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While out in the great outdoors, a knife is definitely a trusted tool. Such is the importance of sharpening a knife, while out on the go. A sharpened knife is like a loyal companion for numerous tasks ranging from opening can to cutting ropes. Boasting of a wide array of products in this segment, Smith offers numerous options for knife accessories, sharpeners and sharpening kits for survivalists and knife enthusiasts.


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The catalogue of Smith's Sharpeners includes scissor sharpeners, fixed angle pull through sharpeners Diamond Sharpeners, Ceramic Sharpeners, Carbide Sharpeners Pull-Thru Sharpeners, sharpening steels and Bench Stones. Incepted in 1886, Smith's Sharpeners has been the foremost manufacturer of easy-to-use sharpening products and long-lasting precision kits for more than 125 years. 


Honing Solutions for Complete Edge Care

Edge care remains one of the key concern for sharpening blades and knives. Various cleaning solutions like Honing Solution are widely advised by knife makers to keep along when using a sharpener. This solution is used as an important lubricant for Diamond Stone sharpeners. 


Smith’s Sharpeners Options by Series


Smith's Carbide and Ceramic Knife Sharpeners: Ceramic and Carbide are a reliable and heavy-duty material that offers a sturdy construction to the knife sharpeners. These sharpeners are available in different housing and colors such as gray and yellow to give them a unique and enhanced look. 


Smith's Diamond Sharpeners: This series is one of the bestselling series of Smith’s Sharpeners. The high-grade diamond sharpeners features coarse diamond rods and stones that perfectly sharp, finish and polish any blade easily. Most of these sharpeners have rubberized handles that offer strong and comfortable grip to the users.


Smith's Edge-Pro Sharpeners: Edge-Pro series offers a variety of pull through sharpeners with ceramic and carbide stones. The Pull-Through Sharpeners are available with in manual and electric which are perfect for sharpening and honing any type of knife blade whether it be serrated or standard edge. 


Smith's Knife Sharpener Systems: Most of these systems include coarse grit diamond stone, fine grit diamond stone, medium grit triangular shaped ceramic stone for serrated edges, honing oil, angle guide rods, and vise clamp. These heavy-duty sharpening systems can sharp any type of knives by adjusting the knife clamp into different angles.


Smith's Machete, Scissors & Tool Sharpeners: The collection offers tungsten carbide insert sharpeners that effectively sharpen machetes, knives, scissors and other tools. The lightweight sharpeners come along with comfortable housing ensuring a tight grip.


Smith's Pocket Sharpeners: The range offers diamond pocket sharpeners and multi-functional pocket pals in a variety of styles and colors. The professional grade sharpeners are made of composition housing to offer a safe and comfortable grip to the users.





Smith's Sharpeners Linerlock Pocket Knives:  Besides being a recognized manufacturer of innovative knife sharpeners, Smith’s also offers linerlock knives as a part of a survival kit including diamond sharpening rod, fire starter, duct tape, collapsible cup, zip ties, blanket, fishing kit, safety pins, and water resistant storage pouch. The products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials to offer lasting performance. These products are ideal for everyday use and outdoor activities.


Smith's Sharpeners Multi-Tools: The manufacturer offers a wide range of hand tools that can help perform multiple functions in one unit. The multi-tool includes a variety of tools including standard edge blade, saw blade with tweezers, fire starter, compass, paracord lanyard, signal mirror, LED light, whistle, and carbide knife sharpener in one unit. 



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Don’t let your favorite knives go out of style and use because of lousy edges. Please browse through our range of branded knife sharpeners namely Smith's Sharpeners. We curate our range of top-selling sharpening systems from Smith and provide it to you at very premium rates.

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