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Adventure Medical Kits or Adventure Ready Brands is one of the largest insect repellent and medical kit manufacturing companies in the United States. Its headquarters is located in Littleton, New Hampshire.  The company is known for selling a wide range of outdoor care kits and products but it is highly popular all across the globe for the insect bite treatment, After Bite. This complete line embraces Easy Care First Aid Kits, Adventure Medical Kits, burn remedy products like AfterBurn, and many outdoor survival kits.


Adventure Medical Kits was initially founded in the year 1973 and merged in 1977. It is widely known for delivering the finest quality products along with a dedicated customer support line. Most of the brand’s products come in an innovative packaging design that is environmental-friendly and safe to use. Adventure Medical Kits believes that its work ethics, efficiency, and quality assurance contributed largely to its success. The company largely caters to outdoorsmen, hikers, campers, explorers, travelers, hobbyists, and adventure enthusiasts with its vast range of safety and medical products.


More Information About Adventure Medical Kits

The company aims at providing the best solution to keep all adventure enthusiasts safe with portable and compact medical kits. These kits and survival products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology that provides maximum care in the outdoors. You may find a variety of first-aid items like closure bandages, fabric bandages, moleskin, hand wipe, cotton tip applicator, sterilized gauze dressing, instant cold pack, tick remover forceps, insect repellant, scissors, antibiotic ointment, and yard tape. The quality of these products may vary based on the type of medical kit you are opting for. These medical kits and outdoor survival kits are perfect if you are traveling with your family, specially kids. All Adventure Medical Kits products are designed to be skin-friendly, which means you can apply the bandages or ointment without worrying about any skin irritations. The compact and hand-held design enables you to easily fit these in your backpack, traveling or duffle bag. You can also explore the wide range of survival blankets, heat sheet blankets, whistles and professional outdoor tools that help you stay safe while in the outdoors.


Explore the Wide Product Category of the Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits offers a full line of different products that helps outdoorsmen, explorers, hunters, fishermen and other travel enthusiasts to remain prepared and stay safe while they are out on different excursions and voyage. These well-engineered Adventure Medical Kits categories consist of a variety of products that are designed using high-quality material.


Adventure Medical First Aid Kit Add-Ons: This product category consists of a variety of outdoor tools that are impeccably designed by skilled craftsmen. You get a wide range of high-quality rescue whistles, map compass, utility carabiners, floating signal mirrors, bowls and strainers, flat-pack buckets, flat-pack strainers, fire pits, waterproof gear bags and paracord. Each product in this category is designed using the finest quality material to ensure lasting performance and durability. Most of these add-on products embrace a smart portable design that allows them to fit these easily in different confined spaces. These Adventure Medical First Aid Kit adds-on products ensure that you remain safe and prepared while going out camping, hiking, trekking, hunting, boating and fishing. The product category features well-engineered products like the reflective poncho in high-visibility colors to help you remain safe in areas with limited lighting as it indicates to others about your presence by reflecting the color.  You can also shop for alcohol-free hand sanitizers if you are traveling with your kids as they are safer and milder than the ones with alcohol.


Adventure Medical Kits Tick Nippers: The product category consists of premium quality tick nippers by Adventure Medical Kits. These tick nippers showcase excellent craftsmanship that adds to their durability and long performance. Most of these tick nippers embrace low and wide jaws to pull out even the smallest hair and tick easily. They feature big stops between the handles that prevent the jaws from cutting and squeezing ticks or hair. Adventure Medical Kits tick nippers come with an integrated 20X lens that helps in identifying even the smallest and dangerous ticks like deer ticks on your clothes and skins. The 20X lens is carefully mounted in the hub to ensure maximum user comfort and convenience. You can also clean other debris apart from ticks and hair using these well-engineered tick tools. They are available in travel or compact size that easily fits in your pocket, wallet, backpack or duffle bag. The tick nippers come with a lanyard hole that enables you to attach them to your belt, keychain or bag for easy access while traveling.


Adventure Medical Kits Whistles: Manufactured in the United States, the Adventure Medical Kits whistles make the perfect addition to your traveling or survival kit. The Slim Rescue Howler Whistles in this product category is part of the popular Survive Outdoor Longer product line of Adventure Medical Kits. These emergency whistles embrace a great and ergonomic design that enables you to carry them on different outdoor adventurous journeys. These emergency whistles embrace a pea-less safe design that ensures they produce loud sound by restricting dust and water to hinder the process. Most of these survival whistles can produce 100dB sound that is enough for calling or alerting people during emergencies. The Slim Rescue Howler whistles are mainly of bright orange color that makes them a perfect survival tool to carry to dense areas like forests. The high-visibility color may help you to find the whistle easily and quickly if lost in the dense wilderness.


Adventure Medical Natrpel Mosquito Repellent: The product category embraces a wide range of Natrpel mosquito repellents in both pump spray and continuous spray bottles. The Adventure Medical Natrpel is a DEET-free insect repellent that repels mosquitoes for up to 6 hours. The Natrpel mosquito repellent is a plant-based bug spray and consists of Lemon Eucalyptus oil that is recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The naturally-derived ingredients remain skin-friendly and do not harm your gears, even after multiple applications. The skin-friendly bug repellent does not open your pores and absorb easily without leaving any residue. It is recommended to use these Natrpel mosquito repellents in areas that are affected by Zika Virus. Adventure Medical Natrpel mosquito repellent embraces a portable and compact design that fits easily in your wallet, purse, duffel bag or backpack.


Adventure Medical Outdoor Tools: Along with a wide range of safety and medical kits, Adventure Medical Kits also manufacture high-quality hand-held tools like knives, hatchets, tinder cords and shovels. Most of these outdoor tools are made in China and showcase excellent craftsmanship to ensure durability and lasting performance. Most of the Adventure Medical Kits knives and hatchets embrace a satin finish 420 stainless steel blade or axe head. The ergonomic design of these outdoor tools ensures great functionality and adds to the lifespan. The reliable and sturdy handle construction offers a slip-resistant and comfortable grip to the users. The knives, hatchets and shovels make the ideal accessories to carry to different outdoor journeys and excursions. Most Adventure Medical Outdoor tools come with a nylon belt sheath to ensure easy storage and safe transportation.


Adventure Medical Survival Blankets: The product category offers a wide collection of reflective and emergency blankets that keeps you safe in the outdoors. The survival blankets showcase excellent craftsmanship and precise work that adds to their longevity and performance. The emergency blankets are made of high-quality vacuum-metalized material like polyethylene that reflects about 90 percent of body heat to keep you comfortable and cozy in the wilderness. You can easily open and fold the blanket and it won’t crinkle even in extreme wind conditions. The Adventure Medical Kit survival blankets are waterproof and windproof, which makes them a perfect accessory to carry along while camping, hiking, trekking and other outdoor journeys. These blankets are available in high-visibility colors that make it easy for rescuers to find you while stuck in dense areas. The emergency blankets embrace a tear resistance design that protects them against everyday rugged usage. The survival blanket can alternatively be used as gear cover, ground cloth and first-aid blanket. For easy storage and safe transportation, these blankets are available with a resealable or reusable storage bag.


Browse Through the Intriguing Product Series of Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits offers a complete range of outdoor tools, including first-aid kits, travel medical kits, knives, whistles, mosquito repellents, heat sheet blankets and travel bags. Following are some of the popular product series of Adventure Medical Kits:


Adventure Medical 1.0 & 2.0 Series First Aid Kits: The series offers a broad collection of first-aid kits for both solo travelers and families. Most of these medical kits consist of Slim Rescue Howler whistle, butterfly closure fabric adhesive bandage, blister, pre-cut and shaped moleskin pieces, tick remover forceps, insect sting relief pad, antiseptic wipe, antibiotic ointment and alcohol swab.  Most of these first-aid kits contain BPA-free red water bottles to keep you prepared and ready during your outdoor journeys. For easy storage and transportation, most of these Adventure Medical First Aid Kits come in a metal tin with a hinged lid. The compact and portable design enables the First Aid kits to fit in easily in your backpack, pocket or duffle bag.


Adventure Medical Dental Medic Series First Aid Kits: The medic series is manufactured in the United States and showcases excellent craftsmanship. Most of these dental medical kits contain the dental wax temporary filling, cotton rolls, dental floss, toothpicks, Anbesol/Orasol with Benzocaine pain relief, temporary cavity filling mixture and cotton pellets. These dental medic kits offer a temporary relief against dental injuries and pains when it is hard to get medical assistance. Most of the Adventure Medical Dental kits are packaged in DryFlex bags to ensure waterproof storage. The lightweight dental medical kits are compact that making them easily fit in your backpack, travel or duffle bag.


Adventure Medical Easy-Care Series: This Easy Case series by Adventure Medical Kit offers a premium range of everyday carry first-aid kits. Most of these kits contain various first-aid items, including adhesive fabric bandage, knuckle bandage, triple antibiotic ointment, butterfly closure, inset sting relief pad, non-adherent pad, cotton-tipped applicator, yard tape, elastic bandage, instant cold compress, adhesive plastic bandage, assorted safety pings, sterilized gauze pad and wood finger splint. The first-aid items and their quantity vary depending on the type and kind of Easy-Care first-aid kits. It is ideal for both solo travelers and families. For easy transportation and safe storage, these Easy-Care first-aid are available with a storage case or zippered nylon pouch. You can easily fit the kit in your backpack, duffle or travel bag. Manufactured in the United States, each kit in this series showcases excellent craftsmanship and is specially designed for outdoorsmen, travelers, explorers, campers, hikers and adventure enthusiasts.


Adventure Medical Emergency Bivvy Series: Shop for excellent-quality bivvies and blankets in this impeccably designed series by Adventure Medical Kits. Most of the bivvies in this product series are made of premium-quality olefin fabric with metalized coating. The sturdy and tear-resistant construction ensures durability and long performance. The breathable fabric keeps the moisture out and protects you against heavy snowfall, rainfall and extreme wind. Both the blankets and bivvies in the series reflect maximum heat from your body to keep you warm and cozy. These Adventure Medical Kits bivvies embrace drawstring hood closure and side zip to keep you comfortable throughout. You can use the bivvies alternatively as a traditional sleeping bag. You can safely store the bivvies as they come with a drawstring rucksack. The major highlight of the series is the NanoHeat blankets that reflect about 80 percent of your body heat to keep you warm in the outdoors. These blankets embrace a silver metalized coating that sheds water, sand, dirt, dust particles and spills to keep you warm and comfortable during your outdoor journeys and excursions.


Adventure Medical Expedition Series: Get ready for your outdoor expedition with this well-engineered Expedition series by Adventure Medical Kits. The all-in-one kit contains different first-aid items, including sterilized gauze, adhesive bandage, temporary cavity filling mixture, duct tape, conforming gauze, antacids, aloe vera gel with Lidocaine, emergency reflective blanket, water disinfection tablet, waterproof matchbox, skin tac adhesive wipes, scrub brush, trauma pad, wound closure strips, triple antibiotic ointment, oral rehydration salts, Velcro bandage and nitrile gloves. The quantity and type of first-aid safety items vary depending upon the type of Expedition kit you are opting for. The series features a complete line of products that helps you remain safe and protected during your outdoor expedition. The lightweight Expedition kit comes in a durable and premium-quality zippered storage case that helps you safely transport and store the kits. The compact size of the first-aid allows you to fit them easily in your backpack, travel bag or duffle bag.


Adventure Medical Heatsheet Blanket Series: This series offers a broad collection of heatsheet emergency blankets by Adventure Medical Kits. Some of the emergency blankets in this series belong to the popular Survive Outdoor Longer or SOL product line of the brand. These heatsheet blankets are made from premium quality, vacuum-metalized polyethylene material. Adventure Medical heatsheet blankets efficiently reflect about 90 percent of the body heat to ensure you stay warm, cozy and comfortable throughout while in the outdoors. The lightweight blankets are tear or nickel-resistant, which ensures durability and lasting performance. They also made waterproof and windproof to meet the challenging demands of extreme temperature and weather conditions. Most of these crinkle-free blankets come in high-visibility orange color, which helps rescuers to find you easily if stuck in the wilderness. The heatsheet blankets can be used for different purposes, including gear cover, ground cloth and first-aid blanket. The large size fits on a person easily and comfortably; you can also store and transport these blankets in the available resealable or reusable bags.

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series: Adventure Medical Kits introduces a unique and innovative series to keep your canine friends safe during various outdoor journeys. This Adventure Dog series presents a wide range of safety kits designed for adventurous dogs. All the products are well-engineered and made of premium quality material to offer your adventure enthusiast dogs maximum comfort and safety. Most of these Adventure Dog kits feature a pet first aid field booklet, instant cold pack, irrigation syringe, saline solution, disposable skin stapler, self-adhering elastic, conforming gauze bandage, hydrogen peroxide, EMT shears and Hemostat forceps. The first-aid safety items in this series provide an instant and temporary solution to different types of injuries when there is no immediate help from a medical professional. The quantity and type of safety items may vary based on the type and size of the Adventure Dog kit. Most of these medical kits are available with a zippered nylon bag with a top carry handle or waterproof resealable bag to ensure easy storage and safe transportation. They are available in a compact size and lightweight design that allows you to them easily in your backpack, traveling bag or duffle bag.


Adventure Medical Kits Ben's Series: The series offers a wide collection of eco sprays, head nets and insect repellents specially designed for outdoorsmen, hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen and adventure enthusiasts. Most of the eco spray is made from 30 percent DEET active ingredients that offer maximum protection against ticks, flies, chiggers, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, fleas. They are also recommended to be used to repel insects that may carry Lyme Disease, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and other infectious diseases. Ben’s eco spray can provide about 8 hours of protection when applied. The travel size spray can be easily attached to your keychain, belt or bag to offer easy accessibility. It is fragrant-free and evaporates slowly to ensure maximum skin absorption for great safety. The heat nets in this series also provide easy solutions to protect your head against flies, insects, mosquitoes, chiggers etc. The mesh design remains breathable and provides maximum bug-free coverage. For easy storage and safe transportation, the Adventure Medical Kit head net is available with a durable storage pouch with drawstrings.


Adventure Medical Kits Marine Series: Specially designed for your marine adventures, the Adventure Medical Kits Marine Series delivers a premium range of marine safety kits to keep you safe throughout. Most of these marine kits contain fingertip adhesive bandage, Sterile eye pad, non-adherent dressing, Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine, easy-care fracture and sprain instruction, folding scissors, after bite wipe, antiseptic wipes, trauma pad, pre-cut and shaped moleskin pieces, Latex-free gloves, butterfly closure, cotton tip applicator, Velcro bandage, cloth tape and triple antibiotic ointment. Manufactured in the United States, the marine kits are designed to offer instant relief against injuries, wounds and normal illness while you are out on your adventurous journeys or voyages. Most of these marine kits are available with waterproof bags or zippered storage cases to allow you to keep and carry them along with you safely and conveniently. The storage cases are submersible, easy to open and dustproof, which makes carrying them along to different voyages and expeditions easier.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series: Available in different sizes and multiple first-aid safety items, the Adventure Medical Kit Mountain series is exclusively designed for mountaineers, hikers, campers, explorers and outdoorsmen. Most of these mountain medical kits contain a temporary cavity filling mixture, moleskin dressing, Velcro elastic bandage, comprehensive guide to wilderness and travel medicine, digital thermometer, Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine, burn dressing, CPR pocket mask and triangular bandage. The quantity of the first-aid items differs depending on the type of mountain medical kit you are opting for. You can easily place these mountain emergency kits in your backpack or traveling bag. For easy storage of safety items, these kits are available with a storage pouch or zippered nylon storage bag with a top carry handle. Some of the kits are known as the hikers’ kits as they consist of safety items that keep help you with handling your small injuries, wounds and normal illnesses.

Adventure Medical Kits Quick Clot Series: This series by Adventure Medical Kits embraces a wide collection of gauze tapes to heal your injuries and wounds. The Quick Clot series feature Hemostatic gauze that helps you stop bleeding five times faster. It is exclusively designed for hikers, campers, travelers, mountaineers, fishermen, hunters and explorers. Most of the Hemostatic gauze is impregnated with kaolin, which is a mineral that elevated the natural clotting process of the body. You can shop for the quick clot gauze in different sizes, including 2-feet to 4-feet to keep you prepared and safe on different outdoor excursions, expeditions and journeys. Manufactured in the United States, sterilized gauze is easy and safe to use. The compact and lightweight design enable you to carry the quick clot gauze easily and conveniently in your bags, backpacks or traveling bags.

Adventure Medical Kits Sol Series:  Adventure Medical Kits introduces a complete product line by the name Survive Outdoor Longer or SOL. The series offers different medical kits, whistles, heatsheet blankets, bivvies, fire lite kits that are specially designed for outdoorsmen, hikers, campers, mountaineers, explorers and adventure enthusiasts. The survival kits by the SOL product line consist of the Slim Rescue Howler whistle, button compass, duct tape, antiseptic towelette, triple antibiotic fabric bandage and safety pins. Most of the products in this series are available with durable and high-performing storage pouches or resealable bags for easy transportation and safe storage. You can easily carry these compact and portable-sized safety and survival items in your bag, backpack or pocket.

Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack Series: This impeccably-designed series offers different trauma packs and kits to help you stay safe while in the outdoors. Made in the United States, each element of the series showcases excellent craftsmanship. Most of the trauma pack contains a QuickClot gauze, triangular bandage, antiseptic wipes, trauma pads, sterilize gauze dressing, Nitrile gloves and conforming gauze bandage. Most of these trauma packs are available with resealable waterproof bags that ensure safe storage and easy transportation. You can keep these trauma packs in your backpack, duffle or traveling bag to carry along to different excursions, expeditions and outdoor journeys.

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Series: The series offer ultralight and compact medical kits designed for outdoorsmen, travelers, hikers, campers, mountaineers, explorers and adventure enthusiasts. Most of the medical kits consist of conforming gauze bandages, sterile gauze dressing, pre-cut and shaped moleskin pieces, adherent sterile dressing, elastic bandages with Velcro, Skin Tac Topical adhesive wipe, triple antibiotic ointment and alcohol swab. You also get a lightweight trauma pack with QuickClot gauze in this series. The watertight case makes storage and transportation easy and convenient.


Adventure Medical Professional Series: The professional medical kit series contains different first-safety items in different quantities to help you with various injuries, wounds and normal illnesses. These professional first-aid kits contain butterfly closure fabric adhesive bandage, blister, pre-cut and shaped moleskin pieces, temporary cavity filling mixture and cotton pellets, Velcro elastic bandage, EMT shears and Hemostat forceps, oral rehydration salts and Tincture of Benzoin topical adhesive. These first-aid safety items are available in different quantities based on the professional kit you are opting for. You can carry these medical professional kits to different outdoor journeys, excursions and expeditions as they are lightweight and compact.


Adventure Medical Sportsman Series: Made in the United States, the Adventure Medical Kit Sportsman series offer well-engineered medical kits, specially for sportspersons. Most of these kits contain elastic bandages, safety pins, aspirin tablets, easy access bandages, knuckle bandages sterile gauze dressing, trauma pad, wound irrigation tool, non-adherent sterile dressing, cotton tip applicator and butterfly closure bandage. The sportsman medical kits are available with durable and high-performing nylon zippered storage case that enables easy storage and transportation. The top carry handle on the storage bags makes the medical kits conveniently carry to different outdoor journeys.


Adventure Medical World Traveler Series: This series offers different smart travel medical kits for both solo travelers and families as they contain various first-aid safety items. Most of the kits in this world traveler series contain pre-cut and shaped moleskin pieces, burn tape, antiseptic wipe, triple antibiotic ointment, antacid, alcohol swab, and wash-up towelette. The series feature compact and lightweight medical kits that can easily fit in your backpack, glove compartment, briefcase, or suitcase. They are perfect for different outdoor adventurous journeys and excursions, keeping you safe against injuries, wounds, and normal illnesses. Most of these world traveler kits are available in carbon-neutral bags that make them environmental-friendly. The durable storage case also enables you to store or transport the kits easily.


Adventure Medical Wound Care Series: The series offers a wide range of antiseptic wipes, After Bite wipes, adhesive bandages, knuckle fabric, conforming gauze bandages, wound irrigation tools, Tincture of Benzoin topical adhesive vial, would closure strips that are manufactured in the United States. These first-aid safety items provide a quick and easy solution to heal your wounds and injuries when instant medical help is not available. You can easily carry these wound care kits or bags to your outdoor journeys, specially when you are traveling with your kids. The portable design allows you to keep this in your briefcase, backpack, suitcase, duffle bag, or traveling bag.


Adventure Medical Kit Offer Unmatchable Quality

All Adventure Medical Kit products are warranted to be free of defects in designing, materials, and workmanship for a lifetime. In any case of defects, Knife Country USA assures us to repair or replace the defective product with a new item. Only a few products in the inventory cannot be replaced due to the limited availability or unavailability of the original parts. In such cases, the company assures its customers to replace it with the closely matched alternative. Adventure Medical Kits’ products are not meant to be used as or with hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If any product has been damaged because of its misuse detected by the repair department, then the customer will be charged a reasonable fee for its repair.


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