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Extrema Ratio Suppressor Knives - Elite Tactical Precision


Knife Country USA proudly presents the Extrema Ratio Suppressor Knives series, a lineup that resonates with unmatched quality and tactical precision. Each piece from this series is a testament to Extrema Ratio's commitment to producing some of the world's finest knives, designed to meet the exacting standards of elite forces and tactical users.


At the heart of this series is the Extrema Ratio Knives Suppressor Ordinanza G.I.S. (Model/Part Number - EX0312BLKO), a knife that exudes authority and reliability. Measuring an impressive 13" (33.02cm) in overall length with a 7" (17.78cm) black MIL-C-13924 burnished double-edge Bohler N690 stainless dagger blade, it is the embodiment of precision engineering.


Design that Influence:  The black textured nylon handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, which is vital in high-pressure situations. The knife also features a robust steel guard and pommel, adding to its structural integrity. The glass breaker feature on the pommel end signifies its readiness for emergency situations, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of operations.


The Suppressor knife series is equipped with a black nylon belt sheath, ensuring that your knife is always within reach and ready for immediate action. Each knife is carefully boxed, reflecting the premium quality that Extrema Ratio is known for.


A legacy maintained:  Manufactured in Italy, where knife-making is not just an industry but a legacy, the Extrema Ratio Suppressor Knives are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. These knives are not merely tools but are companions to those who require the utmost in dependability and performance.


READY FOR TACTICAL GAME:Whether for military deployment, law enforcement, or personal defense, the Extrema Ratio Suppressor Knives are designed to be an extension of the operator. Their formidable presence is matched only by their performance in the field.


Knife Country USA invites you to explore the pinnacle of tactical knife design with the Extrema Ratio Suppressor Knives. we delve into the essence of what makes these knives not just exceptional, but exemplary. Embrace the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and precision with Extrema Ratio, and step into the realm of tactical superiority.

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