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German Eye Knives

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German Eye Knives popularly known as Eye Brand Cutlery is one of the leading cutlery manufacturing companies located in Solingen, Germany- The City of Blades. This age-old cutlery house was established in 1898 by Carl Schlieper. The brand has carved its niche in manufacturing and exporting supreme-quality folding knives, eye work knives all over the world.


The company offers a wide range of Hammer forged knives. All knives differ from each other on account of color, grain, structure, and styles. German Eye Knives are easy to fit in pockets and can be proved useful in tactical situations while traveling and for self-defense purposes. German Eye Knives are made of high-quality blades which can be easily sharpened for reuse.


Made by Hammer Forging: The Traditional Technique

German Eye Knives are manufactured using the authentic approach of hammer forging for knife-making. It is a traditional approach which sustains the core structure of steel and makes the blade stronger and durable. However, this technique is relatively expensive than contemporary cold stamping, but the company can meet its production cost by manufacturing and supplying in bulk quantity.


Blades That are Made Tough and Stay Tough

The German cutlery features long blades starting from the tip to the end. The German blades are meant to be used for years with minor sharpening. These foldable blades with high-quality handles can stand the test of time. The company offers a huge range of pocket-sized blades, Canoe folding knives and congress folding knives which are proved to be useful for campers, hunters, hikers, and travelers in every day and tactical situations.


Exploring German Eye Knives Wide Product Range


The huge range of German Eye Knives is solely manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Being exported worldwide, apart from the quality and longevity, these pocket blades are appreciated because of their appealing look and design.


German Eye Canoe Folding Knives: The series is a top-notch choice among travelers, hunters and knife collectors. High-quality materials like Stag bones and Jigger bones are used in making handles for blades. Genuine Solingen carbon steel used in making blades. Handle pins are also hammered down-not spun, giving these lightweight pocket knives an authentic look.


German Eye Congress Folding: The range offers several multipurpose pocket-sized knives useful for both tough and day-to-day purposes. Congress design is famous among knife collectors and knife enthusiasts as all blades are folded in the center of the knife. All the blades in this series are supported by genuine deer stag or brown jigged bone handle.


German Eye Copperhead Folding Knives: These rough and tough pocket blades are made with traditional hammer forging technique which retains the grain structure of steel. The handles and blades are hammered and not spun in order to give strength and make the knife durable. The blades are sharper and can be used in cutting, piercing and stabbing. The knives come in bulk packaging with inlay shield.


German Eye Muskrat Folding Knives: The series offers ultra-thin and elongated knives catering to the needs of campers, hunters and travelers as they provide more strength and can be fit in pocket and purses easily when folded. The main feature of Muskrat knives is that they have Twin clip blades allowing two-way operation. Stag handles with nickel silver bolster makes the knife sturdy and durable for long time use.


German Eye Sodbuster Folding: Sodbuster folding knives can be a great addition to the collection of knife enthusiasts. The knives have smooth handle construction allowing the users a stress-free and handy operation altogether. These Sodbuster folding knives are available in sheepsfoot and coping blades. Depending upon the choice, the user can choose between different colors.


German Eye Stockman Folding: The series consists of multipurpose pocket knives with multiple blades all in a palm-sized tool. These compact knives have a congress mirror finish and are supported by deer stag handles. All blades are made up of genuine Solingen steel crafted with Nickel silver bolster and bulk packed with inlay shields.


German Eye Toothpick Folding: The foldable pocket knife series offers small and light-weight carbon steel long clip blades. The series features framelock mechanism which safely locks the knife to avoid any accidental opening while traveling. All products in the series have genuine stag handles that fit the exact shape of the fist. Long clip blades safeguard users in a tactical or life-threatening situation.


German Eye Trapper Folding Knives: Genuine Solingen steel makes the pocket knives top the list of knife collectors and admirers. Spey blades assist in speying animals during traveling or hunting. Buyers also get the option to choose between Single or twin blades. The series is specially designed to suit the needs of travelers, hikers, campers, and hunters. The blades are supported by genuine deer stag handle that allows single-handed operation.


Germany Eye Work Knives: These Made-in-Germany lightweight Eye Work Pocket Knives are most popular among travelers, campers and hunters because of the strength and strong built. The easy to sharp blades do not get dull with abuse on ceramics and stone. Strong nickel silver bolster is a common feature throughout the series. Authentic hammer forging process retains the true steel structure and hence easy foldable and easy to fit in pockets.


Lifetime Warranty Information

All the products from German Eye Knives are warranted to be free from any manufacturing defects. No replacement is made for the products if they are damaged by misuse or mishandling. As per the company rules, some of the products cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of the parts of the product ordered. The knives are not supposed to be used as or with screwdrivers, pry bars, or hammers.


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