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We Paracord Lanyard & Sheaths by WE Knife Company

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We Knife Company started its journey around 18 years back in China. Spreading its wings far beyond, the company, after winning over the Asian market for manufacturing some of the finest knives, jumped on to conquer the world by adopting smart exporting tactics.


We Knife Company Paracord Lanyard & Sheaths


Any knife lover would know the difficulties one can face on carrying along sharp and pointed blades during travels. Losing your favorite blades is another issue often faced by those who are on the move quite often. Sheaths, pouches, cases, paracords, and beads are, hence, required to protect your knives in hour of need. Knives can be lethal, especially if they have razor-sharp edges. Carrying them in smart cases not only maintains their life but also makes them safer to carry on daily basis. The paracord and lanyard beads add to the comfort of carrying them and also let you stylize your favorite knives.


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At Knife Country USA, we have an inventory that extends far beyond knives and household cutlery. Launched in 2001, we are a family-owned business that is home to a wide range of products. An online megastore that includes security equipment, apparel patches and decals, books and videos, clothing, multi-tools, spinners and fidgets tools, etc., Knife Country USA aims to satisfy its customers by providing them access to their favorite brand at one stop.

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