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Founded by Peter Henckels in June 1731, Zwilling has a brand history of over 287 years. Combining modern innovations with future cooking trends and radical ideologies, the brand has mastered the art of creating quality products that make your culinary life more manageable. Beginning their first sales outlet in 1818, Zwilling has garnered many awards and appreciation worldwide. Gradually they developed a range of best-selling culinary knives, followed by the creation of TWIN multi-purpose scissors. Mainly recognized for pro-level knives, their home-grown brand – Henckels, rose to success in producing state-of-the-art products.


Starting as a family business, Zwilling is a value-driven brand that crafts a wide range of products with an easy-to-use design, timeless durability, and state-of-the-art design. Since 1895, their range of Henckels International Cutlery has delivered essential kitchen tools for everyday needs. Henckels Culinary range has everything you need, from butcher knives to bread knives to ace your culinary skills.


ZWILLING Group – A World Full of Passion and Skills

Beginning the journey to success from Solingen, Zwilling started as a small company specializing in producing high-quality knives. They expanded their reach from Solingen to Berlin to New York and beyond while specializing in international culinary culture. The ZWILLING Group is also home to many brands that they have acquired over the years. Brands like Staub, Miyabi, Ballarini, Demeyere, and Henckels. Each brand is renowned for different strengths, traditions, and quality products. 


Premium Quality Production That You Can Trust

For Henckels, the ZWILLING Group is highly passionate about driving the products to perfection. Utilizing the finest quality materials and advanced technologies, they ensure the craft of timeless and durable products that will make your life easier. Their premium range of products is incessantly monitored throughout the production procedure to deliver the best quality and technology. Since the birth of Henckels, they have also ensured to bring skilled handcraftsmanship to the production process to meet their highest standards and quality. With Henckels Cutlery, they ensure keep sharpness within your reach.


Diving Deeper into the Henckels Cutlery Knives Collection 

Henckels have an extensive category of culinary knives for various purposes. Here is all you can explore at Knife Country USA: 


Henckels Twin Master Birds Beak Peeler: Meticulously crafted from premium-quality stainless steel with a satin finish that ensures extreme hardness. With the precision-honed and laser-controlled edge, the bird’s beak knives let you smoothly cut through the vegetables and fruits. The corrosion-resistant peeler knives offer long-lasting performance. Designed with a narrow tip, it will help you carve the peel the fruits and vegetables precisely. The dishwasher-safe plastic handle provides a firm grip and control over the blade. These knives are designed to facilitate professional-grade cutting, carving, peeling, and other culinary abilities.


Henckels Twin Master Boning Knives: Precisely crafted in Spain, these knives are perfect for removing bones from meat. Made with high-carbon, nitrogen-enriched stainless steel, the boning knives will let you maneuver in limited spaces between the bones. The stainless-steel boning knives have an ergonomically-designed plastic handle that ensures a tight grip to move smoothly. With ice-hardened blades, these knives remain sharp for years and offer long-lasting performance. The boning knives with contoured handles are dishwasher-safe and are ideal for seamless and smooth performance in the kitchen. This range is hand-picked in a variety of colors to suit the aesthetics of your kitchen.


Henckels Twin Master Bread Knives: Ideal for cutting through a load of bread without compressing the tender crumb, Zwilling provides you with a range of bread knives for everyday use. Perfect for professional and personal uses, the stainless-steel bread knives are precisely crafted to cut through the crust without crushing the soft insides. Made in Spain, these knives are hand-packed in variant colors to meet your needs.


Henckels Twin Master Chef Knives: Aiming to deliver you the knives that professional reach for, Henckels feature an extensive range of professional-grade Chef Knives. Perfect for acing demanding roles in the kitchen, these knives will come in handy for chopping, slicing, mincing, and beyond. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, the Twin Master Chef Knives with stainless-steel blades offer long-lasting and reliable performance. It comes with a sturdy handle made of plastic for maintaining a proper grip on the blade. The corrosion-resistant blades make them suitable for commercial uses. With satin finish stainless blades, the knives are available in variant sizes and colors.


Henckels Twin Master Kudamono Knives: Designed in compliance with HACCP and NSF, the Kudamono Knives are ideal for cutting and paring fruits. Made with an ice-hardened FRIODUR blade, the fruit knives remain sharp for longer even after everyday use. Crafted with no stain steel, these knives are suitable for precisely chopping and dicing various fruits. It comes with a long and ergonomically crafted handle to maintain a sturdy grip.


Henckels Twin Master Parer Knives: Crafted with 4 inches no-stain blade, the paring knives look small yet deliver a powerful performance. The professional-grade parer knives are precisely suited for cutting, slicing, and chopping fruits and vegetables. Ensuring to meet strict hygiene, safety, and quality regulations, the NSF-approved knives with curved thumb grips will help you make precise cuts.


Henckels Twin Mater Pro Butcher Knives: Designed to make meat butchering easier, Henckels features an extensive range of butcher knives with 13.5-inch long no-stain blades that cut right through the meat. Suitable for chopping various meats into bite-size pieces, the corrosion-resistant butcher knives have sharp edges. With strategically-crafted plastic handles, the Pro Butcher Knives feature a curved thumb grip for precise control. The ice-hardened FRIODUR blade retains sharpness for years. 


Henckels Twin Master Slicer Knives: Designed to help you make precise cuts on various meats, the no-stain steel slicer knives are suitable for personal and commercial uses. Featuring a dishwasher-safe ergonomic handle with curved thumb grips, the Twin Master Slicer Knives provide better control so you can move your hands freely and showcase professional-level knife skills. Despite frequent uses, the stain-finish serrated stainless blade retains sharpness for years. 


Warranty Information

Henckels Kitchen Cutlery Knives provide a warranty against any material and manufacturing defect of the product. If your Zwilling product is defective and covered by the limited warranty, Zwilling will replace it. If your item requires repair, kindly contact an independent provider. If your item is damaged during the repair process, it will no longer be covered under warranty. As per the company’s warranty policies, misused or mishandled items will not be replaced or repaired.


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Knife Country USA is a home-grown brand that offers an extensive collection of knives, cutlery, and accessories for all your culinary needs. With over 20 years of online presence and experience, we are committed to delivering exceptional services. The company has a top-notch collection of cutlery knives for butchering, slicing, dicing, and various other purposes. Featuring various models from Henckels Kitchen Cutlery Knives, they bring you exactly what you need to garner all the appreciation for your professional-grade culinary skills. The Henckels Kitchen Twin Master and Twin Master Pro Range feature a variety of knives like boning knives, master slicer knives, kudamono, and beyond to meet your needs.


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