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Old Hickory Cabbage Knives by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

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Explore the finest range of cabbage knives by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives in this wide collection. Handcrafted in the United States, all these knives in this series showcase polished work and great workmanship. Most of these cabbage knives are made using a high-quality, satin finish carbon steel blade that is ideal to perform a variety of harvesting or cutting tasks. The sharp blade and standard edge of these Old Hickory cabbage knives make coarse cutting and shredding easier and more convenient. These fixed blade cabbage knives make an outdoor accessory while working with different types of greens and other fibrous foods. They are easy to use and maneuver, making them an ideal go-to harvesting tool. These Old Hickory cabbage knives feature premium quality handle construction that adds to their lifespan and performance. Made using the finest quality hardwood, these cabbage knives offer slip-resistant grip for maximum user safety and comfort. The cabbage knives are a personal favorite among many gardeners, harvesters, and woodworkers.

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