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Myerchin Rigging Fixed Blade Knives – Unmatched Durability for the High Seas


Welcome to Knife Country USA, where the heritage of nautical craftsmanship sails forward with the Myerchin Rigging Fixed Blade Knives. Within this venerable series, Myerchin fuses the precision of German engineering with the strength of marine-grade materials to offer seafarers tools they can rely on, whether aboard or in the depths.


The Myerchin Rigging Fixed Blade Knife Series includes an array of expertly designed knives:



  • Marlin Spike With Sheath - MYA009 and Marlin Spike - MYA008: Both 7" in length, these spikes boast a one-piece stainless construction, ideal for working on intricate knots or as a tool for quick-release scenarios. MYA009 comes with a protective black leather sheath, while MYA008 offers simplicity without additional accessories.


  • Leather Sheath for Systems - MYA016: Designed to safeguard your Generation 2 fixed blade knife and marlin spike, this sheath combines security with accessibility, featuring a grommet for lanyard attachment.



  • Safety Dive Knife - MYA510P: The Safety Dive Knife, with its one-piece stainless construction and multifunctional handle, provides a reliable solution for divers seeking a knife that integrates utility beyond cutting.


Each knife in the Myerchin Rigging Fixed Blade series is designed to withstand the rigors of maritime use. These tools are not only indispensable for daily duties but are also prepared to confront emergency situations with reliability. The full tang construction ensures strength and balance, while the inclusion of the marlin spike speaks to Myerchin’s understanding of nautical needs.


Whether choosing the traditional elegance of the cocobolo wood handles in the MYW100 and MYW100P or the modern resilience of the G10 models, each knife is serial numbered, marking its individuality and craftsmanship.


At Knife Country USA, we invite you to anchor your kit with the Myerchin Rigging Fixed Blade Knives, where every sailor, diver, and maritime professional can find the perfect companion for their sea-bound ventures. Choose your Myerchin today and set sail with tools that define durability and dependability.

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