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Buck Sheaths and Stands by Buck Knives

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The collection includes an assortment of knife accessories, such as sheathes and stands that lets user safely carry or display them. The brand offers a myriad of differently-sized sheaths for different knife models. Depending on the model, the knife sheaths are made with top-grade leather or polyester that resists signs of wear, offering durability. From fixed blade knives to folding pocket knives and tactical knives, the collection includes an assortment of sheaths that allow for secure carry. Most of the sheaths can be attached to the belt loop, allowing the user to keep the knives handy in all situations. Knife users and collectors can also choose from the range of clear stands to display their knives. Most of the acrylic stands feature the black Buck logo. The knife stands are made with clear acrylic that makes them resistant to scratches, and general wear.

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