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Accessorizing oneself has never been so easy.  We, at Knife Country USA, offer our customers one of the widest varieties of items like beads, bracelets, belt buckles and a lot more to accessorize with. We also stock a wide assortment of products and accessories from the stable of Schmuckatelli Company.


Know Your Brand: Schmuckatelli Company

The Schmuckatelli Company was established by a seasoned martial artist and an avid knife collector. His believe in providing the best products, has made him keep a low profile and allow his products to do the talking. The brand manufactures its product with the best quality materials. It also ensure that the finest of pewter that is lead free, is used. Offering the customers with the best and safe product, has been the brand’s main driving force.


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The range of accessories offered by it include beads, key fobs, boot laces, bracelet skulls, pendants, lanyards, paracord bracelets, zipper pulls, knives, wallets, belt buckles and few more. The beads are one of the best-selling products among its wide collection of offerings. Sculpted with passion and precision the skull beads are given hematite matte finish. The beads have lanyard holes and depending on your style and imagination, can be used in various ways, viz. accessorizing your knife, key ring, bracelet etc. Safely made in USA, these products are popular among the customers.


We Offer the Best Deals

We, at Knife Country USA, with our decades of experience in satisfying customer’s need, stock also stock a range of products and accessories from the Schmuckatelli Company. Surf through our online megastore and select the product that you like. Our customer centric approach ensures that you get the best deal.

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