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The reputed cutlery brand, Master Cutlery Inc. partnered with US Marine Corps. licensing program to create USMC Knives. Especially designed to serve US marine officials, USMC Knives can benefit regular users. The popular tactical knives from the brand — Elite Tactical and MTech USA helped the brand in gaining new momentum. Having expertise as a leading manufacturer of USMC Knives for over 30 years, Master Cutlery, Inc. has been a loyal companion for every American. Whether you are packing your bag for an adventure trip or battlefield, USMC Knives and tactical axes is a great way to hone your adventuring skills as well as for combat purpose. 


Buy Quality Products: We Clear your Doubts on USMC Knives

USMC Knives are an amazing choice for all the trekkers, hunters, and outdoorsy people looking for tactical, high-performing knives. The brand offers a diverse range of heavy-duty axes, fixed blade knives, folding pocket knives, rescue knives, and assisted opening knives. A majority of the USMC knives are made up of quality stainless which does catch rust or breaks easily. USMC knives are available in linerlock, framelock and lockback assisted opening mechanism, catering to varying demands.


Each knife collection offers a variety of handle constructions which includes sculpted FRN handles, G-10 handles, rubber handles, and aluminum handles. Some of the knife series feature partially serrated blades whilst others have a standard edge. A few of the commonly found characteristics of USMC Knives include thumb studs, lanyard holes, and pocket clips. USMC Knives are built to excel in various heavy-duty tasks, some of the knives feature glass breaker spike on the handles that makes them a preferred choice for survival situations, outdoor chores and everyday carry.


USMC Knives Product Categories


USMC Axes: The category includes a variety of tactical axes, specifically designed for wood chopping, camping chores, and heavy-duty cutting tasks. A majority of these axes feature stainless steel heads with a spike and cutting edge. Based on the model, the USMC Axes feature a round design knurled nylon fiber handle that provides a positive grip. These tactical axes feature a compact storage space in the handle that includes a survival kit and compass.


USMC Fixed Blade Knives: Specifically designed for combat situations, these fixed blade knives boast an extended tang construction that ensures maximum durability. The stonewash finish stainless blades resist corrosion and are capable of creating precise cuts. A majority of the USMC fixed blade knives feature sculpted FRN handles with lanyard holes. These tactical knives come with a nylon MOLLE compatible belt sheath for hassle-free carry.


USMC Folding Pocket Knives: Explore the massive range of folding knives, designed to offer a competitive edge to the user. A majority of these knives feature partially serrated drop point blades with extended tang and thumb studs, which makes them a fabulous choice for outdoor chores such as mountaineering, camping, hiking and survival situations. Based on the model, the USMC folding pocket knives have black-finish aluminum handles with black pakkawood inlays that lend the knife an exemplary strength. The rear of the knife handles features a lanyard slot and glass breaker. The series comprises USMC Framelock Pocket Knives, USMC Linerlock Pocket Knives, and USMC Lockback Pocket Knives.


All You Need To Know About USMC Knives Product Series


USMC Fortress Knife Series: The series comprises assisted-opening linerlock knives featuring partially serrated tanto blades. Designed to undertake all kinds of general cutting, slicing tasks, the USMC Fortress knives make for a popular choice among outdoors people and adventure enthusiasts. A majority of these knives feature dual thumb studs, extended tang, stainless steel pocket clip, and G-10 handles.


USMC Guardsman Knife Series: Consists of folding knives featuring assisted opening linerlock mechanism. Suitable for the tactical situation as well everyday carry, these knives sport G-10 handles that offer a sure grip. A majority of the USMC Guardsman knives includes black stonewash finish pocket clip, lanyard loop and stonewash finish blades with dual thumb studs and flipper.


USMC Marines Knife Series: The series covers a diverse range of assisted opening linerlock knives, suitable for combat scenarios and demanding situations. The USMC Marines knives feature tanto-point blades and drop-point blades. Based on the model, these tactical folding knives feature an aluminum handle, rubber handle, and Pakkawood handles. Some of these knives feature glass breaker that makes them an ideal choice for emergencies, and survival situations.


USMC Rescue Knife Series: It includes an array of assisted opening knives with partially serrated drop point blades. A majority of these knives have black finish aluminum handles with black pakkawood inlays, glass breaker, pocket clip, and lanyard slot. Featuring a linerlock mechanism, the USMC Rescue Knife allows for quick deployment.


USMC Reaper Knife Series: Explore the range of spear point knives, designed to undertake any cutting, slicing tasks. Most of these knives feature dual thumb studs and extended tang that enhance functionality. Based on the model, these pocket knives feature grooved rubberized handles with a USMC inlay medallion shield. The top of the handles sports a partially opened spine with a drilled hole and a ridge. A majority of the USMC Reaper knives has braided nylon lanyard with skull bead.


USMC Salvager Rescue Knife Series: These knives are widely used in rescue operations and are suitable for tactical situations as well. Equipped with stainless steel tanto blades, the USMC Salvager Rescue knife is designed to complete the task with efficiency. Based on the model, these folding knives feature assisted opening mechanism that allows for fast deployment. Most of the pocket knives come equipped with aluminum handles that include a glass-breaking spike and a sharp belt cutter.


USMC Scrapper Knife Series: The series includes a host of assisted opening folding knives featuring tanto point blades made using stonewash finish stainless steel. These knives are capable of better edge retention and incorporate dual thumb studs that enable quick deployment. Most of these knives come equipped with G-10 handles that lend them a stylish appeal whilst allowing the user to achieve a positive grip.   


Warranted Against Defects

USMC Knives believes in providing the best quality products to customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that USMC Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.



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