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Renovo Water Filters & Cleaners

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Renovo Water Filters & Cleaners



Based at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, Renovo Water is recognized for building adaptable water filter to handle the water contamination levels outdoors. The water filters are designed and engineered after years of outdoor experience and dissatisfaction with the current water filters on the market. The company offers water filters that stand the test of time and deliver clean water for every use. These aqua filters are easy to clean and maintain and do not need to be thrown in case dirty, thus, reducing the carbon footprint.


MUV – Water Filter On-The-Go

Explore the space for MUV filters that fit to your outdoor lifestyle. An adaptable filter that gives you protection from contaminants in municipal water, offering virus and bacteria protection in some of the most inhospitable places in the world. The filters use modular technology that works with a water bottle, hydration reservoir, as a straw, or as a gravity filter, giving you clean water anytime, anywhere.


The water filters remove viruses and bacteria, allows you to change the filter modules for your water specific water needs. MUV water filter can be customized to anyone’s needs be a hiker, traveler, or someone who wants clean water on the go. MUV is just what you need to meet your clean water need. Renovo Water Filters offers three unique filter media for your water needs.

These are:

MUV 1 Activated Carbon - The Activated Carbon is a term for manufactured carbon, either coal-based or coconut shell-based. The process is varied usually different for different medium. The carbon is exposed to oxygen to create tiny pores in the carbon at a molecular level. These pores absorb contaminants using chemical attraction. The activated carbon removes chemicals, heavy metals, discoloration of water, negative test, and filters up to 150 gallons.

MUV 2 Hollow Fiber - The Hollow fiber membrane are tiny hollow tubes that look like straws. These fibers have a porous membrane that allows clean water into the fiber and prohibits contaminants from passing through the membrane. The membrane filters water by having a pore size smaller than the size of the contaminants. Clean water goes through the membrane while the large contaminants cannot fit through the pores. The MUV 2 filter can remove bacteria and protozoa while filtering water up to 100,000 gallons.

MUV 3 Nanalum- Nanalum works through absorption. It is manufactured with non-woven highly engineered water filter paper which is also impregnated with Granular Activated Carbon. The module has a strong positive electrostatic charge when wet. The positive electrostatic charge of the Nanalum attracts and traps organic contaminants. The MUV 3 can remove viruses, bacteria, protozoa, heavy metals, chemicals, negative taste and filters up to 90 gallons of water.

These MUV filters can be used in water bottle, hydration pack, straw, gravity system, pump, and threaded bottle. Carry the adaptable filter as you ride, hike, travel for a day, go for climbing, hunting, camping, outdoor adventure, excursions, running, and more.


Understanding the Main Vision behind MUV Adaptable Filter

The MUV Adaptable Water Filter was primarily designed as a filter system that adapts first to water contamination, and second to how the user intends to filter their water. Renovo uses some very innovative fiber technologies. One of the most overlooked technologies is Activated Carbon Fiber. MUV uses ACF that provides high flow rate and high levels of filtration. The most important aspect of using ACF is the mass transfer coefficient is 10-100 times higher than granular activated carbon. This consequently results in absorption rate that are 10-15 times greater than that of granular activated carbon filters.

What makes the ACF so significant is its highly structured design that is like block filter but does not have the extreme pressure requirements that block filters have. This is so because the material is more open and suited for higher flow rates. It is not susceptible to channeling, something that is common in a loose packed material such as granular or powdered activated carbon.

The Activated Carbon Fiber used in the Renovo Water MUV Adaptable Water Filter is way more superior to the activate carbon filters found in any other water filter currently available. ACF has superior flow rates, higher absorption speed and is not prone to the negative effects of channeling which plague granular activated or particulate activated carbon filters. The filter can remove more contaminants at better flow rates than anything else.


Renovo Water Filters and Cleaners offers products with limited warranty against all manufactured defects. In case the product has a defect, please fill out the form and the manufacturer will get you a replacement or organize a pair. Water filters are consumable products. So, in case your filter is clogged, it implies it has reached its life expectancy and is not covered the warranty. The MUV 2 Hollow Fiber filter can be cleaned and back flushed. If your product does not meet the stated specifications, return it to the place of purchase for warranty.


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