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Adventure Medical Kits

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Adventure trips deliver in terms of giving you a much-needed rush of adrenaline, helping to break through the clutter of everyday schedules. However, there is always a risk of adventures turning dangerous. This can happen in the form of an injury. A small sprain can quickly progress into serious tissue or muscle damage, leaving you limping for days. What you need is a useful, comprehensively packed Adventure Medical Kit—a requisite for your safety when stepping into the outdoors.


Ideal Adventure Medical Kit

An Adventure Medical Kit is different from ordinary medical kits. An ideal Adventure Kit should include some bandages/adhesives (for protecting exposed tissues), knuckles, Ibuprofen (for aches and pains), antihistamines (for allergies), blood pressure cuffs (to ensure proper circulation), and CPR face shield (for reviving the sufferer) apart from trauma pads, gauze pads, non-adherent sterile dressings, nitrile gloves, aloe vera gel with Lidocaine, and an infection-controlling bag. An improved version may include better safety items that can provide protection against a wider range of infections or weather conditions.


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