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Sturm Handels GmbH, established in 1971 in Rottenburg am Neckar, is a distributor specializing in outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories, including the reuse of surplus military supplies. The corporation has had an office in the United States since 1983 and another in Tangermünde, Saxony-Anhalt, since 1990. They have been providing clients with innovative items that are also well-tested and of the highest quality for over 40 years. With the introduction of the Mil-Tec® brand in 1995, the company has created an ever-expanding selection of outdoor gear that is both excellent quality and reasonably priced.


This German firm has become well-known for its high-quality, well-fitting outdoor and utilitarian apparel inspired by the military. It also produces functional outdoor gear and tactical items for expeditions, long walks, and other challenging outdoor activities.

They are the best suppliers of security services and security firms because of their innovative Mil-Tec® security program. Mil-Tec Hunting Gears is a line of outdoor gear and apparel designed for fishermen, hunters, and nature enthusiasts.


Especially in Europe and the United States, a growing community of history buffs and collectors want authentic-looking replicas of period uniforms and equipment, and Mil-Tec Reenactment & Living History is there to supply them.


Knife Country USA sells a variety of Mil-Tec items, including outerwear like jackets and parkas, rain gear like wet weather sets, clothing like shirts, shorts, and pants, as well as undergarments, shoes, caps, and safety equipment like vests and backpacks. In addition, there is a wide selection of camping kits, tents, and sleeping bags for hikers and campers, as well as military and tactical gear in a rainbow of colors and disguise patterns for those interested in gaming, target shooting, or paintball.


Mil-Tec by Sturm, DR-Sicherheitssysteme Retail, and Mil-Tec make the vast majority of the company's products. With a mutually beneficial working partnership, the manufacturers can reliably supply Mil-Tec with their goods.


Most Loved Mil-Tec Gear Products Available at Knife Country USA


Mil-Tec Poncho Liner: The military issues poncho liners to soldiers so they may wear an extra layer under their ponchos during cold weather. In an emergency when the climate is moderate, the liner can be utilized as a blanket, a ground mat, or an improvised sleeping bag. The Mil-Tec Poncho Liner is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. This compact poncho liner can be used as a liner for a poncho or as a blanket and can be easily stored in its stuff sack. The Mil-Tec Poncho Liner is made of polyester, so it's lightweight and waterproof.


Mil-Tec Plate Carrier Vest: The replaceable belt on this Mil-Tec Plate Carrier Vest may hold additional plates, and the vest's front and back interior compartments can accommodate soft or hard armor. It has soft mesh material on the front and back and cushioned shoulder sections that can accommodate hydration tubes or radio cords, making it a delightful item to wear. The carrier vest is outfitted with MOLLE loops throughout so that you can attach any of your MOLLE pouches to it; plus, there are Velcro panels on the chest that also double as MOLLE loops. The vest also has a Velcro- and press-stud-fastened internal administration pocket on the front that may be used to store maps, paperwork, or even more ammo.

Mil-Tec Ripstop Poncho: The Mil-Tec Ripstop Poncho is a lightweight and affordable water-resistant poncho. It features Ripstop fabric, 5mm head of water, and 1.5lb weight. It can be used for camping, hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activities. The wetness protection gear is available in OD green, camo, woodland camo, and arid fleck camo, and one size fits most.


Mil-Tec Double Pistol Mag Pouch: The Mil-Tec Pistol Mag Pouch is a great way to carry your ammo and keep it safe. The pouch is made of durable polyester material and can be adjusted to fit your needs. It's also equipped with draining eyelets so you can easily get rid of any water that may accumulate in the pouch. MOLLE straps make it easy to attach this pouch to your gear, while the hook and loop closure makes connecting to the belt much more accessible. Mil-Tec Pistol Mag Pouch is available in OD green and black.


Mil-Tec M4/M16 Single Mag Pouch: The M4/M16 Single Mag Pouch by Mil-Tec is a lightweight, durable, and versatile pouch that is perfect for carrying ammunition. The polyester pouch has a MOLLE system that can be attached to any other MOLLE-compatible gear. In addition, it can be adjusted to fit different sizes of ammo magazines and features an eyelet for drainage.


Mil-Tec Low Ride Holster: The Mil-Tec Low Ride Holster is the perfect holster for any gun owner. It's made of durable, elastic, and adjustable materials to ensure your gun is safe and secure. It also comes with a touch-fastener side pouch for a mag to keep your gun and ammo together. It's made with polyvinyl chloride-coated nylon and features an elastic and adjustable leg loop, extension for fixation on the service belt, and touch-fastener side pouch. The holster will hold a 7-15 round pistol magazine.


Mil-Tec 1 Point Sling: The Mil-Tec 1 Point Sling is a high-quality, functional sling that can be used on almost any long weapon. This sling is made of polyester and has a metal carabiner to make it easy to attach to the firearm. The sling is 34.3" long and has an adjustable strap with elastic insets for weapon fixation.


Mil-Tec Cap Light: The Mil-Tec Cap Light is a small, lightweight, and portable device that clips onto your cap visor for hands-free illumination. It has two modes: bright XPE for short periods and COB for more extended periods. It is made from durable materials and can be adjusted to the desired angle. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate.


Mil-Tec Electronic Ear Defenders: Protect your ears from the constant noise of the city. With Mil-Tec Electronic Ear Defenders, you'll be able to hear what you want and not what you don't. With a slimline design, fully adjustable cups and headbands, and a microphone, you'll be able to stay in touch with the people around you while still being protected. If noises exceed 85 dB, it will shield you within seconds.


Mil-Tec Cordura Shoulder Holster: You need a Cordura shoulder holster that can do it all, and Mil-Tec has you covered! This shoulder holster is perfect for both vertical and horizontal wear and has a magazine pocket with hook and loop closure. The holster and magazine pocket is undisturbed, so you can wear them on either your right or left side. The adjustable fastener ensures a comfortable fit, while the breathable net material on the shoulder rests provides comfort.


Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chest Rig: The Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chest Rig is the perfect way to carry all your magazines in one place. With four big and two small pockets for pistol mags, you'll never have to worry about not having enough ammo when you need it. Even better, the adjustable shoulder straps make this chest rig easy to wear with any outfit.


Mil-Tec AK47 Bandolier: You're going to need a lot of ammo, and you're going to need it quickly. Protect your ammo supply with our Mil-Tec AK47 Bandolier! This rugged bandolier is made from canvas and has space to accommodate three magazines and four grenade pouches. There's even a handy knife holder on the front.


Mil-Tec Finnish Knife: The Mil-Tec Finnish Knife is an excellent outdoor companion for any adventure. It has a durable, sharp blade that can cut through almost anything, making it perfect for hunting, fishing, and camping trips. The edge features stainless steel construction, and it's easy to clean. The leather sheath will keep the blade safe and sound when not in use.


Mil-Tec Hatchet with Survival Kit: The Mil-Tec Hatchet w/ Survival Kit is a must-have for any outdoorsman. Whether you're looking for a handy tool in the backcountry or want to be prepared for any emergency, this hatchet is the perfect companion. It features an 11" overall length and 4.75" satin finish stainless ax head with a 4.75" cutting edge and a black checkered synthetic handle with a lanyard hole and hollow compartment in the handle with a water-resistant plastic survival capsule. The Capsule contains the Fishing line, Hooks, Bandage strips, Matches, Firestarter, and Emergency compass.


Mil-Tec Trilam Sleeping Bag Cover: Whether you're in the mountains or the desert, Mil-Tec's Trilam Sleeping Bag Cover will keep you warm and dry. This three-layer laminate construction is waterproof, breathable, and has a generous cut that fits a variety of sleeping bags. In addition, the two-way side zipper allows easy on/off, and the wide snap fastener cover molding at the head area keeps your face warm.


Mil-Tec Tactical Hand Warmer Muff: Stay warm and dry on the go with our Mil-Tec Tactical Hand Warmer Muff. This high-quality, water-repellent, versatile hand warmer is perfect for any outdoor activity in cold weather. Whether hunting, fishing, or hiking, this hand warmer will keep your hands warm while you enjoy the outdoors! It can be worn with the adjustable lanyard and has a front pocket with a two-way zipper. The hook and loop surface has a removable Mil-Tec patch.


Mil-Tec Small Ranger Pack: The Mil-Tec Small Ranger Pack is a military-grade backpack with a 20-liter capacity. It's made with high-quality materials and features side compression straps and an integrated pocket for a hydro pack. In addition, the bag is fully padded and zippered with a removable shoulder strap and sternum strap. It also features a side compression strap to help keep your load secure. Mil-Tec Large Ranger Pack is available in 20" x 11.5" x 11" dimensions and has a 36-liter capacity.


Mil-Tec Woodland Camo Sleeping Bag: The Mil-Tec Camo Sleeping Bag is a three-layer laminate construction, waterproof, breathable, and generously cut. The camo design is perfect for hunting and outdoor activities. It is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.


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