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Extrema Ratio TK Multi-Tool Series by Extrema Ratio Knives

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Extrema Ratio TK Multi-Tool Series - Compact Versatility at Your Fingertips


At Knife Country USA, we are excited to introduce the Extrema Ratio TK Multi-Tool Series, a collection that exemplifies innovation and practicality. Designed for those who value functionality and efficiency, these multi-tools are crafted to handle a multitude of tasks in various environments. Each tool in the series is a compact powerhouse, perfectly embodying Extrema Ratio's renowned Italian craftsmanship.


The series features two remarkable tools:


  • Extrema Ratio 20BLK - Black 2.0 TK Tool: A sleek 4" overall multi-purpose pocket tool, made with a one-piece black finish Bohler N690 stainless construction. This multi-tool is equipped with a central slot for a screw-pin shackle wrench, a key for firearm optics regulation and calibration, a bottle opener, a can opener, 10 mm and 8 mm hexagonal screw keys, and a 13 mm ring key. The front portion can be utilized as a screwdriver or a lever. Lanyard holes for paracord attachment further enhance its utility, making it a perfect addition to any toolkit.


  • Extrema Ratio 20SW - Stonewash Finished 2.0 TK Tool: This variant shares the same dimensions and multifunctionality as the 20BLK but features a one-piece stonewash finish for those who prefer a more traditional metal look. The stonewash also provides additional corrosion resistance and hides the scratches and wear that come with frequent use.


Both tools are examples of Extrema Ratio's attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each function is carefully integrated into the design, ensuring that despite its compact size, no compromise is made on capability. Made in Italy, these tools are not just useful but are crafted to withstand the rigors of heavy use.


Whether you're adjusting the optics on your firearm, opening a bottle at camp, or tightening a loose screw, the Extrema Ratio TK Multi-Tool Series has you covered. The inclusion of hexagonal screw keys and a ring key adds a layer of versatility not often found in pocket tools. And with the ability to attach paracord, these tools are easily secured and accessible whenever you need them.


Knife Country USA understands the importance of having a reliable multi-tool, which is why we are proud to offer the Extrema Ratio TK Multi-Tool Series. These aren't just tools; they are companions that ensure you're prepared for whatever the day may bring.

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