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Since the 20th century, Henckels developed as a niche solution for everything related to knives. With a passion for perfection, they have developed a range of Now S Knives featuring everything you need to make cooking preparations easier. This is a collection of multi-purpose knives and knife sets that will help you with the kitchen chopping, slicing, and mincing tasks. The modern kitchen specialist, Zwilling, brings you a wide variety of knife sets for performing variant culinary tasks conveniently.


The Now S Knives Series includes an eight-piece block set featuring a serrated bread blade, Chef’s blade, and a serrated utility blade. This set also features a prep blade, preparing blade, shears, and sharpening steel to maintain the knives properly for years. Crafted from an ice-hardened FRIODUR steel blade, these knives remain sharp for longer. The Now S everyday use culinary knife collection is designed with vibrant knife handles that add a pop of color to your kitchen. The handles are made with anti-slip treatment for safe slicing.

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