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One cannot run a kitchen with a single knife. There is always a requirement for multiple knives with different styles and functions. When it comes to buying knives in sets, the first name that comes to mind is Chicago Cutlery Knife Set. It includes a dynamic range of knives set such as full kitchen knives set, steak knife set, traditional kitchen cutlery knife set of a chef knife, utility knife and paring knife, essential two-piece knife set of Santoku and Partoku knife and many more knives set including storage block. The Knives Set by Chicago Cutlery consists of perfectly contoured handles with a stainless steel blade that ensures high functionality and a smooth cutting experience. Most of the knives in the series feature their exclusive taper grind edge for maximum sharpness. One can find contoured and oversized walnut and polymer handle options to choose from. Embellished with triple metal rivets, these knives score high on aesthetic and functional value.

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