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Buck Knives Warranty Information

The Buck Knives Forever Warranty

The Buck Knives Forever Warranty is… pretty much what it says. If, for some reason, your Buck knife is defective due to materials or workmanship, you can return it to the manufacturer for repair.

Buck Knives will repair your knife, including parts and labor, at no charge. If repair isn't possible or practical, Buck Knives will replace your knife with either the same knife or one of comparable value.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

If your knife needs to be repaired, don't try to fix it yourself as this could violate your warranty and also potentially cause injury. Contact Knife Country USA and inform us of your issue first.

Other circumstances that may void the Buck Knives Forever Warranty include damage caused by misuse or abuse, failure to care for and maintain your knife, loss due to misplacement or theft, dismantling or tampering with the knife, and sharpening the blade on a grinder. Some knives or products with damage or condition issues that fall outside of the warranty may still be repaired for a fee.

Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty.

If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Buck knife, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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