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Winchester Knives are great cutlery knives manufactured by Bluegrass Cutlery in the great state of Kentucky, USA. Our popular catalog of Winchester products includes John Primble knives as well as S&D wooden cases. Portraying the best of American craftsmanship, Winchester Knives are among the top gifting options across the globe. To clearly mark the identity of each Winchester Knife, each blade is stamped with the Winchester logo.


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At Knife Country USA, we carry a long line of traditional Winchester Knives, such as Yellow Boy, Ersatz Stag, Trapper, and Stockman. These traditional knives come with strong wooden handles for enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal. Winchester hunting knives have either drop point or gut hook blades and feature a full-tang construction. Winchester High Tech Knives are a perfect blend of art and technique, and they can be used with one hand. These knives feature opening blades and different wood accents. They can be operated using Linerlock or Frame Lock mechanisms.


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Knife Country USA is a leading provider of outdoor gear and accessories, including many types of survival tools. Now, an online megastore, Knife Country USA has more than three decades of experience in retailingWinchester hunting knives, traditional knives, and other products online. For more details, call Toll Free (800) 342-9118, (248) 382-5285 or email us at customercare@knifecountryusa.com.

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