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Viper Knives are hand-made knives manufactured by Tecnocut, an Italy-based knife crafting company. Established in 1987, the knife manufacturer offers knives that are perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology. The company has been able to engage global attention with its standout industrial processing that involves the use of genuine Damascene steel and Damascus wire to create knives that are known to last a lifetime.


In 1992, the brand started the production of the first series of Damascus steel blades that remain a favorite across the knife-making community. Viper Knives are the result of an experiment that used high-contrasting stainless and stainless Damascus steel. Today, Viper Knives are considered an industry standard and include an array of folding and fixed blade knives, available with distinctive handles, such as stabilized maple burl and curly maple, apart from genuine stag and horn, and colored bakelite or exotic woods.  These knives have built an unchallenged reputation for their stunning design, non-slip grip and flawless finish.


Decoding what makes Viper Knives by Tecnocut Special

With the modern marketplace for knives getting highly competitive and becoming more organized, Tecnocut too has evolved. Now, it features a wider array of products. The Italian brand offers a wide range of knives with unique locking mechanism including linerlock, framelock and backlock. These locking-blade knives use cutting-edge materials such as sintered steel, carbon, and titanium. The knife manufacturer continuously works to innovate to impress knife enthusiasts. The innovative energy also means a more diverse and interesting inventory.


Not just collectors but the seasoned outdoorsmen including campers, trekkers, hunter, and travelers are among the most usual buyers of Viper Knives. The brand has collaboratively worked with several artisan cutlers and has come up with knives like the Gentlemen Timeless, Quality, Drop and Gent. Other specialized knives like Boletus and Plus too have a growing demand while Tactical Knives like Keeper, Start, and Rhino continue to trend across the survival, self-defense and combat knife niche. The brand also has a unique series of knives grouped under ‘Regional’ that includes 18 knife models designed by Fabrizio Silvestrelli.


VIPER Knives Series: A Deeper Dig into the Brand


VIPER Fixed Blade Knives: the knives of this series are made using high-quality materials by the expert craftsmen of Maniago, Italy. These knives are the blend of old-school design with modern technology manufacturing process. Most knives come with full-tang construction along with integrated double guards. The carbon fiber handles with finger coil and thumb ridges ensure secure grip.


VIPER Dan Knife Series:the Dan Knife Series includes a wide variety of folding knives with Action Stopper Slip Joint Mechanism that ensures safe use. The knives have been designed by Tommaso Rumici. The folding knives are available in drop point and Wharncliffe blade shapes as well. Acronym for ‘Daily Assorted Needs’, DAN knife series has knives that comply with strict knife-carrying compliances.


VIPER Folding Pocket Knives: these folding pocket knives feature inimitable style as they are made using Bohler N690Co stainless recurve blade, PVD coated N6090Co stainless, and D2 stainless steel blades. The blades are made tough for the worst survival situations. The knives feature carbon fiber front handles and cocobolo wood handles, which ensure non-slip grip for better performance.


VIPER Fortis Knife Series: these knives are a result of successful collaboration with Jesper Voxnaes. The series includes plethora of folding knives that differ from Odin and Kyomi when it comes to thickness. These knives are suitable for everyday carry with no compromise in design. The knives are developed using the highest level of cutting skills and have blades made of titanium with a satin-finish.


VIPER Framelock Knives:the framelock knives are manufactured using exceptional quality Bohler M390 microclean stainless steel that has excellent rust resistance properties. The knives have tough blades that are made to perform under the best rugged environment. What makes these knives unique is vacuum double temper and cryogenic treatments that make them perform exceptionally well without letting the blade split after multiple uses. The knives have satin-finish, silver anodized titanium handle that ensures secure grip in most demanding scenarios.


VIPER Free Knife Series: the knives of the series are manufactured using the excellent quality AISI D2 tool steel blade, versatile high-carbon steel that offers excellent performance under high distortion and compression. The knives have dual phase tempering and undergo cryogenic heat treatments for immense strength. The Free knives have unique Smartlock blade locking system to discourage accidental release or seizure.


VIPER Italo Damascus Knife Series: developed by Fabrizio Silvestrelli, the Italo series knives are modern folding knives with plenty of class and style, sporting a distinctive drop opening plate. Available with framelock and linerlock mechanisms, the knives open quickly.


VIPER Italo Knife Series: the knives of the series are primarily designed for passionate knife lovers across the world. The modern folding knives manufactured with advanced materials and technicalities. The knives are rigorously tested against falls, drops and abrasions. The knives are developed using Bohler M390 Microclean sintered stainless steel, double tempering and cryogenic treatments that add to the strength and durability of the knives.


VIPER Keeper Knives: The Keeper product series includes a variety of sporting folding knives that are suitable for daily use. Small and lightweight, the knives have D2 steel blades and double guard. The knives feature micarta handles that offer non-slip grip.


VIPER Kyomi Knife Series:The knives are developed by the Danish cutler Jesper Voxnaes. The Kyomi knives are premium folding knives with ball bearings at the pivot. Available in several handle assortments, these knives are perfect for every day use. The VIPER Kyomi are ultimate flipper knives that sport stainless steel drop-point blade with thumb slots.


VIPER Maga Knife Series: Maga Knife series is an outcome of the successful collaboration with Boris Manasherov, a knife designer and a martial art teacher. The series includes high-quality knives with stainless steel thrust bearings instead of the classic bronze washers. Ergonomically designed, the knives have incredibly fluid and fast opening that allows easy deployment in survival situation.


VIPER Odino Knife Series: the series includes premium folding knives designed by Jesper Voxnaes. The knives sport framelock mechanism with ball bearings at the pivot. The frame of the knives is made from titanium and the scales are available in carbon fiber, titanium or G-10. The design is inspired from both Scandinavian designs and American knife making.


VIPER Orso Knife Series: the series includes folding linerlock knives that opens in fraction of second, thanks to an excellent flipper system and ball bearings. The Orso knives are made of Bohler Microclean steel that excels in performance and aesthetics. The knives feature lanyard hole on titanium backspacer and full titanium clip. The blades have satin or stonewash finish, making the knives appear bold and classic. The carbon fiber handles ensure perfect grip in most demanding situations.


VIPER Rhino Knife Series: the knives of the series have symbolic strength of a rhino. Smooth and reliable for use, the knives sport distinctive mechanism that is based on two wired springs concealed in a notch concealed in a notch between the scale and the liner. The all-rounder knife features robust clip that allows everyday carry.


VIPER Sakura Kitchen Knife Series: these knives are designed for the hardest tasks in the kitchen. The knives have smooth blades and tough handles and are popularly used by professional chefs, enthusiastic cooks for slicing, peeling, chopping and trimming food. The knives have blades made from Nitro B steel that offers exceptional cutting qualities with resistance to oxidation. The handles are manufactured using wood and immaculate finish, imparting warm and elegant look.


VIPER Start Knife Series: the series includes a variety of tactical military knives. The knives highlight the art of old-school knife making and are robust and high performing. The blades are made from Bohler N690 Co Stainless Steel and D2 stainless steel for more strength. The knives have excellent rounded spacers with fine finish, along with carbon fiber shells.


VIPER Storm Knife Series:the series includes tactical knives that cater to the demands of knife enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. The blades are constructed using qualitative Bohler M390 stainless for excellent performance and to survive impact and compression. The knives have Hinderer Modular Backspacer System (HMBS) that underlines the details to attention. The G10 and carbon fiber handles offer non-slip grip, making the knives easy to hold for longer duration.


VIPER TEN Knife Series: it includes a series of tactical knives that are meant to be used primarily by the professionals and real-life knife users. The knives are made using N690Co stainless steel that makes the blade tough and strengthened for tough situations. The hybrid spring with elastic element made of titanium provides maximum elasticity and complete durability.



Viper Knives by Tecnocut are free from any defects in terms of material and workmanship. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. However, Viper Knives does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to note that these knives are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.


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