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Stockman Pocket Knives

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Where you buy or purchase a Stockman Pocket Knife?


Are you in the market to purchase a new stockman pocket knife? It is not happenstance that you are here at Knife Country USA. We stock and sell over 400 different models of the stockman pocket knife from leading manufacturers in the cutlery industry. Weather you are an avid collector and just looking for an everyday carry stockman knife to use at home or at work. We can help you with selecting the proper stockman to suit your needs. Now that you know you are in the right place lets dive a little deeper into the stockman pocket knife.


What is a Stockman Pocket Knife?


A stockman knife also known as a “traditional stockman pocket knife” or “old fashion stockman knife” is a three bladed pocket knife. These blades are made of stainless, carbon or Damascus steel blades. The blade configuration is as follows; the largest blade on the stockman is the clip blade, directly behind the clip blade is a smaller sheepsfoot blade and on the opposite side of the knife is a pen blade. All three of the blades are slip-joint non locking blades (the backspring of the knife creates a “snap” that keeps the blade from closing).  Stockman knives usually have two (2) polished nickel silver bolsters. These bolsters can be squared or rounded depending on the exact model.


How big are Stockman Knives?


Stockman pocketknives range in size from 2 inches overall closed to 4.25 inches overall closed. The smallest are considered Tiny Stockman Knives followed by Small Stockman Knives then Standard or Medium Stockman Knives and the largest are Large Stockman Knives. The most popular of all the sized is the medium/standard, these knives are normally around 3.5 inches closed.


What types of handles are available for Stockman Knives?


That is where the real question comes in? Stockman knives just like all other traditional pocket knives are offered is a wide variety of handle colors and handle materials. Some of the most common handles are Delrin, synthetic, Corelon, smooth bone, jigged bone, micarta, wood and burnt stag. You can then get into rare exotic handles like Mammoth Ivory, Mother of Pearl, Black Pearl, Japer and Turquoise.  Basically, the sky in the limit and as a customer you can really pick and choose to make your Stockman Knife personalized to you.


How to care for your Stockman Pocket Knife?


As with any knife; with proper care maintenance of your Stockman Pocket Knife will insure that your new Stockman will last a lifetime. Follow the steps below and you will be rewarded with a great tool.   

  • Always keep your stockman blades sharp: It is much easier to touch up a blade with a medium or fine grit sharpening stone than wait for the edge to be totally dull and have to reshape the edge. Plus a sharp knife is always safer to use compared to a dull one.
  • Clean out the inside of your stockman knife: Dirt, dust and lint all collect on the side of your knife where the blades lay when closed. Also around the tangs of the blades is a area that needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • Oil your knife: It does not matter of your knife has stainless or carbon steel blades. It is important to keep a think layer of oil on the blades and pivot points of the knife. This will keep your stockman blades moving properly and will help prevent rusting.

What brand are manufacturing Stockman Pocket Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top 10 ten brands that are manufacturing stockman pocket knives currently.

  1. Bear & Son Stockman Pocket Knives
  2. Boker Stockman Pocket Knives
  3. Case Stockman Pocket Knives
  4. Cattleman Stockman Pocket Knives
  5. Frost Stockman Pocket Knives
  6. Hen & Rooster Stockman Knives
  7. Robert Klaas Stockman Pocket Knives
  8. Rough Rider Stockman Pocket Knives
  9. Schrade Stockman Pocket Knives
  10. Winchester Stockman Pocket Knives


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