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Real Steel Knives is a well-known knife manufacturing brand established in 2003 in China. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and traditional knife-manufacturing technique to produce the best products. A dedicated team of experienced craftsmen works to field test and research the product designs carefully to ensure quality construction. The knives and other tools are made strong enough to survive the toughest situations and withstand handling abuse with enhanced piercing and cutting performance.


The company follows a three-aspect production process that involves innovation strategy, production procedure, and comprehensive customer consideration. Real Steel Knives has proven technical excellence with its high-grade products in the knife-making/ selling marketplace. The practically designed product series includes fixed blade knives, framelock folding knives, bushcraft knives, alieneck knives, and E801 megalodon knives.


High-Grade, Made-In-China Knives

Real Steel Knives is known to manufacture supreme quality knives and tools. The manufacturing team uses a daily 3D demonstration of the end products to ensure quality manufacturing. The brand caters to hikers, knife-enthusiasts, hobbyists, travelers and outdoor professional by developing both commercials as well as low-profile knives. The practically designed knives offer great durability and functionality even in tough/extreme conditions.


Durable and Sturdy Construction 

Real Steel Knives products have sturdy, durable and reliable material construction. The brand considers customers’ consideration seriously to manufacture special editions and development. The different blade construction is done using high-quality stainless steel with a satin/stonewashed finish. The handlebars are made from sturdy material like G-10, black anodized carbon fiber, and stainless steel. Most of the knives feature thumb ridge, pocket clip and Kydex belt sheath as great accompaniments to the products.


A Detailed and Well-Researched Product Line

Real Steel Knives offers a detailed product line that includes a variety of products such as fixed blade knives, lanyard beads, framelock knives, liner lock knives, and survival tools.


Real Steel Fixed Blade Knives: The Real Steel fixed blade knives are known worldwide as the great hunting, survival, camping, tactical, kitchen and combat tools. The extended and comfortable handles of these fixed blade knives have a sturdy construction, set for extra strength, stronger build and a sharp edge. Some of these heavy-duty fixed knives are available with finger choil with grooved, G-10 and stainless construction handles.


Real Steel Framelock Pocket Knives: This everyday carry pocket knives features satin finish blades made from Sandvik or stainless steel along with a stout frame-lock locking mechanism. These folding knives have ball bearing pivot for easy and smooth opening/closing of the knives. Most of these knives are available with a Beta-Plus safety that adds an additional level of operational safety on the frame lock mechanism.


Real Steel Linerlock Pocket Knives:  Theseries have different and distinctive-looking pocket knives that feature high-grade, sharp-edged, drop-point and Wharncliffe style blades. These stonewashed/satin finished knives have a liner lock mechanism that allows for single-hand operation. The knives are available in different designs such as camo pattern with multiple colors and made from tough material like stainless steel, G-10, and coyote tan.


Real Steel Lockback Pocket Knives: The range offers great ergonomically designed pocket, folding knives with the lockback mechanism. The Lockback mechanism and Mutex- Alpha lock is reliable and secure, it pushes the spine towards the handle to lock it safely. The drop point blades are made from high-quality Elmax steel and feature thumb ridge with pocket clip for safe and easy operation.


Real Steel Sharpening Stones: The unique series features appealing knife sharpeners available in different grit sizes and textures like coarse, stone, hard fine, and soft. The material used in manufacturing these knife sharpening tools includes a variety of whetstones such as plastic-based Carborundum.


Real Steel Titanium Beads: Reel Steel Titanium Lanyard Beads add a unique look to any of your items and make it easy to carry and use. The users can customize their keychains, knives, tools and USB devices by fixing lanyard along with these reliable and durable beads. These lightweight beads are available in different attractive colors and are available in stonewashed TC4 titanium construction.


Real Steel Alieneck Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using the 12C27 stainless, which is martensitic stainless chromium steel and resists corrosion. The blades of these knives are tough and made to perform best under high compression and distortion. The skeletonized handles impart a great classic look and offer excellent grip.


Real Steel Bushcraft Knife Series: The Bushcraft knives are great for both outdoor and household use as they offer a sturdy blade and handle construction. The blades of these knives come with a characteristically scandi-grind for optimal sharpness. Most of these knives have lanyard hole to thread thick paracords with ease. 


Real Steel E571 Knife Series: The series offers high-grade folding knives with the framelock mechanism. The blade construction is done from Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel and the ball bearing pivot features black or silver anodized stainless construction.


Real Steel E77 Knife Series: The flipper knife series features a relatively small blade that measures in 88mm. The drop-point blades are resistant to scratch and are made from stainless steel. 


Real Steel E771 Sea Eagle Knife Series: These flipper knives feature carbon fiber scales and stonewashed drop point blade. The series also offers a variety of handle sets in different colors that are compatible with most Real Steel Knives. 


Real Steel Folding Pocket Knives: Thefolding knife series have different and distinctive looking pocket knives that feature high-grade, sharp-edge drop-point blades. Most of these knives have a liner lock or lockback mechanism that allows for single-hand operation.


Real Steel Forager Knife Series: The exclusive collection offers a variety of heavy-duty knives with a satin/black wash with G-10 handles.  The full tang blade with a round spine and sectional jimping is comfortable to use and allows the users to use the knife with an increased striking force in multiple heavy-duty tasks.


Real Steel G3 Knife Series: The everyday carry knives offers great ergonomic feels along with great functionality. The sleek design knives feature scandi-ground drop point or flat-ground satin finished blades.


Real Steel H5 Knife Series: H5 Knife seriesfeatures a wide range of framelock folding knives. The flat ground drop point blades are made from Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. The G-10 textured handles have dual thumb studs that provide an easy and comfortable grip to the users.


Real Steel H6 Knife Series: These knives are available in different colors and patterns and with different locking system. These knives can easily and smoothly perform any outdoor as well as household tasks. The handlebar and backspacer are manufactured from the G10 and textured for tight grip.


Real Steel H9 Knife Series: The H9 knives are outfitted to perform in extreme outdoor conditions and to withstand everyday handling abuse.  The blades feature a wharncliffe style blade with a trailing edge. The textured G-10 handles offer a comfortable and safe grip. H9 knives include a pocket clip and a nylon sheath as safe and easy carrying options.


Real Steel Hunter 165 Series: The flat grind blades of these knives are great for cutting, bush crafting and piercing jobs. The knives feature a finger recess, a 3D G-10 handle and thumb grip for easy and comfortable knife drawing accessibility. For easy and safe storage that knives are available with high-quality sheath and adapter.


Real Steel Knives S6 Knife Series: It features framelock folding knives with high-grade VG 10 steel blade. The secured frame lock mechanism with Beta-Plus lock ensures a dependable blade lockup to prevent accidental closure and the opening of these sharp knives.


Real Steel Knives S7 Knife Series: These extremely functional knives feature a lockback mechanism and a Mutex-Alpha lock that ensures safe usage and unintended blade movement. The drop point blades are made from Elmax steel with dual thumb studs and jimping for easy and comfortable operation.


Real Steel Knives T99 Knife Series: This folding and fixed blade knife range is perfect to smoothly perform heavy-duty tasks. These fixed blade knives feature drop-point/ tanto blades whereas the folding knives have secured by the liner lock mechanism. The G10 handles are designed to provide a firm and stable grip for comfortable and prolonged usage


Real Steel Mini 127 Knife Series: These ergonomically designed knives feature finger choil at the bottom to use them in risky/ life-threatening situations. The fixed, drop-point blade knives are light in weight and feature D2 tool stainless steel.


Real Steel Mini 130 Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are meant for heavy-duty tasks with drop point blades made from D2 stainless steel. These extremely sharp blade knives have G-10 handles that offer prolonged comfort to the users.


Real Steel Observer Knife Series: The series offers heavy-duty flat-grind blade knives perfect to perform both households as well as commercial tasks. Real Steel Observer Knives have several holes in the G-10 handle to attach a personalized custom handle or paracord to them. Most of these knives are available with Kydex sheath, belt adapter, and fire-sticks.


Warranty Policy

Real Steel Knives is a leading manufacturer in the small arms industry. The products are made with years of research and precision. The knives are made with perfection and dedication. If there are any defects in the manufacturing or, if the knives found damaged, the company will repair or replace the item with a new one. Real Steel products are not meant to be used with or as a hammer, pry bars, chisels, and screwdriver.


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