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The creation of the world-famous Fox Whistles has an exciting story. Although the periodic failure of little plastic whistles was unlikely to cripple pro basketball, it did impair the appropriate enforcement of the rules, not to mention giving officials such as Foxcroft discomfort regularly. For example, during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Montreal, a crowd of 18,000 people (a record for basketball attendance in Canada at the time) turned on Foxcroft when a Yugoslavian player elbowed a member of the US squad and got away without punishment. Yet, despite Foxcroft's best efforts, his whistle remained silent.


He concluded that it was his responsibility to do something about the problem. Foxcroft presented his wish list to a plastics molding firm in Stoney Creek, Ontario, to get them to make him a better whistle. They promised to produce the components for such a whistle if Foxcroft could provide them with a final product drawing. The Oakville, Ontario-based design consultant Chuck Shepherd agreed to embark on the project after being referred by them.


Although it was louder and more dependable than the pea-style whistle, Chuck's initial prototype proved cumbersome and difficult to use. Shepherd and Foxcroft 14 prototypes finally created the Fox 40 pealess whistle. Although it resembles its predecessor in appearance, sound, and feel, the Fox 40 whistle operates on a fundamentally different premise. When the cork pea in the whistle's inside moves, it covers and uncovers the hole through which air is expelled, causing the whistle to sound sharp and piercing. A quick back-and-forth of sound and stillness follows, giving rise to the well-known whistle vibrato until the little pea becomes caught.


The Fox 40 Pealess Whistle is similar to a harmonically-tuned instrument in that it simultaneously emits three slightly distinct frequencies. However, the various frequencies are overlaid out of phase; as a result, they reinforce and cancel each other out alternatively. Because there are no moving components, the vibration is loud and clear. Instead of glued, the whistle is made using an injection-molded plastic ultrasonically welded together.


Since its debut at the 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Fox 40 Pealess Whistle has been a huge hit. Besides referees, water safety personnel, search and rescue teams, private security personnel, animal trainers, and other sports fans use Fox 40 whistles, distributed in over 140 countries. They are also used in the outdoor and luxury incentive industries. Indeed, the Fox 40 Pealess Whistle has been authorized and recommended for use by the Coast Guards of all countries.


Since Fox 40's inception, the company's product range has increased tremendously! It currently contains whistles, whistle attachments, Fox 40 gear, Pro Coaching boards, Mouthguards, and Marine & Outdoor items. It's no secret that Fox 40 is always looking for innovative ways to improve its manufacturing processes and introduce new goods.


What makes Fox Whistles a prevalent brand?

The innovative design, durability, and ability to work in any condition have made Fox Whistles a preferred choice among sportspersons, adventurers, and everyone needing a whistle. These qualities make Fox 40 Pealess Whistles resilient to freezing, clogging, or deterioration since there are no moving components to wear out. In addition, Fox 40 Whistles can communicate in ways that cell phones and GPS cannot. Finally, this instrument is reliable under any circumstances.


There is no learning curve when blowing a Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG. In terms of efficiency and volume, this is Fox 40's most powerful and loudest whistle to date. This whistle cannot be exaggerated with a sound strength of more than 120 decibels. If that's not enough, choose from these best-rated Fox whistles:

  • Fox 40 Fuziun: 118 DB.
  • Fox 40 Classic, EPIK, and Classic Eclipse: 115 DB.
  • Fox 40 Mini: 109 DB.
  • Fox 40 Pearl and Titan: 90 DB.


Fox Whistles Available at Knife Country USA


Fox Safety Mini Electronic Whistle: The Fox Mini Electronic Whistle is a compact, hand-operated, mini electronic whistle with LED light and four L1154F batteries. The sound of the whistle can be aimed in specific directions to avoid loud disturbances. It's a hygienic solution for multiple users.


Fox Sonik Blast CMG Emergency Whistle: The Sonik Blast CMG Whistle is a whistle used for safety and communication. It can be heard up to one mile away and has a cushioned mouth grip that provides superior protection for teeth. In addition, the chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water. It is available in attractive colors: red, orange, and green.


Fox Fuziun CMG Whistle: The Fuziun CMG Whistle is a pealess whistle that can be blown without effort. It can be heard up to a mile away and is integrated with a black over-molded cushioned mouth grip. The Fuziun CMG Whistle will be the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.


Fox Micro Pealess Safety Whistle: Whether you're a runner, cyclist, or any other outdoor enthusiast, the Fox Micro Pealess Safety Whistle is a must-have for your kit. This high-pitched whistle is small enough to fit on your keychain but loud enough to be heard over distances. The ABS construction is tough and durable, and the bright red color makes it easy to spot in an emergency.


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