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Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

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Old Hickory Kitchen Knives


Old Hickory Knives is one of the fastest-selling product lines of the very famous and globally recognized brand, Ontario Knife Company. This leading knife and kitchen cutlery brand was first introduced in 1924 by the Ontario Knife Company. Initially, the parent brand started by producing practically designed and hard-handled tactical tools and equipment for military and law enforcement. From making knives to providing equipment to the US army, the brand is known to be the best at the job.


The company has collaborated with many knife makers/designers including Bram Frank, Justin Gingrich, and renowned Bowie knife designer Bill Bagwell. The US-based company has a team of skilled artisans and bladesmiths with years of experience. Old Hickory has stood the test of time and ensures to provide top-quality, hard-handled, and affordable knives. The highly durable and functional knives cater highly to households, community kitchens, restaurants, and hotels. 


Old Hickory Knives- A Trusted Name in Global Marketplace

Ontario Knife Company is a major supplier of private label knives and blades in the global marketplace. The company promises practically designed knives, assured quality, and high-performing life that makes it a popular brand among various US households. Old Hickory Knives uses state-of-the-art technology and experienced craftsmen to manufacture a large range of kitchen cutlery and tools. The extensive product range includes filleting knives, butchering knives, fruits & vegetable knives, boning knives, and skinning knives. The company has also introduced different block sets which have 5 Old Hickory knives including paring, boning, and slicing knives.


Material Construction That Has Stood the Test of Time

The material construction is a major highlight of Old Hickory as the company uses sturdy and durable materials to manufacture knives and kitchen tools. From the icepicks to boning knives to slicing knives, each knife is manufactured using high-grade material. The blade construction is majorly done from the finest quality high carbon steel or 1095 carbon or 420 stainless steel. The mirror or satin finish blades are perfect to perform a variety of tasks. The blades are tempered and hand-ground to achieve maximum sharpness. The handle construction is another popular feature of Old Hickory Knives. The use of brown wood, hardwood, and hickory wood is prominent in the manufacturing of the handles.


Old Hickory Provides A Competitive Range of Knives for Your Kitchen

Old Hickory provides a variety of knives for different jobs including, butchering, boning, slicing, and harvesting for you. Since its inception, the brand has gained the trust and respect of users by providing excellent designs with great operational skills. The extensive product range includes a variety of knives that are highly functional and durable.


Old Hickory Boning Knives: This series of Boning knives by Old Hickory knives feature a variety of practically designed knives with razor-sharp blades to help you with all your boning requirements. The knives in the collection feature hand-grounded blades that are expertly crafted with premium-quality stainless carbon steel to ensure extreme strength while boning. Each knife features a high-grade hickory wood handle that has been flame burnt for additional sturdiness and a firm, yet comfortable grip. The blades and handles of the knives in this collection are compressed together with brass rivets for reinforcement, promising long-lasting use. The Old Hickory Boning Knives are a must-have tool for those who enjoy cooking meats and chicken in the kitchen.


Old Hickory Butcher Knives: The extended blade knives in this collection are made exclusively for kitchen use for working with meats and chicken. The knives in the collection have blades made with high-grade 1095 carbon steel, promising cutting-edge sharpness for the most precise cutting, chopping, and dicing. These butchering knives are made with a long blade expertly compressed to a shorter, burnt hickory hardwood handle with the help of a brass rivet. This technique ensures maximum strength, with heated blades to deliver sharp and flattened edges. The flat edges of the knives in this selection promise smooth cutting every time, a must-have for your kitchen!


Old Hickory Cabbage Knives: The knives in the Old Hickory Cabbage Knives collection are designed specifically to be used to perform any cutting and harvesting tasks related to cabbages. These cabbage knives have blades made with high-grade carbon steel that promises durability against rust and corrosion, perfect for resisting any damage caused by regular contact with moisture. The blades are compressed with burnt hickory wood handles with the help of brass rivets to add style to your cutting chores.


Old Hickory Chef's Knives: These Old Hickory Chef’s Knives collections have fixed, drop-point blade knives that are designed for precise slicing, cutting, and prying jobs in the kitchen. The high-grade stainless-steel blades of these knives are satin-finished to offer excellent performance. They are resistant to corrosion and rust, perfect for wet working conditions, such as cooking and prepping. The knives in the range are fashioned with a brown wooden handle for the perfect grip and comfortable handling for quick and efficient prepping techniques.


Old Hickory Cleaver Knives: Perfect for butchering, cutting, chopping and heavy-duty kitchen slicing tasks, The Old Hickory Cleaver Knives offers exceptional cleavers for every chef and knife collector. The series is handcrafted with the finest quality materials, featuring premium carbon steel blades and hardwood handles. With razor-sharp rectangular blades that are compressed with the handle using a brass rivet, for excellent durability. These knives have flat bevel blades for the smoothest cutting performance, ideal for use in restaurants, personal and commercial kitchens.


Old Hickory Cotton Sampler Knives: Often used for skinning and butchering, these Old Hickory Cotton Sampler knives are a must-have for commercial and personal kitchens. They are often preferred by chefs and knife enthusiasts, made with the finest quality materials. The sampler knife blades are made with high-grade carbon steel, with a sharp-edged broad structure that excels in the finest meat prepping techniques. The knives have hardwood handles that provide a firm, non-slip grip for comfortable use.


Old Hickory Fillet Knives: Exclusively designed for filleting tasks, these flexible fillet knives feature a sleek and ergonomic design to ensure the best performance. The knives have especially elongated blades made with the finest quality of carbon steel, which is known to resist general wear and tear related to wet applications. The knife blades in this collection are hand-ground for sharpness, while hickory handles allow the perfect grip for flawless filleting and boning every time. Pick a knife from this collection if cooking with fish is your forte.


Old Hickory Fruit & Vegetable Knives: Get on top of your vegetable and fruit cutting game with this Old Hickory Fruits and Vegetable knives collection. With different styles and types of knives for different uses, the range features knives for cutting fruits such as watermelons. They can be used for cotton harvesting, while some knives have a pick-end to help you swing beets rather than slicing over and over again, making the job easier. The knife blades in the range are made with premium quality carbon steel to rest corrosion and rust. Some knives in the collection have plastic handles for beginners, and some feature wooden handles for a superior grip.


Old Hickory Hop Knives: The Old Hickory Hop Knives series offers a versatile range of multipurpose knives that have been fashioned to perform a variety of cooking and food-related tasks. These knives are perfect for applications such as harvesting, digging, working in fields, chopping, and industrial cutting. They have blades made with high-quality carbon steel or 420 stainless to ensure the finest cutting performance while remaining highly durable. With the option of plastic and hardwood handles, the knives in the collection are sure to lend a comfortable and firm grip for a flawless cutting experience every time.


Old Hickory Icepicks: Another range of kitchen tools, made to the finest standards for your collection, these Old hickory Icepicks are designed for working with blocks and slabs of ice in kitchens. The Icepicks feature hand-ground and tampered carbon steel picks to help you breakthrough, pick or chip at ice for seafood, drinks, and more. With pointed tips, the icepicks in the collection allow you to easily pry any solid and thick cube of ice effortlessly. The icepicks in the series host premium hickory wood handles that provide a comfortable and slip-proof grip, especially ideal for working in wet and slippery conditions.


Old Hickory Linoleum Knives:  These Linoleum Knives feature short and stiff fixed blade knives with curved ends that are used to cut and pry woods and other tough materials. These knives have satin finished blades made with high-quality 1095 high carbon steel to deliver excellent durability. The practically designed knives in this collection host brown wooden handles for a comfortable and tight grip.


Old Hickory Paring Knives: One of the most commonly used types of knives, these Old Hickory Paring Knives are made to offer versatile and multi-purpose use in your kitchen. Complete any kitchen job, including cutting and chopping fruits and vegetables with the knives in this collection. These paring knives are made with the finest carbon steel blades to offer long-term use for almost any application. These blades are designed to be blunt as compared to other sharper kitchen knives, perfect for the simpler jobs they are made for. With hickory wood handles, the paring knives deliver a firm grip for easy handling in commercial and personal kitchens.


Old Hickory Skinning Knives: Made for application in various tasks, these Old Hickory Skinning Knives are among the fastest-selling lines by the brand. These Skinning Knives can be used in the kitchen, as well as for outdoor use such as hunting, camping, and more. they are designed for skinning larger animals, along with multiple other applications. The heavy-duty knives in the collection host tempered and hand-ground blades fashioned with high-grade carbon steel to retain maximum sharpness even after long-term use. The carbon steel blades are attached to their hardwood handles with brass rivets, displaying extreme strength.


Old Hickory Slicing Knives: The Old Hickory Slicing Knife series is designed by knife experts to perform excellent slicing tasks in the kitchen and beyond. Exclusively for slicing, the knife blades in this collection are toughened and hand-ground to ensure maximum sharpness through long-term applications and diverse use. Use the premium knives in this collection to slice fruits, meat, and vegetables with precision. The carbon steel blades are attached to hardwood tang with brass rivets for strength and added durability. the knife handles are made with the signature wood of the Old Hickory Knives, combining comfort and style for every kitchen.  The company has also introduced a block set that has 5 Old Hickory knives including paring, boning, and slicing knives.


Old Hickory Sticker Knives: Exclusively designed to penetrate meats and fish while prepping meals in both commercial and residential kitchens, sticker knives are typically used for cutting and bleeding out meat. Most knives in the Old Hickory Sticker Knives collection feature the finest carbon steel blades that are made to stand up to any testing kitchen situation. The blades are tempered and hand-ground to ensure maximum sharpness and strength after long-term use and applications. The hickory handles on these sticker knives are flame burnt and buffed for a unique, antique finish that adds style to your kitchen tools, along with a firm and comfortable grip.


Warranty Policies

The Old Hickory knives kitchen cutlery is free from manufacturing defects. The manufacturer replaces or repairs the product with a new item in case of any such defect. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against the products subjected to misuse or normal wear. It is to be noted that the knives and tools need to be used for the intended purpose only and should not be used as or with hammers, chisel, prybars, and screwdrivers. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will analyze the damage and charge a reasonable repair fee.


Knife Country USA for The Best Kitchen Tools and Accessories

Knife Country USA is one of the most reliable brand names excelling in the world of knives. Be it tactical, combat, or kitchen accessories, the company showcases a huge inventory of knives and outdoor tools. With a product catalog of over 30,000 designs and tools for you to pick from, the platform of tactical and kitchen equipment offers a variety of cutting-edge tools such as pocket knives, fixed blade knives, hunting knives, machetes, flashlights, knife sharpeners, kitchen knives and so much more. home to over 700 brands that are sought after across the globe by knife-enthusiasts, Knife Country USA strives to deliver the finest outdoor accessories and survival gear. Old Hickory Knives is one of these brands that offer an extensive product range, including filleting knives, butcher knives, fruits & vegetable knives, boning knives, and skinning knives. 


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