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Buck Zipper Guthook Knives by Buck Knives

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Buck Zipper Guthook Knives: Reliable Performance in the Field


For over a century, Buck Knives has crafted some of the finest hunting and outdoor knives available, with the Buck Zipper Guthook Knives standing as a testament to this legacy. These knives combine the timeless tradition of knife craftsmanship with the precise functionality that outdoor enthusiasts require.


The Buck Zipper Guthook Knives series is perfect for hunters who value the functionality of a classic hunting knife with the addition of a guthook. Each knife in this line is proudly made in the USA, combining high-quality materials with Buck's signature attention to detail, offering not just a knife, but a reliable partner for your hunting expeditions.


Consider the BU191 Zipper Guthook Wood, an outstanding choice in this line. It features an overall length of 8.75 inches with a 4.13-inch 420HC stainless steel hollow ground skinning blade, complete with a guthook. The handle, made from Heritage walnut, provides a sturdy grip and an aesthetic charm, blending seamlessly with the brass guard and pommel. It comes with a brown leather belt sheath for easy and safe transportation.


If you prefer a handle with a more modern touch, the BU691 Zipper Guthook Rubber Fixed Blade Knife will not disappoint. Like the BU191, it boasts an 8.75-inch overall length and a 4.13-inch 420HC stainless steel hollow ground skinning blade with a guthook. However, it differs in the handle department, sporting a textured black rubber handle for an ergonomic grip. The knife comes with a heavy-duty black nylon belt sheath for easy carrying.


Every Buck Zipper Guthook Knife is designed to be a reliable tool that stands up to the rigors of hunting. From skinning game with precision to providing a quick and clean gut hook, these knives excel where others falter.


Investing in a Buck Zipper Guthook Knife is investing in Buck's tradition of quality, durability, and unyielding performance. Whether you're an experienced hunter or a novice outdoor enthusiast, Buck Zipper Guthook Knives will prove to be an invaluable addition to your gear.

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