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Extrema Ratio NK1 Knife Series by Extrema Ratio Knives

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Extrema Ratio NK1 Knife Series: Compact Power, Maximum Utility


Step into the world of elite tactical gear with the Extrema Ratio NK1 Knife Series, presented by Knife Country USA. The NK1 series features an array of compact fixed blade knives, each constructed from a single piece of Bohler N690 stainless steel. These knives are designed for the discerning user who demands high performance in a discreet package. Ideal for neck carry, the NK1 knives offer quick accessibility and robust utility in a minimalist design.


  • NK1 Neck Desert Warfare Fixed Blade Knife - EX123NK1DW: This model, measuring at 5" overall with a 1 3/4" blade, is treated with a Desert Warfare finish, offering superior resistance to the elements. It's equipped with an enlarged lanyard hole and comes with a molded tan Kydex neck sheath, complete with a matching Desert Warfare cord lanyard, ready to serve in any environment.


  • NK1 Neck Black Fixed Blade Knife - EX123NK1BL: Stealth and efficiency define this knife, with its black finish providing a tactical edge. The compact size does not compromise on strength, and the molded black Kydex neck sheath with a black cord lanyard ensures that the knife remains discreet yet always within reach.


  • NK1 Neck Stonewashed Fixed Blade Knife - EX123NK1SW: With a stonewashed finish, this variant is as much a statement piece as it is a tool. The wear-resistant finish is perfect for users who value both aesthetics and functionality, and the included black Kydex neck sheath offers a secure and accessible carrying option.


Knife Country USA is committed to providing premium tools for those who live by the code of preparedness. The Extrema Ratio NK1 Knife Series embodies this principle, offering cutting-edge design in a form factor that is both practical and portable. Whether you're a professional in the field or an enthusiast in everyday preparedness, the NK1 knives are designed to be an extension of your will, ready at a moment's notice.


The NK1 series stands out with its exceptional Italian craftsmanship, designed for situations where a quick and reliable blade can make all the difference. The use of Bohler N690 stainless steel ensures longevity and edge retention, while the variety of finishes allows for personal preference without sacrificing functionality.


In the world of tactical gear, the NK1 knives are a testament to the philosophy that size does not determine strength. Knife Country USA takes pride in offering these compact powerhouses, which are more than capable of handling diverse tasks, from precision cutting to emergency situations.

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