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 Arkansas Sharpeners


Dan’s Whetstone Sharpeners Bringing Forth 100% Natural Arkansas Sharpeners and Kits


Dan's Whetstone Company is listed as one of the most trusted and leading sources for authentic genuine Black Arkansas Novaculite. Dan’s Whetstone is an American-owned and operated whetstone company, which is in operations since 1976. Since then, the company has catered to a rich client base and is keen on providing its customers with quality products and valuable services. Amidst the huge accolades and praises, Dan’s Whetstone is known for the high quality, pure and original Arkansas sharpening stones that are extremely popular among the chefs, craftsmen, adventure enthusiasts sportsmen, and also butchers. Get all the natural Arkansas whetstone inclusive of genuine black Arkansas novaculite that is produced by Dan’s Whetstone, which is the only complete producer and supplier of the same. From the initial process of quarrying to presenting the finished product, everything is done by the company. Dan’s Whetstone Company Inc. is committed to following standards for soft and hard stones. 


Get to Know More About Arkansas Sharpeners in Detail

Master the art of sharpening the knives and tools anywhere and anytime with the help of 100% pure and original Arkansas sharpening stones that are presented by Dan’s Whetstone Company. Trust Dan’s Whetstone to avail the best Sharpeners. Arkansas knife and tool sharpening stones are specifically designed to fulfill the sharpening requirements of the clients. These Arkansas sharpening stones are made available in different shapes and sizes, and thus makes a perfect option to be carried along to fulfill the requirements when it comes to, hunting in deep woods, creating a woodworking piece, or simply heading for camping, adventure activity, or going on a survival mission. These knife and tool sharpeners can be relied on for optimum and long-lasting performance even in tough environmental conditions.


There are numerous sharpening stones available but finding out the right one can be a task! Thus, browse through the categories that include Arkansas whetstones in different shapes, grit, and performance, making it much easier for the users to select from. The naturally sourced Arkansas whetstones are given a completely authentic and natural design by Dan’s Whetstone.


Choosing an Arkansas Stone Grade That Suits Your Needs

Select from the best quality sharpening stones is itself a challenge, but to ensure it becomes much easier for the customers, here is what you can look out for. Medium - Soft Arkansas: One of the most popular grades of novaculite, this is an all-purpose stone that is widely being used by butchers, commercial knife sharpeners, sportsmen, woodcarvers, and also homemakers. It helps to sharpen the edges in the minimum time. Soft Arkansas can be gray, white, and black, or even pink and gray. Fine - Hard Arkansas: These are widely been used for premium and fine polishing, or for the maintenance of edge on the tools and knives too. These are also referred to as “white hard”, but it also has other color variations too. These Hard Arkansas are used by the wood crafters and also in the dental industry. Extra Fine - True Hard Arkansas: It is listed as one of the finest grade abrasives, which is available today and is widely used by the industries where extremely fine and precise polish is needed. These are also known as the multi-colored translucent, though the colors may vary and can often be red, white, black, and gray (often within the same stone). Extra Fine - Translucent Arkansas: As per the specific gravity under density standards, Translucent Arkansas is classified in the True Hard Arkansas grade category and this is due to the color preferences by clients and their requirements. Translucent Arkansas can be white, yellow, gray, brown, and even pink too. Black Arkansas: Often procured in black or blue-black color, Black Arkansas is one of the densest crypto-crystalline novaculite structures that possess the properties to achieve the finest polished edges possible.


Arkansas Sharpeners Product Categories


Arkansas Ceramic Rods: Featuring exceptional and easy-to-use design, the Arkansas Ceramic Rods are a perfect combination of strength and commendable performance when it comes to sharpening your knives, wherever and whenever. The ceramic sharpening rods are specifically designed to sharpen most of the blade types. Different types of handles are included that offer much user convenience, with ease of use. The brown oak or wooden handles adds to the durability and performance. The ceramic sharpener rod makes it easy to pass the blades, thus, makes honing much easier, perfect for those who use knives on the go!


Arkansas Novaculite Stones: Perfect for general purpose sharpening, Arkansas Novaculite Stone is the hard, dense, fine-grained rock that makes sharpening the knives and tools much easier. These are provided in a pack of rectangular stones, making it much easier for the users to carry and use on the go.


Arkansas Pocket Stones: These are the surgical grade stones or the Arkansas Pocket Stones, as the name suggests, are specifically designed to be carried along in the pocket and make a perfect option for spot touch-ups on the go. These stones can be selected from the soft (medium), hard (fine), true hard (extra fine), black hard (ultra-fine), and translucent (extra fine) grades, and other classifications. These stones are graded by density and hardness. These stones come with a leather sleeve that helps to protect and store the sharpening stone.


Arkansas Sharpeners Soft Oil Stones: Unlike the traditionally used Arkansas oil stones that cut at extremely moderate speed, the soft oil stone has extremely durable abrasive particles linked with high-strength bonds. These are the fine oil stone are specifically made available on an oak block; these stone offer a fast and accurate knife sharpening system.


Arkansas Sharpeners Whetstones: Featuring fine grit, coarse grit, and extra-fine grit diamond whetstones, Arkansas Sharpeners Whetstones are specifically designed and manufactured using industrial Arkansas. These stones are specifically given a perfect shape that meets the customer’s specific sharpening needs. These tool sharpening stones are available in hard, truly hard, and translucent classifications. These stones are available in a cedar storage box or wood storage box.


Arkansas Sharpeners Kits

Arkansas Honing Kits: A perfect kit for adventure enthusiasts, hikers, or professional knife users, that helps to sharpen the knives easily in the go; these kits are perfect to be carried along when heading for a hike, trek, or adventure camp. The Arkansas Honing Kits have precisely designed soft and hard Arkansas stones and honing oil, which helps in a fast, precise, and professional knife sharpening system, whenever and wherever. The Arkansas honing kits also have fine, medium and coarse, carbide sharpening stones that are mounted on ABS plastic. Many of the sharpening kits have specially formulated honing oil, perfect for making sharpening stones easy. The Arkansas stone honing kits are made available in wooden boxes, that are sturdy and strong.


Dan’s Whetstone Sharpeners Warranty

Dan’s Whetstone Company Inc. is committed to providing commendable and 100% real natural Arkansas novaculite whetstones. In case the final product is not as per the requirements, please get back to the company to get it corrected; inspection will be done in that case, afterward, it will be worked upon to match the client’s need with the correct grade, quality, and classification of stone. This is to be noted that Arkansas Sharpeners are not intended to be used as chisels, hammers, pry, or bars.


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