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Life saved at the golden hour is the life given. First aid is one of the most crucial steps that helps save life in emergency situations. To prove saving lives saving is not expensive, Elite First Aid has been producing quality and affordable first aid and emergency kits since 1997. Active from last two decades, the manufacturer has emerged as the reliable member of the first-aid industry worldwide. Known for creating custom-made emergency kits, it is widely approached by armed forces and disaster management organizations across the globe. The brand has received huge acceptance across international borders.


Important Members of the Elite First Aid Inc

Explore Elite First Aid for the premium quality Trauma Kits, IFAK Kits, General Purpose Kits, EMS/Medic Kits, Survival/Camping Kits, Travel Kits, Surgical Kits, First Aid Supplies. These kits are equipped with the most essential medical instruments and dressing supplies for the golden hour. Elite First Aid is famous across international borders.


Exploring Elite First Aid’s Inventory through Product Series

Elite First Aid Field Surgical Kits: The Field Surgical Kits comprise an assortment of survival first-aid kits, packed in ergonomic canvas pouches. The kit includes surgical instruments made of stainless-steel for maximum strength and durability. The kit includes instruments like scalpel handle, suture sets, scalpel blades, needle probe, tweezers, alcohol wipes, pen-light and more. These kits also contain a hemostat or first-aid blood pressure unit for accurately measuring and recording the changes in blood pressure.


Elite First Aid General Purpose Kits: The series includes a variety of survival and emergency kit that are portable, and seal packed in a water-tight box. The kit contains an assortment of bandages, 10-pill bottle, wraps, ointments, pain relieving medicines, elastic bandages, first-aid cream package, sterile sponges, instant ice pack, bandage gauzes, tweezers, tape roll, iodine wraps, scissors, latex examination gloves, hand soaps, antibiotic package, knives, and more.


Elite First Aid Gunshot Trauma Kits: The kit includes first aid essential packed in an OD nylon storage pouch. The kits contain equipment necessary for treating a gunshot wounds, knife wound or any injury with traumatic bleeding. The kit includes essential items like bleed-stop bandages, ABD pads, gauze sponges, petroleum gauze, Velcro tourniquet, CPR face shield, Asher man chest seal, BZK antiseptic wipe, pair of nitrile gloves, cohesive bandage, EMT shears, Quick Clot 1st Response 25 g, and more. The kit is widely used by men on war, military personnel, and travelers.


Elite First Aid Hikers Kits: The kits of this category feature three compartments that offer maximum storage space. These kits come with adjustable waistband, which makes them easy to carry. The kit contains triangular bandages, bandage strips, pain relievers, hydrogen peroxide, knuckle bandages, a pair of tweezers, sterile sponges, instant ice-pack, tape rolls, adhesives, alcohol wipes, antiseptic BZK wipes, safety pins, clean wipes, latex examination gloves, antibiotic packages, and more.  

Elite First Aid Medic Bag Kits: The Medic bag kits contain essentials like bandage gauzes, pill bottle, triangular bandages, tweezers, clean wipes, irrigation syringe, stainless-steel hemostat, alcohol wipes, inhalants, abdominal pads, field dressing, tape roll, adhesives, burn-aid bandages, flushing solutions, latex examination gloves, wraps, ointments, and more. The kits are packed in OD nylon bag with adjustable chinch straps, making them easy to carry.


Elite First Aid New Platoon Kits: These kits are travelling first aid kits that include elastic bandages, pill bottles, iodine wipes for immediate first aid, alcohol wipes for sterilization, gauze pads, and bandage strips with different dimensions, gauze bandages, gloves, tape rolls, pain relief tablets, instant ice-pack, absorbent pads, bulky super pads, pressure bandages, first-aid cream, tweezers, scissors, sponges, cleaning wipes, gloves, and more. The kits are widely used by travelers, hikers, hunters, campers, and adventure enthusiasts.


Elite First Aid Personal & Travel Kits: The product series includes an assortment of customized and personalized travelling kits that cater to the requirements of outdoorsmen, military personnel, survivalists, campers, etc. The kits comprise of field dressing, eye pads, alcohol wipes, cleaning wipes, gauze pads, gauze bandages, iodine wipes, after bite wipes for hunters, sterile gauzes, knuckle bandages, antiseptic wipes, medicines, sponges, different kinds of ointments, inhalants, scissors, hand soaps, tape rolls, and more. The kits are seal packed in OD green plastic boxes, while some are packed in nylon pouches.

Elite First Aid Rapid Response Bag Kits: These kits were designed on the special requests of elite military personnel who look for handy and lightweight travelling first aid kits on their field operations. The kits include tweezers, EMT shears, hemostat, sponges, bleed stop bandages, elastic bandages, gauze bandages, airway, adhesive pads, gloves, ammonia inhalants, burn creams, ointments, triangular bandages, butterfly strips, multi-trauma dressing, pain relievers, and more.


Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kits 1-3: The kits contain an array of emergency and survival kits that are loaded with medical and surgical equipment. These kits usually include sutures, exam gloves, bandage strips, gauze bandages, safety pins, ice packs, stainless hemostats, triangular bandages, tweezers, after bite wipes, scalpel handles, antiseptic wipes, airway, splint, sterile gauze, knuckle bandages, antibiotic ointments, ammonia inhalants, latex tourniquet, and more. Some kits even include BP monitoring kits, stethoscope, pen lights, cervical collars, abdominal pads, pain relief pills, casual blanket and tongue depressor. The kits are packed in heavy-duty shoulder bag with padded shoulders for relief from stress.


Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kits 1-4: The survival kits in this category were designed by a former para-rescue man. The kits are widely used by personnel engaged in police forces, military, tactical group, and hunting. The kits contain burn aid packages, bandage strips, tape rolls, adhesive tapes, sterile sponges, ammonia inhalants, blood stopper kit, antiseptic wipes, BZK wipes, abdominal pads, safety pins, and more.


Elite First Aid Warranty

Every Elite First Aid kit is completely free from any kind of manufacturing and designing defects. A complete inspection is done during production. If any of the products are found to be defected, then the defected product will be inspected by the concerned person. If it is found to be genuinely damaged, then complete repairing and replacement will be done. The replacement will be done considering the availability of the parts. The product should not be misused, in that case, no repairing or replacement will be done.


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