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The Beginning of EKA Knives


EKA Sweden Knives was established with a mission to deliver remarkable knives and other survival tools to professional hunters, knife users and collectors. 1882 witnessed the incorporation of EKA Sweden Knives in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The foundation stone was laid down by Hadar Hallström, founder, who started the company in the name of 'Hadar Hallströms´s Knife Factory Ltd'. Though the company started smoothly and produced excellent knives but later, in early 1900, i.e. in 1917, John Elmquist took over the company and renamed as EKA Knives. The knife makers in Scandinavia faced a tough time during 1900-1930 and the sales graph were taking a roller-coaster ride, but amidst all, EKA survived and grew immensely.  


In 1946, the company was again taken over by Torbjörn Evrell and he eventually started manufacturing new models of the knives. The much-renowned 'EKA Swingblade' hunting knife was introduced in 2004 by Thomas Ekberg, with the unique rotating function between a gut-hook and a hunting knife.


Milestones Achieved by EKA Sweden Knives


EKA Knives has been manufacturing a massive range of quality knives since 1882. Over the years, the company has grown magnificently well and there has been no turning back since then. “Classic 6” was the first EKA knife to go to space in 1968. In 1990, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden awarded a Royal Warrant Certificate to EKA Knives.


Today, after spending decades in the industry and gaining experience, EKA knives continues to serve the clients with optimum lock back knives and other tools that are remarkable and have the ability to perform exceptionally well. EKA Knives have combined impeccable crafting techniques with modern production technology. The wide product range is suitable to be used by the tactical & rescue services, culinary experts, collectors and industry professionals, outdoorsmen, and professional hunters.


Understanding the EKA Range through Product Series



EKA Sweden Knives:  EKA Knives includes premium quality Nordic, Swede, and Viking series manufactured using exceptional quality stainless material, suitable to be used for carrying out tactical tasks. These knives have the drop point blades and the back of the knives extend flawlessly to meet the pointed tip. The dramatic tones complement the knife body.

  • EKA Sweden Knives Nordic Series: The knives in this series are designed using exceptional quality swedish Sandvik steel, which is suitable for carrying out tactical tasks without any effort. The knives in this series have the drop point blades with the impeccable penetrating capacity. The G-10 handles offer firm hold and comfortable hold for carrying out tedious tasks.
  • EKA Sweden Knives Swede Series: These knives have stainless construction and have impeccable strength to withstand high compression. Use of Sandvik 12c27 stainless material induces commendable strength to the knives and helps to work smoothly even after multiple roughest uses. Many of the knives have the black finish partially serrated blades that add to the functionality of the knives.
  • EKA Sweden Knives Viking Series: Viking Series includes the finely constructed Combi-Saw that is manufactured using premium quality aluminum. The available saw in this series has the composition grip and connector. Suitable to be used for sawing wood, metal and meat; the comfortable saw handles offer a firm grip to carry out these tasks.


EKA Sweden Axes:This knife series is specifically designed for professional hunters, campers, trekkers and hikers for chopping, splitting, and shaving. The axes and hatch blades available in the series are made using finest quality Swedish Sandvik stainless blade, which survives under high compression and distortion. The blades with standard edge have the ability to penetrate right through the target and pierce with impeccable strength.


EKA Sweden Fixed Blade Knives:The fixed blade knives in this series are manufactured using the Sandvik 12C27 stainless material which makes the best and impeccable blade material. Many EKA fixed blade knives have the exceptional quality push button swing blade that adds to the functionality and is a defining feature of the knives. The handles are wide and comfortable enough to carry out tedious tasks like hunting, digging, biking, splitting.


EKA Sweden Lockback Pocket Knives:The lock back series includes knives that are manufactured using premium quality knives that are manufactured using the finest 12C27 stainless material, which is suitable to be used for tough and tedious tasks. The blades of this material survive high compression and distortion. The lock back mechanism adds to the functionality while the masur birch wood handles offer firm and comfortable grip in most of the demanding situations.


EKA Axeblade Series: EKA Axe blades are manufactured using the premium quality Swedish Sandvik stainless blade that has the ability to survive under high compression and distortion. The blade material has the required strength to penetrate without getting stuck. The handles are wide and have the thumb ridge that increases the ability to grip perfectly even for long durations. 


EKA G3 Swing Series Knives:EKA G3 Swing Knives are made using Sandvik 12C27 stainless blades, which is suitable to be used for carrying out numerous tasks. Use of these blades induces commendable strength to penetrate through most of the surfaces. The rotating blades can be changed from the drop point blade to the gutting blade with the use of a push button. The PROFLEX handles are comfortable and wide enough impart excellent and secure grip. 


EKA Sweden Axes & Hatchets:The axes and hatchets in this series are manufactured using premium quality Swedish Sandvik stainless material that imparts excellent strength and helps to complete tedious tasks without much effort. The handles are made to offer a firm grip and comfortable hold that fits completely in the palm.


EKA Sweden Folding Pocket Knives: The folding knives in this series are made using finest quality and premium Sandvik 12c27 stainless blade, which is known to survive even after roughest usages. The blades have the ability to pierce flawlessly through most of the surfaces. The Bubinga wood handles are durable and offer a firm grip in most of the demanding situations.


EKA Sweden Saws: This series includes the finest quality saws that are manufactured using Aluminum construction with composition grip and connector. The sturdy construction is durable and has the ability to survive even after multiple usages. These Sweden knives are perfect for sawing wood, metal or meat.


EKA Sweden Knives Warranty Information


The EKA Sweden Knives offers a limited lifetime warranty to the customer. The complete product range offered at EKA Sweden Knives is guaranteed to be free from any designing and manufacturing defect. In case any of the products are found to be defected, then a person from the company will inspect the defected products and if required would send for further repairing. The replacement and repairing depend completely on the availability of the parts. Apart from this, the products are not intended to be used as pry bars, chisel or hammers; this can hamper the performance and degrade the quality as well. If the knives are misused and no manufacturing or designing defect is found at our end, then the product will not be repaired or replaced.


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