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Old Hickory Chef's Knives by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

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Designed for every professional chef, the Old Hickory chef’s knife series showcase excellent craftsmanship and refined work. The collection introduces different types of knives that you can shop for individually or in a set to perform a variety of cutting, chopping, skinning, and butchering tasks in both household and professional kitchens. Most of these chef’s knives embrace high-quality, satin finish carbon steel fixed blade knives. Adding to a great functional design, most of these chef’s knives feature sturdy and durable hand construction attained using high-quality brown wood. The ergonomic design also adds to their aesthetic appeal that looks great when placed in different kitchen spaces. The slip-resistant handle ensures maximum user safety and offers great comfort. You can also shop for a kitchen knife set in this series with a variety of chef’s knives, including a butcher knife, paring knife, boning knife, slicing knife, and a storage block. This durable storage block also helps in easy storage and transportation while moving from one place to another.  

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