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Marbles Saws by Marbles Outdoors Knives

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Established in 1890’s, Marbles Outdoors Knives is Michigan-based knife manufacturing company. Webster L. Marbles, the founder, was an outdoor enthusiast with huge experience with camping, hunting, fishing and exploring the wilderness of nature. The products are designed with the ability to withstand extreme conditions. The company has invested a considerable time to bring forth optimum products and improve the overall functionality of these knives.


The Saws by Marbles Outdoors Knives are used by military forces, survivalists, divers, campers and hikers as an entrenching tool. The head of these saws is designed to be used multiple times without splitting into halves. The series includes Sawback machetes, classically styled Latin Machetes that have been enhanced with a sawback edge and are available in two blade lengths. The blades have one serrated side and dual edge. The primary grind of these knives is established at factory and requires further sharpening for fine edge. Expect the handles to be constructed using heavy-duty polypropylene that ensures non-slip and comfortable grip even for the most strenuous tasks like splitting woods. The blades are made using 1075 high Carbon Steel, which makes them perfect for use in any environment. These sawback machetes come in orange finish. You can explore the series for machetes with blade lengths- 14 in. and 18 in.


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