longer duration while you set up your camp.  Lantern flashlights are a popular camping alternative since they have various brightness levels to suit your needs. These camping lanterns should have high to low lumen settings and small enough to carry in your bag. Flashlights with 20 to 150 lumens are ideal for outdoor activities, and home use and average flashlights emit 100 lumens, making them suitable for suburban and urban areas.

Emergency flashlights are intended to draw attention to a location where you may be stranded or disoriented. You'll need a high-lumen flashlight with strobe or pulse capabilities. That way, even if you're far away, the search and rescue party can detect you. 

Pocket-size flashlights are commonly referred to as Everyday Carry Lights (EDCs). Most police and law enforcement officials use 1000 lumen flashlights that require half a second for the initial strobe. The luminosity doesn't blind anyone but irritates and affects vision so that the person can't look forward or straight. However, the person would not feel uncomfortable watching sideways towards the light source.

Stun gun flashlights are powerful flashlights attached to a stun gun and useful for blinding victims during the daytime too. They are the most legal and tactical flashlights in the United States. A tactical flashlight must have at least 120 lumens to act as an effective self-defense tool, and brightness should disorient attackers. Flashlights below 120 lumens can't achieve these two goals.

On the other hand, 2000 lumens are suitable for lighting up a 200 square foot room. In simple terms, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light, and the lower the lumens, the dimmer the light. Tactical flashlights with 300 to 1000 are readily available in the market, and smaller-sized lights produce 700 to 1200 lumens and strobe. A penlight with 50 to 100 lumens is also suitable for RVs.

NexTorch offers a wide range of flashlights with high to low lumens, beam distance, and rechargeable batteries for different applications. These high-performance items are the first choice for professionals, campers, joggers, and law enforcement. 

NexTorch Product Categories by Application

NexTorch Tactical Flashlights: Tactical flashlights designed by NexTorch features the most advanced technology to cater to law enforcement and outdoor adventures. High brightness and reliability are the cornerstones of each tactical flashlight. These survival torches feature aluminum construction, outstanding lumens up to 1040 lumens, and water and impact resistance. With maximum runtime reaching up to 22 hours, these ultra-bright tactical LEDs are ideal for light-up adventure anytime.

NexTorch Headlamps: The adjustable headbands with multi-mode LED headlamps are small yet high lumen. These LED headgears have a sturdy construction of high-grade nylon and rubber, making it easier to adjust the headlamp according to personal needs. These outdoor flashlights are available in six different attractive colors and lightweight enough to slip into a backpack. It features three light sources: 2 white LEDs and one red LED; up to 30 lumens output, and visibility up to 30 meters. It uses two AAA batteries that can last 9 hours on high or 105 hours on low setting.

NexTorch Bike Lights: The professional riders and adventure seekers' favorite, NexTorch Bike Lights, use patented RSL Technology for offering 160-degree wide beams and lighting for safe bike riding outdoors. Another distinguishable feature is an anti-glare design that intelligently identifies the area to be lit and left dark. This unique characteristic helps to illuminate the path without disturbing people on the sidewalks. These cycle lights and reflectors are also water-resistant and require 4AA batteries.

NexTorch Penlights: Pen flashlights are essential for a variety of users. NexTorch Pen Flashlights come in various shapes for different uses. For instance, Dr. K3 UV is a compact and lightweight UV penlight ideal for detection applications. Many medical penlights have aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum housing with advanced reflectors. Moreover, they are biologically safe flashlights and come in different modes of lumens. The small design helps easy carrying and ideal for medical professionals and animal doctors. This category features various penlights such as rechargeable EDC penlight, tactical penlight, and medical flashlight.

NexTorch Keychains: Who says a lifesaver flashlight needs to be bulky? NexTorch keychain flashlights are compact, and pocket-friendly yet offers high-performance lumens to brighten any dark path. These laser light sources help navigate and come in handy in the wild. Moreover, the portable design and water-resistant construction offer different lumen settings, from high to low.

NexTorch Outdoor Flashlights: Don't get caught in the dark. Get the Outdoor LED Flashlight for your next adventure. This super bright LED flashlight features a durable and impact-resistant housing that protects the light from breaking. It also comes with a tail cap switch that allows you to turn it on & off quickly. Plus, it recharges using a USB cable, so you'll never have to worry about replacing batteries again!

NexTorch Flashlight Mounts: NexTorch offers a range of multipurpose handle mounts, bike mounts, flashlight mounts, and tactical mounts. These products are designed to carry a lighting source on the go. For example, the magnetic flashlight mount requires no additional tools for installation and works great even at elevated temperatures. The mounting brackets and outdoor accessories under this category are made of aerospace aluminum that promises long-lasting usage for years.

NexTorch Outdoor Flashlight Accessories: This category has various tools and outdoor accessories for a comfortable adventure in the wild or backcountry. Most recommended products include nylon holsters for flashlights, multifunctional portable bags, tactical flashlight holders, USB charging cables, and more.


Award-Winning NexTorch Flashlight Series

NexTorch Flashlight Star Series Headlamps: The NexTorch Star Series offers various multifunctional LED headlamps, waterproof headlights, and camping headlamps. The C Star Multifunction Headlight has won the silver award of the Outdoor Industry Awards for innovative hands-free light, which can be worn as a neck light or a headlamp. It shines a dazzle-free light below the eyes when used as a neck light. With its broad, soft, and consistent light, you may now walk freely at night or read a book. C STAR may also function as a pressure-free headlight with a rotary light head that rotates 180°. Star Series High-Lumen Headlamps are the ideal solution for any activity in the great outdoors! With its powerful 1200-lumen LED, the MaxStar headlamp can shine a bright light up to 360° and switch modes quickly with its magnetic dial switch. Star Series Headlamps are essential for any outdoor activity with a wide beam pattern and adjustable brightness and color!

NexTorch B Series Bike Lights:  NexTorch B Series Bicycle Lights are a smart way to keep you and those around you safe on the road. The sleek B Series Bike Lights is a great companion for those who love riding their bikes at night. With the super bright and versatile Cree LED, these bike lights are sure to light up the night with their maximum output of 700 lumens. Additionally, these LED lights are impact and water-resistant and come with a rechargeable battery.

NexTorch K Series Mini LED Flashlights: K Series flashlights are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use with a keychain, making them the perfect light for your backpack or purse. This mini flashlight is portable, durable, waterproof, and extremely bright for a handheld flashlight. Many flashlights from this series feature black aluminum body, up to 160 lumens brightness, and 70 meters beam distance. Some battery-operated lights have a magnetic base making them easier to carry around or use as an EDC light.

NexTorch My-Torch Flash-Light Series: My-Torch series is made with the professional in mind with its Lithium Powered 3W LED Flashlights and AA Powered Cree batteries. These outdoor flashlights are best used for tasks like night trips, camping, outdoor activities, searching and rescue operations. These tactical lights are more than a mere light source; they have an anodized aluminum body, PC programmable with a USB cable, and are water and impact resistant. With their high lumen and higher runtime, these hunting flashlights are meant to perform optimally in any tactical situation.

NexTorch T Series Tactical/Survival Flashlights: T Series Tactical Lights are designed with military-grade materials and components. They are offered with the latest 8th generation of batteries that offer up to 22 hours runtime. Furthermore, the lights are constructed in such a manner that they can be utilized in any situation. These survival flashlights have an impressive, bright beam, which is suitable for most lighting situations. Tactical flashlights are a must-have for every outdoors enthusiast as they make navigating in the dark easier. They're also a popular choice among military personnel and are used to improve visibility during search and rescue missions.

NexTorch Tactical Mount Series: Tactical Mount Series is the go-to mount for firearms, scopes, flashlights, and more! These flashlight mounting brackets are as crucial as your flashlight! NexTorch offers a variety of mounts depending on your needs, including Scope/Flashlight gun mounts, EVA Tactical Mounts, Quick-Load Mounting Systems, and more! These flashlight brackets' versatility allows you to have the perfect system to efficiently and confidently mount your tactical or signal lights.

NexTorch Product Warranty Information

NexTorch guarantees 100% Quality, Reliability, and Security for the products. Being a quality-oriented, technocrat company, we guarantee that our products are made up of superior quality and never-ending originality. However, if the items are discovered to be defective, a member of the company's quality team will check them. If the product is found faulty, it will be sent for repair or replacement. The procedure is entirely dependent on the parts' availability at the firm.  If any product is mishandled or misused, then no claims will be entertained regarding the product. Warranty will not cover any damages to the products caused by a person or improper use.

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