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Bear & Son SONG Knife Series by Bear & Son Cutlery

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Bear & Son SONG Knife Series: Authentic and Premium Quality Knives


Welcome to the Bear & Son SONG Knife Series page on Knife Country USA. A trusted name in the knife industry, we present a curated range of Bear & Son Cutlery, known for their quality, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge designs. This series features a variety of knives with unique designs and versatile uses, all proudly made in the USA.


Leading the series, we present the impressive Bear Ops 800SSLD - Bear Song VIII Gray Stainless boasting a robust Damascus steel clip point blade enclosed within a sturdy Gray Cerakote stainless handle. Its counterpart, Bear Ops 820SSLD - Bear Song VIII Gray Stainless, is a mirror in quality but with a spear point blade, perfect for precision tasks.


If you prefer a lightweight design with exceptional strength, the Bear & Son B500B - Bear Song IV featuring a black aluminum handle and 1095 Carbon Steel blade is a stellar choice. This series also caters to those who prefer satin finish blades, showcased in the Bear Song VII models each with their distinctive blade designs – Bowie, Tanto, and Spear Point.


The SONG series also displays the sleek design of the Bear Song VIII Black Stainless series, featuring satin finish blades and black Cerakote stainless handles. For a superior cutting experience, opt for the Bear Ops ANNB810 and ANNB820 - Bear Song VIII S35 models with S35VN stainless blades known for their outstanding toughness and edge retention.


Not to be left out are the Bear & Son Bear Song VIII Galaxy Tanto with a Galaxy finish handle and the Bear Ops 810SSLD - Bear Song VIII Gray Stainless, each showcasing a sense of style without compromising function.


For novices or those wanting to practice, we offer the BearSong VIII Trainer models, designed with unsharpened stainless blades, perfect for safe practice and honing skills.


At Knife Country USA, we are committed to bringing the finest cutlery products to our customers. Browse through our Bear & Son SONG Knife Series for knives that promise longevity, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Invest in a Bear & Son knife today and experience the joy of owning a product of true American craftsmanship.

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