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Fox 40 Whistle was incorporated under the leadership of Ron Foxcroft years ago. Owing to his deep understanding about the whistles, he invented pea-less whistles that gained accolades by the referees across the world. The whistles designed by Ron Foxcroft helped improving the game situation while accenting the credibility of a referee. He used all his funds to establish Fox 40 International Inc. and design the exceptional pea-less whistles. Soon, the company grew by leaps and bounds and the whistles were in demand by most of the gaming tournaments including the world-cup tournaments, top-league soccer matches and Olympics. Apart from this, the whistles were in use by the safety & rescue teams, campaigners, survivalists, animal trainers and security guards also.


The Story of Fox 40

The Invention Of Legendary Pea-Less Whistles by Ron Foxcroft!

At 17, Ron Foxcroft had an injury that ended his football playing days and thereafter a new phase as a basketball referee started. Although he was the President of a Hamilton, Ontario trucking company, Fluke Transport & Warehousing; but being a referee gave him satisfaction and it became a successful part-time career for him. Everything was smooth as a referee, until the realization that he was continuously finding himself let down by his one piece of essential equipment, the whistle. Ron Foxcroft faced several problems due to the defective whistles.  


Finding Out the Real Problem!

A whistle plays a vital role in a fast-moving game like football. The real problem with the whistles was when blown hard, no sound came out of it. The efficiency was lost the moment they were frozen or wet, and this became the main problem for most of the referees as they found themselves unable to stop the play even when saw a clear violation was seen. The sound of the whistle should pierce through the roaring crowd. Failure of whistles led to the embarrassing situations that were continually faced by Foxcroft.


At this point of time, Ron Foxcroft decided to change the scenario and let no more embarrassing situations happen. He eventually came up with the much renowned Fox 40 whistle with a completely different sound. Unlike the old-style whistles with cork, the Fox 40 whistle was more like a harmonically-tuned instrument that produced three slightly different frequencies simultaneously. Owing to the superimposing of the frequencies, they tend to cancel out each other and the result was a loud, piercing vibrato with no moving parts to get stuck. The whistles were made using a plastic-molded injection process and ultrasonically welded together for better performance and durability.


Ron Foxcroft’s Years of Dedication and Hard Work Paid Off Well

A company which is built on the innovation has gained appreciations across the world for the premium quality Pealess whistle. The invention of Fox 40 Pealess whistle changed the way whistles used to be designed and manufactured. The Pealess whistles by Ron Foxcroft are now considered to be the best and reliable products for referees. The use of state-of-the-art technology and high-grade materials help deliver qualitative whistles. These are the whistles that perform exceptionally well even in the noisiest environments. The company has been appreciated for the kind of whistles they manufacture and are used widely in league soccer matches, world-cup tournaments, and at Olympics.


Awards And Recognition

  • GOLD WHISTLE AWARD - National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)
  • FOX 40 KEN GREEN AWARD - Ontario Football Officials Association (OFOA)
  • The Fox 40 Pealess Whistle was used professionally, at the 1987 Pan Am Games in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • In 1990, the pealess whistle was tested by the National Hockey League (NHL) that become the whistle of choice for the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Arena Football League (AFL) and the Canadian Football League (CFL)
  • Optimum performance of whistles at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 1996 Atlanta Olympics
  • The whistle of choice in the 1990 World Cup Soccer held in Italy
  • The 1994 World Cup held in the United States
  • The 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea


Understanding Premium Whistles By Fox 40 Product Series



Fox 40 Classic Safety Whistle: This series includes the finest range of whistles that are designed for the professional and amateur officials and coaches across the world. These are the whistles manufactured with pea-less technology that helps in delivering optimum performance without any hinderance. The durable and lightweight construction makes these whistles, with sound power of 115 dB, suitable to be used by the police, rescue professionals, lifeguards, crossing guards, and firefighters. These whistles are available in varied colors to choose from.


Fox 40 Epik CMG Safety Whistle:The series features the ergonomically designed whistles that are manufactured with the pea-less whistle technology. The thermoplastic construction of the whistles generates the sound of 115dB. The sound of these waterproof whistles can be heard from a long distance and could pierce through the roaring noise.

Fox 40 Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: The Fire Starter series features whistles that are manufactured with exceptional pealess whistle technology. With the sound power of 90 dB, these whistles hold the capability to pierce through the noise. The lightweight construction with the excellent outer housing of the whistles is suitable to be used by the lifeguards, boaters, crossing guards, and rescue professionals. The grip is maintained properly to blow the whistles quickly.


Fox 40 Fuziun Safety Whistle:Fuzian Safety series includes the finest range of whistles that are ingeniously designed using the state-of-the-art technology and finest materials. These whistles have the cushioned mouth grip that makes the whistle to hold with good grip throughout. No need of batteries or chargers, these whistles have no moving part to obstruct the sound. Thus, the sound can be heard without any distortion. ABS plastic construction ensures high durability.


Fox 40 Micro Safety Whistle: Micro Safety series includes the premium range whistles that are ergonomically-shaped and designed to give better performance in most demanding situations. The incorporation of three-chamber pealess technology has made the whistles completely reliable and are perfect to be used by the police personnel, cyclists, lifeguards, rescue professionals, firefighters, and crossing guards. There are no pressure points and the whistles do not stuck in between. The sound quality is phenomenal with 110dB.

Fox 40 Pearl Safety Whistle: The pearl safety whistles are specifically designed keeping the needs offirefighters, police, and rescue professionals in mind. These whistles do not have the piercing sound but can generate a great vibrating sound that pierces through the man-made and environmental noise. These waterproof whistles have the sound power of 90dB and have thefeature attached keyrings.  

Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Safety Whistle: The Blast CMG Safety Whistles are manufactured using pealess technology that generates exceptional sound power of 120dB. The flawless patented pealess whistles are designed to produce an ambient noise that can pierce the environmental noise. The whistles have the 4 sound-producing resonators that are built in 2 chambers. These whistles assure less effort and crisper sound.


Fox 41 Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: ThePearl Safety Whistle features the exceptional quality whistles that are primarily designed with the pealess technology. These whistles are ideal for the crossing guards, lifeguards, firefighters, boaters and individual safety use as well. The sound power is 90 dB and pierces through the noise perfectly and can be heard even from a distance.


Fox 42 Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: Ferro Rods feature the wide range of whistles that are manufactured with the patented pealess technology. The use of state-of-the-art technology and high-grade material helps in bringing forth qualitative unbreakable whistles, with 90dB and cushioned mouth grip for most of the demanding situations.


Fox 43 Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: This series features the much-renowned whistles that are manufactured to cater to the needs of lifeguards, crossing guards, boaters, and rescue professionals across the world. The use of patented pealess technology helps in delivering optimum quality whistles that require less effort but offers crisp sound power of 115 dB that pierce through the environmental noise.


Fox 44 Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: This series is primarily designed with the patented pealess technology that offers optimum performance and has been appreciated by the amateur officials and coaches worldwide. These whistles are made to perform even in crowded situations and that too without efforts. The cushioned mouth grip is suitable for carrying the whistles for long durations. The sound power of 115 dB is phenomenal and can be heard from a distance as well.


Fox 45 Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: This series is manufactured by the professionals using the state-of-the-art technology and high-grade material that helps to deliver qualitative whistles with optimum sound power. The patented pealess technology does not create any obstruction while blowing the whistles. The sound power is 90 dB and can pierce the roaring sound.


Fox 40 Warranty

Every Fox40 Safety Whistles product is completely free from any kind of manufacturing and designing defect. A complete inspection is done during production. If any of the products are found to be defected then the defected product will be inspected by the concerned person. If it is found to be genuinely damaged, then complete repairing and replacement will be done. The replacement will be done considering the availability of the parts. The product should not be misused, in that case, no repairing or replacement will be done.


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