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Arkansas Sharpeners Whetstones by Arkansas Sharpeners

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Arkansas is an American brand owned and operated whetstone company that is into operations since 1976. With so many different types of whetstones available, Arkansas Sharpeners is famous across the world. The sharpening tools are highly popular amongst craftsmen, sportsmen, chefs, and butchers. The sharpening stones cater to all your camping and survival missions.


The series features fine grit, coarse grit and extra fine grit diamond whetstones. The Whetstone sharpeners are made using industrial Arkansas that feature harder structure than any sharpening stone. The Whetstone series includes special shaped files that are specifically designed to meet the customer’s specific sharpening needs. All special shaped files are available in Hard, True Hard, and Translucent classifications. These knife sharpeners are sturdily made to deliver years of constant performance and reliable service. Whetstones Knife Sharpeners under this series are largely manufactured in the USA. Arkansas Whetstones Knife Sharpeners are crafted smooth to increase cutting action while creating a fine sharp edge on the knife or tool. Explore the series for Hard Arkansas Whetstone sharpener, Soft Arkansas Whetstone sharpener and more. The sharpeners come packed in cedar storage box or wood storage box.


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