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Katz Knives is an American Company known for developing the finest-quality knives, axes, outdoor gear and accessories that cater to hunters, fishermen, trekkers, travelers, hikers and campers. The company was incorporated in 1991 by famous knife designer Keith Derkatz. From the age of 8, Keith was interested in hunting and shooting; he then indulged in designing tools and accessories. Katz Knives are made using modern technologies and trusted tool-making techniques.


The company offers over 125 different models and variations of functional and reliable knives. Katz products are engineered to perfection, the production team assures quality products with long performance life. From blade to handle to bolster, everything is designed to ensure sturdy and detailed construction. The company manufactures foldable everyday carry knives that perform both commercial, heavy-duty tasks as well as low-profile jobs efficiently and quickly. 


Know More About Katz Knives

Katz Knives are a result of great precision and dedication, assuring quality and reliability. Katz Knives are manufactured in Japan and Spain. A majority of these knives sports blades made from XT80 and XT70 stainless steel, which is reputed for better edge retention. One of the defining characteristics of the Katz Knives is the handle construction. The brand offers a choice of Ashwood, Birchwood, Black Kraton, Jigged Bone, Stag Bone, Cherrywood and Blonde Horn handles that provide a performance grip. Some of the most recommended knives by Katz include Fixed-Blade Knives, Lockbar Pocket Knives, Katz Cheetah Knifes, and Katz Wild Cat Knives. The major highlight of Katz hunting knives is that they come equipped with 4mm to 5mm thick blade that exhibits remarkable durability. Katz Folding Knife Series is available in different locking mechanisms such as lock back, liner lock, and side spring, catering to variable needs. Katz knives are also available in different blade designs such as drop point, tanto, Ninja-point blade, and spear point.


Katz Knives Product Categories


Katz Fixed Blade Knives: These sturdy fixed blade knives feature robust handles available in a variety of options such as Cherrywood, Birchwood, Ashwood and black Kraton. Most of these knives feature XT-70 and XT-80 stainless steel blades in different designs, catering to the demands of campers, hunters, and trekkers.


Katz Folding Pocket Knives: Boasting a compact design and robust construction, these ergonomically designed pocket folding knives can effectively perform commercials as well as low-profile tasks. Based on the model these knives are available in drop-point blades, tanto blade, ninja-point blade with liner lock locking system, allows an easy opening/closing of knives whilst enabling single-hand operation.


Katz Lockbar Pocket Knives: Boasting a slim profile, these pocket knives with sharp drop-point blades are a great choice for everyday carry. Based on the model, the Katz pocket knives feature a lockback spine mechanism, dual thumb studs and nail nick that makes them a popular choice among outdoorsmen, campers and hikers.


Katz Machetes: Equipped with rubberized synthetic handles, these Machetes provide a sure grip, allowing the user to perform general and field tasks with ease. Katz Machetes feature large stainless steel blades which are capable of undertaking any task and are great for cutting, chopping, and stabbing. Most of these Machetes feature full tang and come with a nylon belt sheath that enhances functionality.


Katz Multi-Tools: A fantastic choice for everyday carry, these multi-tools functions as a wire cutter, plier, screwdriver, can opener and bottle opener. Katz Multi-Tools come packed in a nylon belt sheath for safe carry and easy accessibility. A majority of these multi-tools are made with top-quality stainless steel that remains immune to corrosive factors, offering durability.



Gain an Insight About Katz Knives Product Series


Katz Alley Black Kat Knife Series: This series comprises highly functional knives featuring sturdy blades made with Damascus stainless steel. Most of these knives feature blood groves and come equipped with diamond Kraton checkered handles with a slightly flared butt that provides a comfortable and non-slip grip to the user.


Katz Avenger Knife Series: Most of the knives in the series feature a fixed blade with double-edge and spear points. Katz Avenger knives feature robust blades made using top-grade XT-70 stainless steel. These knives are known for their partially serrated edge and blood groves that provide exceptional cutting performance.


Katz Bird & Trout Knife Series: Comprises a vast range of highly functional drop point knives. Based on the model, most of the Katz Bird & Trout knives are equipped with a wooden or skeletonized handle for a sure grip. These multi-utility knives made using XT-80 stainless steel and are highly praised for their edge retention.


Katz Cheetah Knife Series: This series consists of a range of drop-point knives featuring a Lockback locking mechanism for ease of use. Many of the knives in this series have a metallic spine that flexes to the back of the handles, moves outside when the blade is open for hassle-free usage. These folding knives feature a satin finish XT-80 stainless blade with stainless bolsters that ensures durability.


Katz Kagemusha Knife Series: Comprises of folding as well as non-folding knives. A majority of the Katz Kagemusha Series knives feature a side-spring lock mechanism that enables single-hand operation. Based on the model, these knives include self-adjusting locks, lanyard holes, extended tang and pocket clip that enhances functionality.


Katz Lion King Knife Series: Most of the knives in this series features a hollow ground and flared butt that helps in achieving a positive grip. Based on the model, Katz Lion King Series knives feature stainless guard, thumb ridge, lanyard hole, pommel, finger choil that adds to the functionality.


Katz Stockman Pocket Knife Series: Ideal for general tasks such as splitting, slicing, cutting and peeling, these multi-purpose knives are available in a variety of handle constructions such as jigged bone, stag bone, and blond horn. Based on the model, Katz Stockman pocket knives come in a choice of drop point blades, spear blades, and Spey blades.


Katz Wild Cat Knife Series: Most of the knives in this series features a full tang construction and a flared butt design. Based on the model, Katz Wild Cat Series knives come equipped with variably-sized blades made from XT-70 and XT-80 stainless steel.


Warranted Against Defects

Katz Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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In case of any query, connect with us through call (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be happy to handle your knife-related doubts and offer you the best options possible.


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