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Buck Onset Knives: Unrivaled Performance, Enduring Quality


Delve into the world of Buck Knives and experience the unmatched blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and quality with the Buck Onset Knives. Buck Knives, a household name in the knife industry, has been dedicated to producing top-tier cutting tools for over a century. The Onset series further elevates this legacy with its high-grade materials, exceptional performance, and superior design.


In the Buck Onset Knives series, two masterpieces stand out - the Buck 040BKS - Onset Framelock and the Buck Knives Onset Framelock Green. Both knives are skillfully crafted in the USA, delivering top-notch quality that aligns with Buck's unwavering commitment to exceptional performance.


The Buck 040BKS Onset Framelock is a marvel of durability and precision. The knife's blade, made from CPM S45VN stainless steel, is heat-treated by Paul Bos, guaranteeing unparalleled hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. With its satin finish, the 3.38" drop point blade excels in a variety of tasks, from slicing to piercing. This precision tool is housed in a sturdy Black G10 handle, ensuring a firm, comfortable grip.


Complementing the 040BKS is the Buck 040GRS Onset Framelock Green. Like its counterpart, this knife features a 3.38" drop point blade, this time in a black Cerakote finish. The blade's S45VN steel composition promises long-lasting sharpness, while the OD green G10 handle provides both aesthetics and functionality. Both knives feature an extended tang for safe and easy blade deployment, a lanyard hole for added carrying options, and a pocket clip for easy accessibility.


But the Buck Onset Knives offer more than performance and reliability; they also make a style statement. With their sleek design, these knives add a dash of elegance to any knife collection and reflect the owner's discerning taste for high-quality tools.


In conclusion, investing in a Buck Onset Knife means investing in a tool that represents a legacy of commitment to excellence and innovation. So don't wait. Dive into our collection of Buck Onset Knives and experience the perfect blend of style, durability, and performance that only Buck Knives can deliver.


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