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Old Hickory Hop Knives by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

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This Old Hickory hop knives series offer well-engineered hop knives, which are handcrafted to ensure durability and great functionality. Most of these hop knives feature premium quality high carbon steel blades. The reliable and robust blade construction adds to its lifespan and makes them ideal knives to use in a variety of outdoor tasks. The Old Hickory hop knives are perfect for cutting vines, harvesting, hunting, construction, and picking thick stems and leaf bunches. The long blade design and sturdy handle construction make it a preferred outdoor knife among gardeners, hunters, fishermen, campers, and outdoorsmen. The practical design also makes these hop knives a great tool for self-defense while outdoors as they embrace a sharp standard edge with tough craftsmanship. Most of these hop knives embrace an antique finish handle made from high-quality hickory wood. The handles are flame burnt and buffed to enhance their aesthetic appeal that largely intrigues every hobbyist and knife connoisseur from across the globe.

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