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Buck 385 Toothpick Pocket Knives by Buck Knives

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Buck 385 Toothpick Pocket Knives: A Compact Companion For Your Cutting Needs


Unveil a world of precision and style with Buck 385 Toothpick Pocket Knives, a testament to Buck Knives' timeless craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Buck 385 Toothpick is a blend of practical design and aesthetic beauty, providing a reliable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors alike.


Buck 385BRS Toothpick flaunts a compact 3-inch closed design, making it an ideal pocket knife for various tasks, whether at home or outdoors. Despite its compact size, it doesn't compromise on performance, bringing you a powerful tool in a portable size.


What sets the Buck 385 Toothpick apart is the 420HC stainless long clip blade. 420HC is a high-carbon stainless steel variant known for its excellent hardness and edge retention. These characteristics ensure that your Buck 385 Toothpick stays sharp and durable, even under heavy use.


The handles of the Buck 385BRS Toothpick are a real sight to behold. Crafted from brown rich grain wood, they add an air of elegance to the knife while providing a comfortable grip. The nickel silver bolsters reinforce the handle's durability while the "Classic Bolt" logo shield adds a signature touch.


Despite its compact design, the Buck 385 Toothpick is a mighty tool. It's perfect for a range of tasks, from simple home use to more demanding outdoor requirements. Every knife embodies Buck's commitment to quality and tradition, providing you with a reliable tool that stands up to any task with grace and efficiency.


Every Buck 385 Toothpick Pocket Knife is more than just a tool. It is a slice of Buck Knives' tradition, a testament to their heritage of excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Whether you are a knife collector, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who values high-quality tools, the Buck 385 Toothpick offers a sublime blend of elegance, performance, and durability.


Experience Buck Knives' heritage with Buck 385 Toothpick Pocket Knives. With their compact size, superior blades, and stylish handles, they offer an excellent combination of form and function, supported by over a century of Buck Knives' legacy.

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