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Rapala is a renowned international brand that manufactures the best-quality fishing, hunting and kitchen tools and accessories. The company was incorporated in 1936 in Finland. The company was founded by fishing tools enthusiast Laura Rapala. Laura got this idea of designing these tools by making a pseudo baitfish with a cork piece. Since then, Rapala Knives has been selling over 20 million fishing lures every year. The brand is trusted by fishermen, hunters, chefs, restaurant owners, and households in over 140 countries around the globe.


Rapala products are manufactured in China and Finland. The company aims at giving its customers maximum satisfaction by providing the finest-quality products. The brand offers a catalog of different tools including lures, fishing clippers, mag spring pliers, and digital scales. Rapala Knives ensures optimum quality of the produce by conducting research at every step of the production process. Every Rapala knife is hand tuned and tank tested to ensure durability and functionality. 


Provides High-Grade Knives Trusted by Customers Across the Globe



Rapala manufactures the premium-quality product line that includes hunting, fishing and kitchen tools. The practically designed products are ideal for both commercial as well as low-profile kitchen use. The fillet knives offered by Rapala Knives caters largely to the restaurant owners and chefs as these knives perform filleting, slicing and cutting jobs impeccably. The knife sharpeners, hooks, scissors and multitools are perfectly designed to withstand everyday handling abuse and to provide ease of functionality to the user.  


Expect High-Quality Knives and Tools



Every Rapala product is designed with great precision and hard work to ensure functionality and high-performing life. Rapala uses advanced technology and frequently tested production procedure to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Most knives feature clip-point blade/drop-point blade made from high-quality carbon steel or hand ground stainless steel. The handle construction is done using sturdy material like Birchwood or polymer to provide comfortable and soft grip to the user. These knives are available with finger guard and thumb ride to provide additional strength to the user.


Exploring the Wide Range of Rapala Knives



The company produces durable and highly functional tools and products that can be used in commercial as well as low-profile kitchen use. The product line includes a variety of product series that are as follows:


Rapala Fillet Knives: This series offers practically designed fillet knives that caters largely to chefs, restaurant owners and households. The knives feature clip-point blade made from hand ground stainless steel. Some of these knives have PTFE non-stick coating on them.


Rapala Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed Blade Knives series offers sharp-edge, fixed blade, single piece fillet knives. These knives are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel with soft- grip handles. Most of these knives are available with leather belt sheath and pocket knife sharpener.


Rapala Knife Sharpeners: The series offers high-quality sharpeners to sharp and to provide a standard edge to all Rapala knives. These sharpeners are available in different color compositions housings like Red and Black.


Rapala Multi-Tools: This category features high-quality nose pliers that are ideal for performing commercial and household repair tasks. Most of these pliers are made from the finest-quality carbon steel. The ergonomically designed handles ensure comfortable and soft grip.


Rapala Scissors: The ergonomically designed scissors series offers hard-handles scissors made from high-quality material. These scissors effectively perform both commercial as well as household tasks with ease.


Rapala Birch Collection Knife Series: Rapala Knives Birch Collectionoffers corrosion resistant stainless-steel knives that are perfect for fowl, slicing and cutting fishes. The birch wood handles offer a comfortable and sturdy grip to the user.


Rapala Ceramic Utility Knife Series: The series offers knives with great sharpness and robustness as they are made of high-quality ceramic blade. The ceramic construction of the blade prevents it from rusting and the knives stay sharper for a longer period. Rapala Utility Knives are light in weight with non-porous quality.


Rapala Digital Scales Series: The light-weighted scale measures both in pound and kilogram. The tare weight feature helps in weighing the exact weight of the fish without measuring the weight of the container. The digital scale also has a four-minute automatic shut off feature with battery life indicator.


Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Series: Electric Fillet Knife series provides plug-in and cordless fillet knives with the long-lasting motor. Each electric knife has an advanced airflow technic which helps in reduce vibration to keep the motor cool after hours of work. These dishwasher-safe knives come with a padded handle to give a comfortable grip to the users.


Rapala Fish n Fillet Knife Series: The series provides practically designed fillet knives that caters largely to chefs, restaurant owners and cooks. The excellent functionality and quality construction ensure durable performance.


Rapala Fishing Clipper Knife Series: The Fishing Clipper Knife series showcases an array of clipper that is used for solving multiple purposes. The clippers are made with stainless steel preventing it against corrosion. These multi-tool knives mostly have line pick, cutting knife and lure tuning tool with razor-sharp clipper knife.


Rapala Hook & Knife Sharpener Series: The two-stage knife sharpeners of this series, manufactured in America, are made of gray casing with comfortable hand grip. The round coarse hook sharpener restores badly damaged hooks and the flat diamond grit coated side treat small hooks to the razor-sharp edge.  


Rapala Mag Pinch Tool Series: Rapala Mag Pinch Tool series works as a multi-tool kit having a line nipper, split ring tool and jig eye buster with incorporated bottle opener. The Rapala pinch toolkit offers a combo of all these tools along with mini LED light, key ring and a nylon lanyard.


Rapala Mag Spring Pliers Series: These fishing pliers are constructed using tin-nickel alloy plated 420 stainless material to prevent it from rusting. The offset designed pliers have serrated jaws and rubberized soft touch handles designed to give tight and comfortable grip. The product includes pivoting and a high compression sheath for safe storage and transportation.


Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife Series: Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife series gives ultimate filleting comfort with knives made of the flexible blade and slip resistant, soft grip handles. The sturdy and ultra-blade made from stainless steel easily cut through the bone structure and tough-skinned fish.


Warranty Policies

The Rapala accessories and tools are free from manufacturing defects. The manufacturer replaces or repairs the product with a new item in case of any such defect. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against the products subjected to misuse or normal wear. It is to be noted that the knives and tools need to be used for the intended purpose only and should not be use as or with hammers, chisel, prybars and screwdrivers. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will analyze the damage and charge a reasonable repair fee.


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