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WE Knives has marked its imprints in a short span of time and has emerged as a brand of trust and premium quality. A knife manufacturing company with a handful of employees got established in 2000 has never looked back since then. Efficient and effective use of resources and modern techniques used in manufacturing has given the brand a place among the leading knife manufacturers and exporters in China. All WE knives products are manufactured using advanced CNC machines and equipment.


The brand focuses on designing high-quality knives matching the industry standards at an affordable price range. A small yet hard-working team comprising of 100 proficient employees work with all heart and soul to serve branded cutting tools and accessories which are both collectible and serve day-to-day usage. The Chinese manufacturer produces export quality products like Linerlock Pocket knives, Dragon knives, fixed blade knives, Fidget hand spinners and much more to be supplied all around the globe through their dealers and supply chains.


Serving the Masses for Ages

WE Knives work with the objective of meeting the requirements of customers by providing collectible yet affordable top-notch knives and blades. Their expert team is open for innovation and creative work. While serving the people all around the world, the brand has a huge customer base making them one of the largest exporters of tactical tools and designer knives in China. The brand believes that there can be certainly a pocket knife which is perfect to meet the specific needs of individual users. Time and again, the manufacturer serves its customers with a new collection with improved features.


Acing the Competition within Budget

In a highly competitive industry, WE Knives offers highly-scientific and advanced manufacturing facilities at affordable range. The brand serves comparable blades with marginal cost differences from rival knife manufacturers. The products of the brand are manufactured using Titanium coating machines. CNC machines, CNC grinding machines, EDM machines, stamping machines are some latest techniques used by the manufacturer to cut down the production cost and stand strong in the market. The brand offers the best possible prices for unique and differentiated blades matching the features of those higher-priced competitor brands.


The Unconventional Universe of WE Knives

The brand offers a plethora of all-purpose knives and accessories such as fixed blade knives, liner lock pocket knives, spinners and much more, to be used by professionals, travelers, and knife collectors and admirers.


WE Knife Company Fixed Blade Knives: The series includes knives meant for varied purposes. The strong fiber construction with full tang built provides strength. The series comes with molded sheaths in different colors. WE fixed blade knives are used for tactical purposes, combats, hunting, etc. The smart shape of knives with integral finger cover makes them handy and provides grip to the user.


WE Knife Company Framelock Pocket: The easy-to-fold knives are highly demanded because of their ultra-modern design and vibrant colors. The handles are made using fine quality Titanium, making the knives durable and usable in a rough and tough situation. Thumb studs in the knives provide grip to the users with easy handling. 


WE Knife Company Linerlock Pocket: The liner lock series includes foldable knives with titanium or tan handles. Knives are shipped with nylon zippered pouch for protection. Extended tang is proved to be useful in various life-threatening, tactical or self-defense situations. The knives are easily foldable and can be opened and closed with a single hand. 


WE Knife Company Fidget Hand Spinners: WE Knives have widened their production process by entering a whole new range of hand spinners that easily fit the size of the palm. Spinners have Titanium built which spins without friction once flicked. The brand has comprised the device which can be used by psychiatrists or as a play tool also.


WE Knife Company Paracord Lanyard & Sheaths: Designers at WE Knives have worked hard and introduced Paracord Lanyard and sheaths for easy carriage and storage of knives and cutlery. The leather pouch is easy to carry and can engulf knives up to 6”. Paracord lanyard is made up of strong material ensuring a dependable hold on knives while hiking, traveling or camping.


WE Folding Pocket Knives: A smart looking pocket knife always enhances confidence and makes a person independent, the series of knife that can be used in any situation and proven to be tough in all-weather situations and can be used with hard surfaces as well. The shine of the product never fades away which gives the series an edge over others.


We 601 Knife Series: WE 601 knife series come with different blade finishes– Black, Satin, Bronze. Pointed blades with a sharp edge make the knives useful for cutting slicing, piercing or hunting. All products in the series can be easily folded in the sheaths.


602 Knife WE Series: WE Knife 602 series have Tanto point blades to give precise cuts when needed. A range having frame locks and liner locks with titanium handle is helpful for a strong grip. Extended tang along with thumb ridge and pocket clips are features often demanded by professionals.


We 603 Knife Series: Classy looking knives are available with Titanium handles and extra-long tang for easy operation. 603 foldable knives are used for cutting, digging or slicing jobs. All knives in the series feature thumb stud, pocket clips, and nylon sheath cover.


WE 604 Knife Series: The series attributes a plethora of knives featuring high-performance attractive frame lock knives with thumb pull and extended fang. Knives have cleaning cloth and knife tool within nylon sheath all included in the pack. These knives offer high performance with drop point blades useful in tactical situations and daily purpose as well.


WE 605 Knife Series: WE knife 605 series offers a range of compact and small knives including frame locks. All knives are easy for single hand operations and can be easily opened and closed. All these distinctive looking knives have small yet sharp blades. Satin finish blades with colorful Titanium handles adds the series to knife collector. The pocket clip makes the knife easy to carry.


WE 606 Knife Series: Another pocket series by WE Knife Company features a 3-and-a-half-inch blade of stainless steel supported by Titanium hand support. The features like lanyard hole, pocket clip, a thumb ridge, and an eyelet on blade cut down some extra weight and make the knife an easy carry on adventure trips.


WE 608 Knife Series: These handy foldable knives are dependable for cutting soft surfaces and making precision cats as well with high-quality standards.  Ceramic ball bearing enhances smoothness while opening and locking back. High-quality Titanium increases durability and carbon fiber blades are ideal for self-defense and tactical purposes.


WE 609 Knife Series: A stone washed stainless steel blade which has angular and longer blades that is 5 ¼ inches long which is among the best EDC Knives in industry. A Thumb stud, lanyard hole, and pocket clip enhancing its use for Campers, travelers and hikers. All products are delivered in box packing with black nylon zippered storage pouch.   


We 801 Minitor Knife Series: The series comprises of knives manufactured with the highest quality Bohler 390 stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion making the knives useful in rough weather conditions even in longer periods. The Minitor knives have black stonewash and satin finish. The knives are built strong and detailing like lanyard hole, the pocket clip is taken care of.


We 803 Rectifier Knife Series: WE Knives brings elegant and classic looking foldable knives with an extended tang, pocket clip, lanyard hole, and a zipper pouch. Blades are manufactured using CPM S35VN stainless steel which is highly resistible to rust even in humid conditions. The Rectifier knives have Titanium handles for strong grip.


We 804 Vapor Knife Series: Premium quality stainless steel CPM S35VN is used in making drop point blades for WE 804 Vapor Knife Series along with Titanium support at the end. Thumb pull, Carbon fiber inlay are some distinctive features of the series. In different situations like fishing, camping, hunting when a dependable cutting tool is needed, Vapor Knife serves the purpose well. 


We 805 Wisp Knife Series: The series uses the best-quality stainless steel to make these drop point blades which makes precise cuts when desired. Carbon fiber inlay in Titanium handle is a common feature across the series. This unconventional design features extended tang for durable use and pocket clips with nylon sheath cover for easy carriage to remote destinations.


We 806 Bullit Knife Series: Bullit Knife series is one of its kind, featuring Titanium handle with a deep Kurl provides extra grip to the user. High-quality stainless steel used in making pointed 3 ½ inch blades imparts precise cuts and do not break even if used regularly. Bullet Knife series is shipped with protective sheath cover including pocket clips for easy carriage.


WE Fixed Blade Knives: The excellent series provides premium Tanto blades rendering the knives useful for piercing and cutting jobs. Series also feature some knives with black Kydex belt sheath and Tek lock clip. Dragon scale Titanium handle makes the knives look distinctive with thumb pull and elongated tang.


WE Folding Pocket Knives: The series offers a huge assortment of knives varying in terms of material, size, and shapes of both blades and handles. The knives are made of different type of high-quality stainless-steel blades including drop point, Tanto and much more. Some of the knives also have fullers in the blades making the knives a little lighter during adventure trips, hunting or fishing. All products are shipped box packed with protective sheaths.


Reliable Products with Warranty

We Knives products are meant to be free from any manufacturing defects. No replacement can be made for the products which are damaged with rough use. All repairs are handled by a dedicated repair department. There are possibilities that some products cannot be repaired due to unavailability of some item, part or raw material and the company will be unable to help in that matter concerned. It should be noted that the products are not supposed to be used with or as Chisels, pry bars, screwdrivers or other harsh objects.


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