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Old Hickory Fillet Knives by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

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Old Hickory Fillet Knife series brings to you selected fillet knives that are handcrafted to excel in different household and professional filleting jobs. Most of these high-quality fillet knives embrace satin finish 1075 high carbon steel blades to ensure maximum durability and functionality. With a sharp cutting edge, these fillet knives work efficiently to cut fish, remove bones and skinning. The Old Hickory fillet knives are largely preferred among hunters, professional chefs, and fishermen. The premium quality handle construction is the major selling point of Old Hickory fixed blade knives. Embracing a unique antique finish, the filleting knives have slip-resistant handles made from brown hickory wood. The full tang design offers easy accessibility and maximum safety to the users. Most of these filleting knives are available with durable brown leather belt sheaths for easy transportation and safe storage. It also enables you to carry these knives to various outdoor adventurous journeys, excursions, or expeditions.

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