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Outdoor Edge Knives

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Outdoor Edge Knives

Outdoor Edge Knives is a Colorado-based manufacturer of knives that are a combination of functional design with sharpest and the best edge holding steels in their state-of-art production. Found by David Bloch, the brand offers a series of Axes and Saws, tutorial videos, hunting knives, knife sharpeners, and more. The products are crafted precisely to be used for hunting and field dressing applications.


The knives and cutlery produced by Outdoor Edge Knives are quality checked and field tested for ultimate field performance. The brand has been working to provide the outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hunters, fishermen, and sportsperson with the most innovative products.


Evolution of Outdoor Edge Knives

Outdoor Edge Knives/Tools made its debut with its first product the Gamer Skinner, an Ulu style skinning knife at the SHOT show in Las Vegas in January 1988. And ever since, there has been no looking back. From humble beginnings as a one-man show with just four prototype samples, Outdoor Edge has evolved at a significant scale. The manufacturer is devoted to innovating new products and updating the brand identity including the logo and the packaging. In 2018, Outdoor Edge Knives/Tools introduced several innovative products. The product series caters to several outdoor activities hunting, survival, processing, EDC, fishing, outdoor cooking, and more.


Diving Deep into the Outdoor Edge Products by Series

Outdoor Edge Axes & Saws: The series offers a wide range of lightweight triple-ground saws and hunting kits that include hatchets. The saws in the series feature precisely ground teeth that work exceptionally when it comes to clearing limbs, pruning, quartering games, and more. The strong-grip handles ensure precise cuts. The tools are widely used for hunting, splitting woods, and as a weapon for self-defense.


Outdoor Edge DVD Videos: Outdoor Edge provides game processing DVD videos that teach the hunters and outdoor enthusiasts the techniques to quarter, de-boning, preserving the fresh flesh, and more. These tutorials impart in-depth knowledge about what to do on the next hunting expedition.


Outdoor Edge Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Series: The series includes field-tested sharp blade knives that are widely used for rugged terrains and larger hunts. The series comprises of razor-sharp steel blade knives with rubberized non-slippery handle that reduce discomfort. These knives work well for hunting, skinning, and outdoor survival.


Outdoor Edge Framelock Pocket : The series includes framelock pocket knives that are more than just everyday carry knives. These knives are specially crafted for DIY projects, piercing, cutting, and slicing fruits. The frame lock mechanism makes it easy to use the knives with single hand. The knives have smooth opening and closing that prevents accidental closures.


Outdoor Edge Lockback Pocket : The series offers a plethora of knives that require two-hand closing. The knives are designed to be handy and compact for everyday use. They feature stainless steel blades and non-grip handles that enhance the performance. These knives are easy to carry around and are commonly used for hunting, fishing, and camping.


Outdoor Edge Axes & Hatchets: Outdoor Edge Knives/Tools offer a range of hatchets and axes that help in cutting limbs, chopping wood, pruning, and more. The wood hatchets have solid steel butt and rubberized TPR handle that ensures non-slip grip and reduces discomfort.


Outdoor Edge Chasm Knife Series: The series contains a wide range of Lockback knives that are ideal for adventure trips like hunting, fishing, trekking, hiking and camping. The knives have non-reflective stainless-steel blade that is heat treated and hand-finished to provide a razor-sharp edge for ultimate performance. The handle has rubberized TPR inserts that offer non-slip grip.


Outdoor Edge Conquer Knife Series: The series includes knives that feature flip-open folder design and framelock mechanism. The knives have smooth and silky blades with a ball bearing that makes the knives flexible. These knives have plain and serrated edge with extended tangs. These knives are widely used by hunters, hikers, carpenters, campers, and more.


Outdoor Edge Divide Knife Series: The series includes flip-opener folding knives that are designed to perform the cutting chores efficiently. The knives feature ball-bearing pivot system that ensures smooth and fast blade deployment and rock-solid lockup with no side play. The razor-sharp blade is constructed using non-coated stainless-steel that is heat treated and hand finished. The knives have ergonomic handles that feature sturdy integral frame lock and pocket clip to carry these knives.


Outdoor Edge EDC (Everyday Carry) : The series includes a wide range of sharpest and strongest razor-blade knives for everyday use. The knives have replaceable blades that can be easily changed at the push of a button. These blades bear the strength of a standard knife and sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel. The blade is heat treated and hand finished to offer superior performance. The double-molded handles with TRP inserts ensure secure and comfortable grip.


Outdoor Edge Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives by Outdoor Edge are durable and are constructed using quality steel and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Outdoor Edge Flip-N-Zip Knife Series: The series includes most popular knives that have rugged construction and unique craftsmanship to handle big-game tasks. The series includes Flip n’ Saw Lockback Folding Pocket Knives that are ultra-thin and lightweight aluminum saws with rubber grip handles. The series also features saw and knife combination and double blade folder Lockback knives and Drop-point knives.


Outdoor Edge Folding Pocket Knives: The series includes a series of classic drop-point folding knives that are ideal for everyday carry. The knives feature stainless blade that is precisely heat treated and hand finished for superior edge retention and performance. The double-sided thumb stud enables fast, single-handed blade deployment and includes stainless steel clip for easy pocket access.


Outdoor Edge Grill Beam Series: The knife manufacturer offers a unique collection of cutleries that are ideal for outdoor cooking. The series includes grill beam spatula and grill beam tong. The tools feature Black Zytel handle which has a bottle opener, grill scraper, and serrated edge. They have integrated 22 Lumen LED flashlight in the pivot. These tools are constructed using 304 stainless-steel and can be extended up to 17 in.


Outdoor Edge Grip Knife Series: The series offers an array of knife options with unique gripping that makes these tools easy to use. The series includes knives that feature 8Cr13MoV stainless-steel blade and AUS-8 stainless-steel blade. They have black rubberized Kraton handles that offer non-slip and secure grip and inlay shield.


Outdoor Edge Harpoon Series: The series offers tools that are ideal for hunting enthusiasts. These are convertible knives that can be converted into a harpoon by slotting a green shaft and tying the knife in place. The tools feature 550 paracord handle which when removed converts into harpoon and lashes the blade into blade holder or green shaft.


Outdoor Edge Knife Sharpeners: The series includes knife sharpeners that keep the knives sharp. These sharpeners have coarse carbine and fine ceramic rods. They have rotating X-base for stable use. These sharpeners can be used to sharpen outdoor and kitchen knives.


Outdoor Edge Para-Claw Knife Bracelet:  What makes Outdoor Edge stand apart from its contemporaries is its innovative products like para-claw knife bracelets. These knife bracelets feature hawk-bill blade that is constructed using 8Cr13MoV stainless-steel with a stealthy Blackstone finish. The bracelets have handled groove and jimping on the thumb ramps that ensures solid grip.


Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Pro Knife Series: The series includes an array of recognized folding knives. Sharpest and strongest knives in the game, these folders constitute stainless razor blades that get heated and are hand-finished shaving-sharp. The blades can be changed easily at the push of a button. These knives have rubberized TRP handles that ensure solid grip.


Outdoor Edge Reel-Flex Fillet Knife Series: The series constitutes fishing essentials. The knives are designed by knife maker Jerry Hossom and feature German 4116 stainless-steel blade that has exceptional edge retention and is corrosion-resistant. The knives have TPE handles that offer comfortable and secure grip to meet the cutting demands of every type of fresh and saltwater fishes.


Outdoor Edge Shears: The series includes ultimate game shears, the ones that are the sharpest and the most powerful in the game. These are heavy-duty shears that help in dressing the birds, fish, and fillets. They are constructed using 420J2 stainless-steel and are spring loaded with serrated cutting edge and bone breaking notch.


Outdoor Edge Swing-Blade Knife Series: The series includes some of the most innovative knives that change from drop-point skinner to signature gutting blade at the push of a button. Widely preferred by hunters and guides, these knives cut underneath the skin while the blunt tip prevents the puncturing of organs that can spoil the fresh meat. The knives are crafted using Japanese AUS-8 stainless-steel that is precisely heat treated and is hand finished shaving-sharp to provide sharp edge retention and performance.



The products by Outdoor Edge Knives/Tools are free from any manufacturing defect. The manufacturer stands by every product it creates. However, in case of any defect, the product will be repaired or replaced with a new product. But, the warranty policy stands nullified in case the product is misused or subjected to normal wear. It is to be noted that these products cannot be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The knife will be analyzed in case of misuse and will charge a reasonable fee for the repair.


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