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Old Hickory Icepicks by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

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Manufactured in the United States, the Old Hickory Icepicks demonstrate excellent workmanship and intriguing design. Most of these ice picks embrace tempered and hand-ground, high-quality carbon steel. With ergonomic design and great functionality, these icepicks by Old Hickory Kitchen Knives make their way to every household and professional kitchen. Apart from breaking the ice or shaping the ice, Old Hickory icepicks make an excellent outdoor self-defense tool. They can easily pierce through a skull or meat to ensure maximum user safety. The icepicks embrace high-quality hickory wood handles that offer a solid, non-slip grip to the users for maximum comfort and safety. The flame burnt and polished appeal of the handle offers it a vintage-inspired, antique look. The visually captivating look and pointed sharpness make these icepicks a favorite among knife enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, hunters, and professional chefs. These icepicks can be used to take along different outdoor journeys, excursions, or expeditions as a tactical or survival tool.

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