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We'll be frank. There are a dizzying number of knifemakers out there, and it can be tricky to separate the pretenders from the real thing. Well, we've been around, and we can tell you that Real Steel Knives are the real deal. These are budget-priced knives the way they should be done: Tight tolerances, superb performance, solid durability, and a wide selection of designs -- without the exaggerated pricing of some better-known brands. If you're looking to invest in a nice overall EDC or a workhorse knife that is going to see a lot of action, then a Real Steel knife is going to be a good choice for you.

A strong entry onto the world stage.

Real Steel Knives was founded in 2013 on the east coast of China by a group of knifemakers with decades of experience who wanted to do more with knives than what they had been allowed for the Chinese market, which bans locking mechanisms and other features that Western markets take for granted. In spite of the young age of the company and the limitations of the Chinese market, the passion and expertise of these craftsmen shines through in their products, which now include dozens of knife styles that have exploded onto the international stage. These knives are well-made, dynamic, and are holding their own against older, more established brands.

No ordinary knife collection.

Make no mistake, these knives are originals, they are innovative, and they know how to rock. Some brands rely on (paid) relationships with big-name celebrities or simply copy styles used by the military. Real Steel Knives pushes its own unique concepts to the hilt, with a dedicated team that's constantly researching, prototyping, and field-testing new ideas and new looks. We love it when knifemakers practice smart creativity, and Real Steel Knives is right there doing it with every new line they produce.


Take, for example, the Real Steel Bushcraft Series, which features no-nonsense designs backed by subtle tweaks for optimum sharpness and ease of use. Perfect for tactical, rescue, and hunting. And if you're looking for a reliable folder to take with you on your next camping trip, then let us direct you straight to the Real Steel H6 Series. This bestselling collection is known for enhanced cutting performance and is a hit among outdoor enthusiasts. These are the kind of knives you keep with you every time you leave the house.


For something a little more… intense, there's the fan-favorite Real Steel Megalodon. This is a titanium-framed, smooth-acting monster of a knife that nonetheless fits easily in your pocket. It completely dominates any task it's set to. Seriously, check out the size and profile. There's a reason they named the knife after this thing.

If speed and efficiency are more your style, then take flight with the Real Steel Sea Eagle, a flashy, fast-acting folding knife with sleek construction and a fantastic carbon fiber handle.


Whether you're looking for a good EDC knife or a custom-grade collectible knife, Real Steel Knives are on the leading edge of the next generation of cost-effective quality.

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Real Steel Knives is one of those energetic brands that's fun to watch, and their affordable pricing makes it easy to experience the full range of their capabilities. What's even better is we're able to provide these knives at a deep discount and we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. If you've been thinking about getting into the pool but were hesitant about diving in, well, we make it easy.

If you have questions about Real Steel Knives or any of the brands we carry, give us a call at (800) 342-9118 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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