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Myerchin Rigging Knives

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Myerchin Rigging Knives


Myerchin Rigging Knives is a US-based knife-making company, which was established in 1984. This brand is dedicated to designing and manufacturing reliable tools for sea workers. The excellent quality tools have earned them customers from United States Navy, United States Army, United States Coast Guard, merchant mariners, and sailors. Each of their tools is considered a real working tool by the on-field users. It was first in 1980 when John Myerchin sketched his first rigging knife - Model A001 during a voyage. Now, you can find a Myerchin rigging knife in the form of folders and fixed blade knives with great functionality and optimum performance. The passion of John and his craftsmen reflects in each of their knife designs that are unique and practical. Apart from knives, the brand is also involved in making premium-grade purpose-driven accessories.


On July 15, 1991, Myerchin received a Certificate of Appreciation - “for innovation in the art of knife making with particular emphasis on providing instruments that are needed and used by the Special Operations Community a lasting contribution to the nation". On March 17, 1998, they received U.S. Patent 7,727,319 for knife design innovation. Myerchin knives perform well also because they are tested in some of the harshest environments on earth. Their knives are further now even tested by backpackers, hunters, police, emergency workers, and fishermen. Moreover, John is very much still active in the business and always looking for offering something new. Hence, from finest Japanese steel to stainless steel, you can find tools made from some of the best quality materials. You can check out their complete knife range on Knife Country USA.


More About the Myerchin Rigging Knives Designs, Maintenance, & Manufacturing Process

As precision tools, Myerchin knives are very close to their production tolerances. So when the components are opened and locked, they open and snap. MYERCHIN continually updates its materials and techniques with nearly half a century of marine experience in production. Therefore, the knives are manufactured with excellent blade material and state-of-the-art, making them reliable for urgent use. In addition, all metals corrode over time, regardless of how good the material is. Thus, maintenance and care are a must. The experts in knife making of this brand suggest that the knife should be rinsed in freshwater, and a few drops of oil used in the two hinge pins should be added after use besides saltwater. The mechanism should be waste-free.


Most of the Myerchin Rigging Knives boast pro-grade German Marine stainless that offers professional-level hardness and edge. The knives have edge-holding properties that are attained with the additional anti-oxidation elements. Most of their blades are made in Japan and China by professionals with about 20 years of experience. Each of their tools stands out as employees at Myerchin spend years in the design and prototype stages of production. Their aim is always to provide nothing, but the best! Hence, you can ask any sailor about Myerchin knives, and they’ll say that Myerchin tools are the best rigging tools in the world.


Look Through Myerchin Rigging Knives

Myerchin Rigging Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives are non-folding knives crafted for use in almost every situation. A Myerchin Fixed Blade Knife will always be your go-to tool for emergencies. These have a stainless blade fixed into the handle. The full-tang blades further feature excellent quality G10 handles that allow for a firm and comfortable grip while using the knife. In addition, the Myerchin Generation 2 Off-Shore System Fixed Blade Knife even comes with a leather sheath for easy carry and storage. This knife collection is perfect for outdoorsmen and hunters.


Myerchin Rigging Folding Pocket Knives: This series includes a wide range of everyday carry pocket knives. The knives have stainless steel blade construction that offers strength. The corrosion-resistant material ensures durability to the knives, making them an ideal choice for knife collectors, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and more. This series of tactical knives have standard edge and partially serrated blades. The standard edges from this series are accurate for cutting and chopping, while the partially serrated edges are perfect to cut through tough materials including ropes and fabrics. The EDC knives have a sheep’s foot blade that features a straight edge and a curved spine that makes them perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks. Most knives in this series have stainless hook and bail for easy carry. The knives have handles made using titanium, synthetic, and more for a secure and firm grip while performing tactical tasks. These knives have a sheath and pocket clip for outside carry. The sheath protects them from dents and scratches, while the pocket clip offers a secure carry. Explore more features of these knives made in China at knife country.


Myerchin Rigging Framelock Pocket Knives: Cut with precision with these serrated blades that outperform smooth blades. The constant change in the cutting angle and pressure make Framelock Pocket Knives - precision tools. These knives are also labeled as one of the safest due to their mechanism where a whole portion of the frame engages to lock the blade. These stainless knives can be opened or closed conveniently with one hand. Moreover, the precise thickness of the locking bar provides great strength and security against failure. There is no spring action on the blade that allows for a smooth opening and closing. This series includes a titanium frame lock knife with patented DoubleLock (securely locks blade, spike, or both).


Myerchin Rigging Linerlock Pocket Knives: Explore this series for linerlocks that are excellent folding knives featuring side-spring lock. You can easily open or close these knives with one hand without repositioning the knife. For wear, the lock is made self-adjusting. These linerlock knives are easy to maintain. You need to take care of your tool, and it will last for years. Some knife models from this series come with nylon belt sheaths for making everyday carry easier.


Myerchin Rigging Knife Series

Myerchin Captain Generation II (2) Knife Series: Myerchin Captain Generation II (2) Knife Series introduces a variety of linerlock knives that are equipped with deeply grained hardwood handles. These strong handles are perfect for use at sea. The extreme strength and moderate weight of the knives make them highly preferable among the sailors and captains. Marine stainless partially serrated sailor's sheep’s foot blade with shackle slot is a modern version of classic knives that are being used by seamen for centuries. These knives are resistant to rust and corrosion. The shackle acts as a lock-release mechanism that ensures the safe opening and closing of folding knives. Stainless pocket clip with slot cutout design and Black nylon belt sheath provide easy portability. Choose from the expanding series and add a reliable rigging gear to your toolbox.


Myerchin Crew Generation II (2) Knife Series: Myerchin Crew Generation II (2) Knife Series includes a wide range of rigging knives that are equipped with Titanium handles that provide tight grip and allow you to use them for difficult marine applications. The closed framelock mechanism of the knives ensures smooth opening and closing of knives while adding security. The lightweight design of the knives makes them highly preferable among seamen. Stainless pocket clip with slot cutout design ensures easy portability. The lanyard ring of the knives allows you to add the extended chain for greater visibility. The extreme strength and lightweight design of the Crew Generation II (2) Knives provides improved functionality. Pick up a distinctive crew generation knife design from the expanding Myerchin Crew Generation II (2) KnifeSeries.


Myerchin Kitchen Knife Series: Kitchen Knives by Myerchin are crafted for making all the kitchen tasks simpler. These feature high-grade steel blades that are durable and reliable. The chef’s knives from this collection either have a curve near the tip or are straight for their entire length. For a firm and comfortable grip while using the knives, Myerchin uses G10 handles. The all-purpose Damascus steel knives allow the chef to use them on the cutting board for a more precise cut.


Myerchin Marlin Spike Series: The tested at sea Marlin Spikes boasts strong stainless steel and professional quality construction. Myerchin Marlin Spike is hence widely used by sailors, coast guards, commercial tug boats, divers, navy, and who enjoy extreme sports. With the A009 set from this series, you get a heavy leather sheath custom-made for the spike as well. The clam-packed marlin spikes feature a lanyard hole using which you can attach it to your bag with a string. Moreover, the stainless spikes from this series are made in China.

Myerchin Off-Shore System Generation II (2) Knife Series: Myerchin Off-Shore System Generation II (2) Knife Series comprises fixed blade knives that are equipped with high-quality G-10 handles which provide tight grip. The full tang construction of these knives makes them ideal with tough jobs and applications. Featuring a sheep’s foot blade with a shackle slot is considered ideal for cutting and slicing and it minimizes the chances of anything accidentally being pierced by the point. The Black leather belt sheath ensures easy portability. The lanyard hole of the knives allows you to add the extended chain for greater visibility. Manufactured in China, these Off-Shore System Generation II (2) Knife Series by Myerchin are just what you need.

Myerchin Pro Generation II (2) Knife Series: Myerchin Pro Generation II (2) Knife Series include knives that are equipped with high-quality wood handles to ensure durability. The full tang construction of these knives allows you to use them for aggressive tasks. The lanyard attachment provides increased visibility of the knife when extended with a cord. The embossed black leather belt sheath of the knives ensures easy portability. Designed with a sheep’s foot blade with a shackle slot and thumb ridge offers maximum corrosion resistance while delivering precision and performance. The perfect blend of strength and ability holds a sharp edge. If you are looking for a tough knife, the Generation II Series by Myrechin Knives will be the right choice.

Myerchin Rigging Generation II (2) Knife Series: The Gen 2 Rigging Folders by Myerchin are one of the finest rigging knives. These are made from corrosion-proof titanium and high-grade German marine stainless steel. The blade offers great hardness and edge-holding properties along with additional anti-oxidation elements added for the knife’s final crafting. Moreover, the titanium models from this series feature “Pro Assist” Open Tab, which is a small lever that makes one-hand openings easier. Although the knives are strong yet considerably lightweight. Myerchin Rigging Generation II Knives boast the latest, springless locking mechanism. Made on a heavy-duty BF300 frame, these knives easily last for a lifetime. With the nylon belt sheath, you can easily carry the knife almost anywhere.

Myerchin Safety Dive Generation II (2) Knife Series: Myerchin Safety Dive Generation II (2) Knife Series includes knives with stainless construction which offer maximum corrosion resistance. Equipped with a partially serrated sheep’s foot blade and shackle slot, these knives are highly desirable for marine applications. The finger grooved handle of the knives features three of the most commonly used metric wrenches which ensure durability. The lanyard hole allows you to add the extended cord for greater visibility. This highly efficient folding knife can be your most trustworthy everyday carry tool. Made in China, these knives are an ideal pick for not only the seamen but also trekkers, campers, travelers, mountain climbers, and other enthusiasts.

Myerchin Sailors Tool Knife Series: Myerchin Sailors Tool Knife Series covers a wide array of knives that are equipped with anodized aluminum handles which ensure durability and functionality. Designed with a stainless serrated blade with thumb studs, the knives deliver accuracy and maximum corrosion resistance. The linerlock mechanism of the knives ensures easy opening and closing of the knife. The release bail to open spike–serves as a handle for pliers and ensures a tight grip and allows you to use it for aggressive tasks. Made in China, Sailors Tool Knives are suitable for long-term usage.

Browse Through Myerchin Rigging Knives Warranty Information

Every Myerchin Rigging Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Myerchin Rigging Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Myerchin Rigging Knives product that is defective. Since Myerchin Rigging Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Myerchin Rigging Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Myerchin does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty.

If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Myerchin Rigging Knives product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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